My Autumn Tour Of England

My Autumn will be spent touring around England and you will be able to hear me sing in York, Stowe, Warrington, Stoke On Trent, Todmorden, Bamford, and Leeds.

Next up I will be performing the role of Pandora in ‘The Fire of Olympus’ in York with Radius Opera. We will be appearing at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre on the 12th of October at 7:30 pm. ( Tickets Here )

Then the following weekend I will be appearing as Juliet alongside William Branston as Romeo in Arcadian Opera’s production of Gounod’s Romeo & Juliet at the Roxburgh Theatre, Stowe. ( Tickets Here ) Performances are at 7:30 pm 19th October and 3:00 pm 20th October.

Me with William Branston

The cast members in this production are :
Romeo – William Branston
Juliet – Charlotte Hoather
Stephano- Elouise Waterhouse
Gertrude – Gemma Morsley
Mercutio – James Gribble
Tybalt – James Hutchings
Paris – Matthew Clark
Capulet – Richard Woodall
Friar Lawrence – Tobias Odenwald
and a guest appearance by Adrian Clarke as The Duke

George Todica and Me

Following Romeo & Juliet, I will be performing with pianist George Todica in a lunchtime recital at the Bold Street Methodist Church, 4 Palmyra Square N, Warrington on 26th October.

One of the highlights for me will be performing the role of Pandora in Stoke on Trent at 7:30 pm on Wednesday 30th October at the Repertory Theatre as my Grand Parents and their friends will be in the audience to watch. ( Tickets Here )

My last performance in the role of Pandora for Radius Opera will be at 7:30 pm on Saturday 9th November at the Todmorden Hippodrome, Todmorden. ( Tickets Here ) Although there will be a screening of the film of the opera that Tim Benjamin produced and directed that was so much fun to be a part of. The premiere will be at the Leeds International Film Festival at 7:30 pm on 16th November 2019 ( Tickets Here )

Behind The Scenes During The Filming Of The Fire Of Olympus

I have another lunchtime recital with pianist George Todica at the Bamford Chapel and Norden United Reformed Church at 1:00 pm on the 12th of November.

Then rest…hopefully for just a short spell 😊.

47 thoughts on “My Autumn Tour Of England

  1. Very nice autumn tour you are engaged in. Your lunchtime recital is on my birthday, so it will be fantastic. I like the short video of behind the scenes.

    1. Is your birthday 26th Oct or 12th Nov? If is the 12th it’s the day after mine, anyhow good to learn you’re a fellow Scorpion 🦂😊, I hope you have a super birthday this year and that you’re planning something different to do.
      All my best wishes

      1. I’m October 26th. But we are close. We Scorpios are the coolest. I looked up famous people born on November 11th. Leonardo DiCaprio is the only one I recognized. I expect you will make the list of famous people born on 11/11 in the near future.

    1. I’m very happy to have these opportunities this year, my first year freelancing which is quite daunting. I need an extra day in the week at the moment but I’ve been working hard all weekend memorising words to stay on top of everything.
      Thanks for keeping in touch John.
      All my best wishes

  2. Wow! So busy Charlotte. I watched your Manchester performance,You were fantastic as Pandora. Loved the show👏👏👏 it was lovely seeing you again. Good luck on your tour I know you’ll smash it.🤗😘

    1. It was lovely seeing you and Terry, I heard you gave Maurice a lift home which was just lovely of you Gill, it’s always super to see you all, sorry I didn’t have much time for a proper catch up but I’m hoping to visit in November between shows.
      Best wishes

    1. I’ve had a super first week of music rehearsals, I’ve spent most of this weekend memorising words to try to get off copy so that I can concentrate on the movement and acting along with the singing next week.
      All my best wishes

  3. You truly are on you way!
    Pandora… Juliette…
    Well, at one point you were concerned about summer’s work.
    Soon, you will be concerned about… When can I get some time off?
    You are amazing, because you are you, and your voice is out of this world. Sincere regards – Resa

    1. Thanks for your confidence in me Resa, I can’t get complacent and you’re quite right about the summer… I’ve started to get concerned about not having enough time to look for work for next year already 😬😊.
      I hope you are keeping well and are busy as usual 💕.
      My very best wishes

      1. You will never be complacent! You care too, much and work very hard.
        Years down the road, when you are an international star, you will become very selective about the roles you play.
        As it should be.
        Very best to you, Charlotte

  4. Good to see you busy. The little behind the scenes clip was great – if the film is ever released any wider, let us know, I’ll to to find it.

    1. I hope the film is released wider I’ll be sure to blog about it if it is. We didn’t get time for many takes it was a very busy couple of days but a very exciting process. The filming crew were brilliant and getting my makeup done by a professional was fun.
      All my best wishes Trent,

    1. Fingers crossed one day I will get to perform again in the U.S.A. But until then I am happy to keep busy.

      Best wishes

  5. Oh, Charlotte! Good luck with Juliette! Je Veux Vivre is my favourite song above all songs; is there any chance you may have a snippet video recorded for us who can’t make it to the performance? I’m so excited for you; you just keep moving on to brighter and higher things all the time!

    Best regards,


    1. I popped over to your blog to see if you’d started to update it again and I loved reading the author profiles you’d all made. I have recorded a little bit of me singing Je Veux Vivre on the rehearsal stage at the Llangollen concert earlier this year but I don’t have permission to share it on line so when we next meet I’ll show you then.

      I’m back in London in November so we’ll have to see if our paths cross again. I’m singing Je Veux Vivre in Romeo and Juliet this month, in English. I learned the Gounod words before rehearsals began ‘In my fairy dream’ but the Director wanted word changes so I’ve relearned the piece last week. I’m in week two of three week rehearsals but today I’m not required until 1800 so I’ve practised this morning, then more word and music memorising this afternoon because the evening practice session, I’m taking a catch up blog break 😊.

      All my best wishes

    1. I’d love to sing in South Africa, I must see if there are any competitions to enter there. Happy birthday to you keep on rocking xx

      All my best wishes
      Charlotte x

    1. The filming was just so fabulous to be a part of, it was very different than I expected it to be and we recorded the music first with orchestra. I can’t wait to see what it all looks like after editing I just hope I did ok because it was a big investment, I gave it my all.

      It will be the first time I’ve performed in Stoke (the Potteries near where my Mum grew up) I’m hoping my Nan is rallying up her posse to come and watch, hehe. I’m smiling that you’re happy.

      All my best wishes

    1. Very cool! I hope the film can be seen online too.

      All my best wishes Eberhard

  6. We are so excited to be seeing you soon Charlotte, in Stoke on the 30th October…
    Also In November playing Juliet,really looking forward to them both..xx

    1. Both events are in October, check you’ve put them on your calendar it’s a long way to go to Oxford on the wrong date 😊. Not long now to the Juliet performance are you coming on Saturday 19th or Sunday 20th October? See you then xx

      All my best,
      Charlotte x

    1. Merci Pascal. I’ve recently been offered a Christmas role which I’m very excited about I’ll tell you all about it soon.

      Best wishes

    1. I’d much rather be busy than worrying about where the next job is coming from, its hard to audition when you’re working away from London!

      It would be lovely to see you in Warrington if you do make it please stay to speak to us we’d love to meet you but I do hope you have a fabulous birthday in Snowdonia anyway are you a Scorpion birth sign too? Thank you, Christine.

      All my best wishes

      1. Mine is the 11.11, it is surprising how often I glance at my phone and the time is 11:11 and on 11.11.11 I was 18 I loved that and used it on my birthday party invites.

    1. I do, I enjoyed reading your shared post on how to cheaply improve your life. I do meditate often on journeys so I get lots of strange looks, but I do so much commuting and it can take over if you don’t zone out, I have an app on my phone to help. I rarely watch TV although I do enjoy an occasional box set so that I can stop and start when my crazy timetable allows. I worked with lots of people I admire this year but I agree that #4 can affect your mood, I used my morning off to catch up with people I’m missing. Now to get food right on tour!!!

      I can’t wait to get back to London at the end of this month and sleep in my own bed, catch up with friends and just settle down for a few weeks before I’m back up in the North for a Christmas production which I’m excited to be in.

      All my best wishes

    1. Thank you Sheila, I’ve done so much driving this year after living in London for a few years and relying on public transport it took me a while to readjust I’m just hoping my trusty Citroen named Va Va Voom holds up for me 😊.

      All my best wishes,
      Charlotte x

  7. George Todica always looks studious. (..his tie kinda matches your dress). Holy cow, Charlotte, your Voice is very Soprano. Maybe a dumb question, but.. Did it take long for you to learn how to control your Voice? Finally, as you continue to play a myriad of Roles (Characters) do you have a favorite Role you’ve played up to this point? Are there any other Roles still on your List that you’d love to Play? I imagine, as you uncover more Stories in your Career, you’ll add new Roles to this same List, as well. Blessings.

    1. Great questions Eric. I’ll tell George he’ll love that he looks studious without his glasses on. We had some promotional shots done for our recital duo and we’ve booked about three concerts together.

      I’m still learning to control my voice, I’m really missing seeing my lovely professor Rosa and coaches Andrew and Simon in London on a regular basis but I did catch up with a couple of my singing teachers and coaches in Scotland and I discovered a super new coach in Manchester who helped me to prepare for Juliet.

      My favourite role so far ….I’ve enjoyed them all for different reasons Uccellina and Jessie Junior were new works specifically written for babies and children they were just so enjoyable, the interaction with children was brilliant it was fascinating to see their reaction to the spectacle. Zerlina and Frasquita it was nice to sing in Italian and French in feminine roles and Gretel was a fun role singing in German. Hero and Maria Bertram are great characters in operas delving into the English classical author’s world Shakespeare and Jane Austin, I’ve read and studied more classics this year than I did in school. Eve and Pandora both modern, contemporary operas including the first women created on earth, it was nice to create the roles from scratch.

      There are so many roles I’d like to sing I’m not limiting myself though and at this stage I want to just work as much as I can.

      Blessings to you too, all my best wishes

  8. The bright of a Shakespearean sonnet, harvest of night, pilgrim to life and then thee audience thereto alight. Lady Capulet through the pierce through to the pierce of bright

    Lady, her name is Charlotte

    1. Thank you Rev Tim, I’ve just posted a new post with some photographs of today’s sitzprobe rehearsal with the orchestra if you want to take a look.
      My very best wishes

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