The Magic Hoot

I want to share with you this week a collaboration I did recently with Arcadian Opera. The musical vocal piece is their adaptation of the overture to ‘The Magic Flute’ by Mozart. There are some witty lyrics in the different vocal parts so I hope that you enjoy listening and that it spurs the odd chuckle. Fingers crossed that this production will be able to open to audiences soon.

I always find returning to my home recharging, and I love catching up with my Mum and Dad. They are constant inspirations as they work so hard and with a high level of dedication to whatever task they take on. When I was younger, I loved watching them explore new ideas. Now as an adult I see how they are always pushing their limits, improving their current working methods and experimenting with creative pastimes. It reminds me that time always flows on and as one door closes another opens.

I’m looking forward to putting my foot back on the gas next week and brainstorm new ideas and learn new music that I’ve had on my aspirational to-do list. It was great to have a rest, but tomorrow brings new challenges and opportunities.

Last Friday I had a lovely surprise, I received a gift box from Amazon Smiles.  They read that George and I had to cancel our wedding in June and sent through a few items which really did bring a smile to my face.

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  1. lol, pretty good. And yes, the Tenor does get the girl, right? lol And the “Third Lady” is by far the most important character. Very good. I hope the world opens up enough soon so you can have a real premier soon! Cool package for your un-wedding!

    1. Not this girl lol. Of course. Some of my friends have roles in garden festivals and they’re opening up to small audience bookings, sadly this year I didn’t have a summer festival because I feel like I want to get back to work.

      It really cheered me up getting an unexpected gift.
      Best wishes

      1. lol, I’m sure not, you don’t fall for the cliches in the song… I’m sorry you don’t have anything lined up. I’m sure it is frustrating.

      2. I had work for July, August, October, November and December with time set aside for rehearsal and learning in September but I’m optimistic and after a week off last week I’m back learning and practising.
        All my best wishes Trent,

  2. This was a hoot, Charlotte. I loved your greenscreen. That wasa nice gift from Amazon. The C and G was pretty special. Glad you had fun with your parents. Go Stowe

    1. I’m enjoying practicing with effects on the green screen. I really appreciated the unexpected gift it cheered me up. I made the C & G (I should have said that, I’m glad you liked them I’ve got a little more work to do on them with the glue gun.

      Go Stowe! We had to cancel the May show but we’ll have to just wait and see a while longer.

      Best wishes

  3. That’s a fantastically fun collaboration. I don’t have FB, but it let me listen. What fun. The gift is a wonderful surprise. I love all your flowery clothes.

    1. I’m pleased you could still listen to the video Timothy.

      I enjoyed getting the gift they must have spotted my Merry unwedding concert on facebook.

      There used to be a Yumi store near to my Mums and she used to get these tops I’ve had them years but I love them too.
      Best wishes

    1. I’m happy you enjoyed listening to the video Annette, Arcadian did all the hard editing work.

      I was really happy with the Amazon surprise.
      Best wishes

  4. Brilliant Charlotte! I loved it👏👏👏 I bet it’s lovely to be home for a visit and to have some TLC off mum and dad. Your gift from Amazon Smile I’d gorgeous, how thoughtful of them, you both deserve it! 🥰😘😘

    1. Glad you enjoyed the video Gill. It is lovely to be home after such a long time. So nice to have tea cooked and just spend some quality time at the weekend together, they’re having to work though.
      When they e-mailed to ask for my address to send something to i never imagined such a nice surprise it really cheered me up, totally unexpected.
      Best wishes

  5. What a fun post, Charlotte! Everyone sure looked like they had a grand time with the Magic Flute and it helped me having the words on the bottom. Congrats to you all!!
    I’m not a fan of Amazon, I find them more expensive than some other sites, but it certainly was kind of them to send you an un-wedding package!

    1. I thought the words were a good idea too GP, lots of voices singing in unison sometimes aren’t totally clear.

      Online shopping has been good in London during the lockdown, I dont buy a great deal but their speed of delivery is excellent, it was a nice out of the blue surprise though.
      Best wishes

    1. Just at the start of the lockdown my parents had a leak in the ceiling and they’ve been waiting four months for the work to be done, at least I’m here for them to let the workmen in and out.

      I was really happy with such an unexpected gift.
      Best wishes

  6. Charlotte, lovely post I’m so pleased your having a lovely time at home..
    Your photo’s are beautiful,video won’t play for me.
    The gift was very nice from Amazon,enjoy the rest of your time at home.😘😘

    1. It’s nice to be home and have some garden space, although the weather has been awful most days!
      Can you see the video off my facebook link?
      I cant wait to show George our lovely surprise gift.
      Best wishes

  7. What nice gifts to celebrate a delayed wedding! I loved the comments about your parents, made with such love, and with such insight from one so young!

    1. We may have to delay our wedding again due to the concerns of a second wave returning with summer holiday makers. We only have small pockets of outbreaks right now and I think Scotland and Northern Ireland are clear of it but as we learnt in March when everyone came back from half term holidays this horrible virus spreads very fast.

      I love spending time at home not only can I rest here but they help me to build ideas and stay on track, it is too easy to lose focus without timed goals but my parents help me to streamline my thoughts and I get to take a break from mundane tasks and plan.

      Best wishes

  8. That was A+!!!!! I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. You are a true beauty. In the world of opera you are an actress, as well as a soprano!
    Thank you for this video!
    I got choked up about the Smiles Box. Sigh….
    Hmm, it looks like you’ve lost weight!
    Yes… my fingers are crossed!

    1. Aww thank you Resa, I offered to change it to a white background but Arcadian were happy with my experimental background hehe. I took Drama to the age of 18 I loved the lessons, I was asked why I didn’t take it up when I made friends in Drama at the RCS and I said I didn’t like all the undressing and love scenes, one of my first scenes at the Royal College of Music was me in bed as Zerlina with Don Giovanni right of stage under the covers luckily lol 😂 .
      I hardly ever weigh myself i go off how my clothes fit and lets just say they’re not loose at the moment hehe.
      All my best wishes my friend,
      Charlotte x

  9. Hello, Charlotte, I have only just caught up with the Hoot which was great fun. So much innovation is going on because of the pandemic, so there will be some plusses at the end of it all. There’s nothing like an unexpected parcel to lift the spirits, I’m so glad you got one. I saw in one of your comments, that you had had so much work lined up. Knowing how hard this is to achieve when you are not long out of college, having this cancelled must have been especially painful. I can well believe from your blogs over the years that your parents’ industry has influenced your terrific work ethic.

    1. Hello Hilary, I’m glad you caught The Hoot I enjoyed seeing the final composition too.

      I would have been at the Edinburgh Fringe right now – so sad. I had caused a bit of a problem with a mid-year wedding putting me out of rehearsal schedules for some projects and it was awful to get cancellation after cancellation but even worse for the companies and all the background staff too. I was happy to read about OHP and Glyndebourne coming up with slimmed down programs for their festivals to stay open but I never seem to catch their audition slot adverts now I’ve left education.

      My parents work a lot and don’t take enough breaks.

      All my best wishes

  10. I really like your beautiful blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. See you soon. 🙂

  11. That certainly was a hoot. I played it several times to follow the different parts. If I had a voice I would be an alto. Who am I kidding, I’m practically a tenor working towards a baritone. So I get to miss out on the fun parts – is that right?

    1. Actually Alto’s are in great demand and there are fantastic songs and roles for them, just look up Sarah Connolly and the great Kathleen Ferrier was a contralto.
      Best wishes

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