The Todică Duo – Seasons Greetings

To welcome in the Festive season, George and I invited our neighbours to a special Christmas balcony concert so that we could come together (safely distanced) as a community and celebrate. We hope that you enjoy being part of our virtual neighbourhood and that this concert brings a little extra Christmas spirit now that your celebrations may be more intimate this year.

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63 thoughts on “The Todică Duo – Seasons Greetings

    1. We had a super evening, it was a fabulous evening weather wise and we had a great turnout. Thank you 😊.
      Best wishes

      1. When you have a down moment have a peek at a post I did in Mar/Apr before this year;s festivals were cancelled – there are several that focus on operatic performances but the joy of the festivals here is that they are quite eclectic and you can see Charlotte Gainbourg and heavy metal on the same ‘bill’. 😉

      2. That sounds cool, we would both love that, I will check your post out. Thanks again.

  1. Congratulations to both of you. I know this isn’t going to be in any way the Xmas either of you wanted, but it is at least Xmas together, and many don’t have that. Enjoy yourselves to the hilt, make of it everything yu ca, and tell yourselves this is the only time this will ever be like this for you. Then, if either or both of you are religious, pray you’re going to be right! Stay safe, stay sane.

    1. Thank you Martin, we are very grateful that we both have our love of music and can practice together. We both miss performing for an audience and this is a fantastic opportunity to do just that. I hope that you are keeping well and planned out your Christmas break.
      Best wishes

    1. This year has given us the opportunity to meet many of our neighbours even if at a safe distance which can be unusual in a big city. We have a lovely little community feel now which is fabulous.
      Best wishes to you Cindy xx

    1. Thank you Timothy I’m pleased you got to see it, it took ages to download we recorded it in 4K resolution and we thought that would be better with it being dark.
      My best wishes to you,

    1. We had some lovely feedback John, Merry Christmas to you and thank you I appreciate you and all your positive messages you share all year on twitter.
      My best wishes always,

    1. Awww, blessings to you too Annette. We wish you a happy Christmas and we pray for a better new year for you and everyone in 2021.
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you I’m happy that you enjoyed the concert. We hope that you have a fantastic Christmas too.
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you Lavinia, there are lots of babies and children in the complex so we tried to do a big mixture, I’d never used the bells before so that was a bit of a challenge hehe.
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you Karen, best wishes and Merry Christmas to you and David too.
      All our best,
      Charlotte and George xx

    1. Thank you very much Eric, I appreciate your support all of these years 🙂 I love Christmas songs too.
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you my friend for all your support, stay merry and bright.
      All my best wishes
      Charlotte x

  2. Thank you so much for the Christmas present of a balcony concert! When you belt out ‘Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” or just plain wish us a Happy New Year, you do so with such enthusiasm and personal feeling with it. Please thank George for giving us the melodies that show his own talent, along with his commitment to accent yours.
    What a magnificent pair you two make!!
    From Pacific Paratrooper…

    1. It makes us happy that you enjoyed our little Christmas concert thank you. I wish you could see the faces looking back at us, its a great opportunity for a performance with audience they give us energy and lots of people told us it made them feel Christmassy. George is a musical trooper I suggest these songs to him with little notice a couple of weeks this time, I learnt a couple I’d not sung before Walking in the Air was one.
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you Noelle, I’ve been working on all the things with my singing I’m normally too busy to fit in and George has been learning lots of new piano rep. These outdoor performances are a blast for both of us we dont want to get out of practice of live performance.
      Best wishes to you
      Charlotte x

    1. Thank you so much Michael 🙂 we’d like to hire a recording studio with a sound engineer in the new year but the apple iPhones aren’t doing too bad.
      Best wishes to you

    2. Thank you so much Michael, we are very grateful, I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas and you’ll have a Happy New Year in 2021.
      Very best wishes
      Charlotte x

  3. And, a Merry, Merry Christmas to you and George. There must’ve been something special about Sunday night, with your Christmas concert. We did a livestream rock concert for the riding club the daughters belong to, the music of Foreigner. It was supposed to be 45 minutes, but it ended up being nearly two hours.

    Both of you take care, and be extra safe.

    1. I’m happy you are doing livestream rock concerts. Wow two hours of repertoire is a lot, how many singers were there that sounds exhausting but when you’re with an audience time flies doesn’t it.
      Take care and a Happy New Year to you and all your family.
      Best wishes

      1. Elizabeth carried the whole show. I did the lead vocal on the opening, and did a duet with her on another. Deborah and I did the backing vocals on the rest. I really thought we would’ve run out of material, but the Foreigner songbook is a lot bigger than most would imagine. It was an acoustic format.

        You and George, many New Year Greetings too. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. Finally posted about the concert we did at the beginning of the year. If interested, this is the post:

        I remember you mentioning how your mom was in a Fleetwood Mac “frame of mind” at the time. We had fun that night. The three hours went by in a flash. I do have both the audio tracks and a complete video from the concert. It would take forever to upload, so I might do snippets here and there.

        You and George, stay well and stay extra safe, especially with the new strain circulating. 🙂

      3. Fabulous, loved the song I recall my Mum listening to this song. Three hours is a long set you all need a medal, great musicianship.
        Our school isn’t reopening until mid-January so we are both quite isolated now working from home mainly. Most risk is popping to the supermarket but we mask up and wash and gel our hands. They are vaccinating at a pace now in the UK fingers crossed this protects the most vulnerable quickly, I know my Nana is keen to get hers so she can have more freedom, she misses meeting up a lot.
        Best wishes for a Happy New Year David to you and all the family,

      4. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Afterwards, we all had a song, or three, on constant replay in the mind. If Elizabeth didn’t ride or in med school, I think she would give your profession a try.

        The daughters start back at med school on Monday. Everyone wears masks, physical distance, wash hands as a matter of practice. This term, they will be following on rounds more often. If things become more desperate on the COVID front, they might be pressed into service in the critical care units. Agree about the highest risk being the supermarket. The vaccine rollout has been slow here. Then, the story this morning about someone tampering with the vaccines. It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

        Thank you for the New Year’s wishes. The same to you and George, and your families.

        Stay well, stay extra safe,

  4. What a wonderful balcony Christmas concert you and George had given, bringing Christmas cheers to everyone in this most challenging time! My personal favourite is ‘O Holy Night’. Is that a high A you reached? Marvellous! Have a Blessed Christmas, Charlotte! And all best wishes for a Happier 2021! 🙂

    1. Thank you Arti we had great fun singing and playing on the balcony, we were conscious it was a little chilly so we rushed through the program a little, we need not have worried everyone was so lovely said it started Christmas off for them. I can’t help myself reaching high when I have an opportunity to sing out loud lol 😂 it was the first time I’d ever sung with the jingle bells too we borrowed them, now I want my own set to practice with. I hope you had a super Christmas and that you have a Happy New Year.
      Best wishes

  5. Dear Charlotte,
    I hope everyone has enjoyed happy holidays under the present lock downs. I hope the vaccines will bring an end to this virus and we can get back to our normal way of living. Jesus is the reason for the season and may you have a Happy New Year!

    1. I hope that you have had a blessed Christmas even in these bleak times. I too hope the vaccines and the weakening of the virus will bring this horrible period to an end with Gods will, who knows why this was sent to test us all, but I like to look on the bright side and I am grateful for the unusual amount of time I got to spend and make music with George, to learn new skills, practice my German and pass an exam, open up our local community to classical music and opera and most importantly make new friends. I am very grateful for friends like you and my other blog buddies who have kept me positive all year long. All my best wishes for a Happier New Year in 2021.

  6. Delightful beyond words!
    I am so moved!
    Thank you to both of you!
    Happy New Year!
    Charlotte, you are amazing, my fave!
    Off to PayPal!

    1. Resa, you are a star, keeping my spirits up. Thank you for your gift we appreciate it a lot. Georges return to teaching has been postponed a couple of weeks because of the new strain lockdown and spike in London. Our new practice is going well though and we’ve learnt lots of new songs.
      Hope you have a fabulous New Year,
      All our best,
      Charlotte & George xx

      1. You & George are so welcome!
        I’m so happy you are still learning new songs. There may come a time when you are always singing what you already know. Although with that will come greater perfection!
        I’ve been ridiculous busy over the last month, and should be able to get back to more blogging by the end of the month.
        I can hardly wait to draw the gowns for the last episode of the Art Gowns Chicago Adventure. Lol, I’ve only drawn 3 so far. Anyway, Lala will make an appearance, in a “Degas” inspired gown. All the Art Gowns Models will be in “Picasso” inspired gowns.
        It will be very “Gowntoon” funny!
        I’ll send a message when I get there.
        Happy 2021!!!!!
        Cheers & love!

  7. So awesome Charlotte for you to prepare this and share with us all ~ it keeps the spirit flowing through this holiday season. Such a beautiful voice ~ sigh, just perfect 🙂

  8. I’m late watching this, but your concert was beautiful and brought back so many childhood memories of our family singing around the piano at Christmastime. We had warm, green Christmases in Jamaica, but the carols we sang were those you sang and more. Needless to say we did not sound as beautiful, but we enjoyed it!

    Thank you for all the care and preparation you put into this. May the new year bring happy new adventures.

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