The Todică Duo – Extra CD Image Ideas

This week I have some additional photographs that I would like your feedback on.

The amazing photographs taken by Tugce Nelson that we shared with you two weeks ago were well received and the top three from comments received across my social media were :

I was so happy with these pictures that I had printed copies made which now proudly hang in our home. However, it was suggested by several people that maybe we should use a picture for the album artwork that in some way linked back to our balcony concerts.

Recently Lloyd Dobbie, the photographer who we booked to take our wedding photographs suggested he come over for a trial run. The shoot went well and both George and I felt relaxed and settled into the fun of the day. When we looked through his shots we thought that some of the pictures that he took might also work as possible choices for our album artwork as they also included our balcony. I have included the shots below and a cropped square version to show how each of the pictures may look as album artwork.

I would love to hear what you think of the three pictures that George and I selected.

Original Shot
Cropped Version
Original Shot
Cropped Image
Original Shot
Cropped Image

We are in the process of finalising the tracks and the order they are to appear on the album and then once the artwork is agreed we should be able to set a release date.

41 thoughts on “The Todică Duo – Extra CD Image Ideas

  1. I love your photos! I agree with your first, second and third choices on the first set of pictures. I like the cropped versions of the next set the best because they really focus in on you. The only exception is the last cropped photo… I actually like the original better. Thank you for sharing your beautiful images with us! Best of everything to you and George. X

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. I’m working hard at the moment on technical improvements I want to make, sharing these images is a pleasant distraction for a short while.
      Best wishes always,

  2. Each image is very beautiful and has different “readings”. So it depends on the message you want to give.

    You can take the pictures one by one and list the words that come to mind as you look at it. This will allow you to make a choice more easily.

    Best thoughts to both of you.

    1. Good ideas Pascal. Yes we must decide on a message, I see friends starting to work singing in Europe and others such as Scottish Opera Outdoor performances; English National Opera Drive In and Glyndebourne making a good effort to reopen and trying their best.

      George and I we’re just trying to do our best to stay positive and hopeful.
      Best wishes to you,

  3. Wonderful photo session, dear Charlotte. You might use photos for your further career. All is splendid. The block of flats is very cute! My congratulations!

    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you Maria, we really have been spoilt for choice, it is interesting to get thoughts of our friends to take into consideration.
      Best wishes to you,

    1. Thank you Lavinia, doing this is a nice distraction. We are both working hard on technical practice at the moment.
      Best wishes

  4. Love these – probably either of the ones actually on the balcony. I think this will be a great addition. Although any you choose will be wonderful. Years from now you will look at these pictures and think, what kind of world was this?

    1. I agree Sheila it is a weird time isn’t it? I see people that are tweeting out their concerns and worries about the state of the arts and our future and other friends that are getting work especially in Europe and here if they’re lucky to be working for the large organisations.

      We’re just trying to stay positive.
      Best wishes

    1. Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending in this story hopefully 😀. It’s good to get a range of opinions so we know the direction to go in for the cover picture. I don’t like to look at other people’s cd covers and copy, I want it to be different it was a very unique time for us and our lovely neighbours. Now I know why people just employ graphic designers and typographers.
      All my best wishes

  5. Three or four, although I don’t see that much of a crop. They pop out of the page. Just make sure that all those horizontal lines are straight. Be sure to think of the type. I also wouldn’t worry about how well you and George are seen. There will be pictures of the two of you in the rest of the jacket, yes?

    Good job.

    1. Thanks Ray I appreciate your advice, in a physical cd there will be a jacket and photos on the back on the label on the cd and the inside cover, but on downloads and Spotify etc you just get to show the front cover.
      Best wishes

      1. There is nothing that says you have to use the same cover. Make a version that is exclusive to Spotify, by changing one song. Same for Amazon and Tidal. BTW, since distribution is king, who are you getting CDs into the marketplace?

  6. They are all great photos but I like the cropped version of the first photo of you both on the balcony and either the cropped or un-cropped version of the last photo. I wish you both the best of luck with the CD.
    With love, Clare

    1. Thank you Clare, we’re in the final stages now. Hopefully our luck will start changing soon.
      Best wishes

      1. I do hope so, Charlotte! You both deserve so much more than you’ve had so far. What a terrible year for the performing arts! Take care, my dear xx

  7. I think you guys look great in all of these. The benefits of being a handsome couple—you can’t really go wrong! But of these, the cropped version of the first is great, except for one thing: it would be so much better if your upstairs neighbors’ curtains were both closed so you didn’t have their dining room chair and miscellaneous stuff in the picture. For that reason, I like the third picture (either original or cropped) better. The second picture is really great—I prefer the cropped version. Lots of room for text if that is the cover, but really you must use it somewhere on the album. 🙂

    1. Thank you Peter, I think my Dad could probably take that out of the photo with photoshop I’ll ask him. Thanks for your ideas.
      All my best wishes

  8. Thanks Annette it’s been a nice distraction. Perhaps you are right with tossing a coin lol.
    Best wishes

  9. I like all three of the new ones for different reasons. It is hard to chose. In some ways I like the last, but don’t really care for how it doesn’t fit the square right and has to have “negative space” to right and left. Still, nice photo. Next is the middle. There is something about it that reminds of a Beatles album (their first, Please Please Me, but the same photo with an older version for a greatest hits album). Just that hint makes it look like a CD cover straight out of the box. Anyway, good luck deciding!

  10. Fabulous photos of you both. I like all of them, but if your picking one for your CD cover, perhaps one of you both on the balcony you’ve been singing from🤗 love to both of you 😘🥰

  11. I like all three of your first three choices. I agree with your number one choice, but as I mentioned before, I believe your third choice would be much better with the buildings blurred or if it had a different background. You are welcome to send me the photo if you want me to put some different backgrounds in for you just to see how it would look.

    None of the photos in the new set do anything for me. I think they are a little too casual, and the ones where the photographer is looking up at you two looking over the edge of the balcony is too reminiscent of the cover of “The Beatles / 1967-1970”.

  12. They are lovely photos but I’m not convinced any of this batch is suitable for the CD cover. If you did want to use one, then I’d suggest the first, but even further cropped to delete the neighbour above and have you two stand out more. Maybe used the vertical garden as the right-hand frame edge.

  13. Hi Charlotte, I’m so glad to see my top pick was others, too. For the balcony I would use the second, cropped one! Good luck on this exciting new venture!

  14. I love all of the photos,for me though my favourite is the first ones second choice, although I can agree maybe your balcony is a good idea.
    The alternative is the original shot of you both on the bench in the courtyard with your balcony behind you…
    Good luck with whichever you choose,I’m sure it will look amazing. Cannot wait for the CD.xx

  15. Hey! I was just talking about you with Harold the other day and wondering how you were doing.
    I personally like the first balcony shot. It sets the place, the actors, and gives you enough negative space to do add in title and other text. Just my $.02
    Just know what we are sending lots of positive energy your way!

    ps – book 2 is out (Melee Mage) and selling very well. It’s out in ebook, paperback, and about one more week till audio. It’s nice to see the people that read book 1 are coming back for 2. 🙂

  16. While the top 3 are excellent, I think the balcony is essential to the cd. Not the ones of you two way up and looking down though. The one with you on the bench with the balcony in the background works

  17. I think the cropped version of #1 is the best – it says “balcony concert” more than the others do. I don’t know if you’d want to crop it more, though, to avoid any risk of publicizing your neighbour’s furniture…
    #2 is visually striking but downplays your smiling faces.

  18. Great photos, Charlotte. Like you, I think your first choice is the best, although you can’t go wrong with any of them. Also, while I think most people like cropped photos I tend to like seeing more of the scene as well, so enjoy the original angle. Cheers to a great weekend ahead.

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