Farewell To Good Friends

Yesterday we closed our tour at the Haddington show and it was extra special for me as my parents made the trip North to come and watch.

The Haddington show is an agricultural show filled with horse jumping, pig racing, pedigree competitions across farmyard animals and lots of good food! I caught my Dad checking out the tractors, it’s such a good job we never lived on a farm, otherwise, he would have bankrupted us, wanting the biggest and newest gadget every year.

Our shows were packed across all ages and it was a brilliant way to finish our tour. I had a lovely time working with the Scottish Opera team, the two months have flown by unlike the journey home to Cheshire which took twice as long as it should have done. Everyone must have been out enjoying the sun and returning home at the same time.

25 thoughts on “Farewell To Good Friends

  1. Looks like you were having a brilliant time on stage, Charlotte. You are always a very happy looking young lady: it suits you.

  2. How fabulous you had a grand and brilliant ending to your tour. That’s great your parents where there. The Haddington agricultural shows sounds like it would be a blast. Tractors and agricultural equipment can be very impressive. Those are really wonderful photos of your performance. It looks like it was so much fun for everyone.

  3. Those farm machines look big and some of them look like monster. They must be very expensive. You make me wonder how farmers can afford such things.

  4. I am sure you have performed so well, dear Charlotte! Great to see your parents around you! Well deserved! Take care! Bravo!!!

  5. Love the photos Charlotte. Your mum and dad blend in really well with you all! It looks as though you all have had a brilliant time. I’ll see you at Llangollen soon, can’t wait. 😘

  6. The photo’s throughout the tour have been brilliant Charlotte..😉
    Everyone looks like they had a good time,well done to you all.
    Good photo of your Mum &Dad too .xx

  7. Photo’s throughout the tour have been brilliant Charlotte.
    Everyone looks like they have had a great time..
    Good photo of your Mum & Dad too.xx

  8. How terrific is it that your parents made the trip!?!! The show looks as though it required you to have a variety of emotions on stage – great experience! I’m thrilled for you!

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  10. I am so pleased that you have a great time performing dear Charlotte. Did you use a tractor to get into that corset ? 😉 <3

  11. How wonderful! Your parents must be uber, ultra proud of you!
    Listened to Ave Maria, again. It’s the best and my fave version…..EVER!
    Okay, I should listen to that, as well when I draw you!
    Cheers -Resa

  12. Loved the photo of You and your Mom and Dad, so wonderful….
    Hope that you have many great adventures as you travel.
    All my best wishes,

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