The Last Leg Of My Highland Adventure

Thank you all for all your wonderful comments and heartfelt congratulations. George has come up to Glasgow for a couple of days, and we decided to turn it into a Minimoon before my second tour starts on Tuesday.

The last couple of weeks were a bit of a blur, as you can imagine, with so much going on. I wanted to share a few snaps with you from the last leg of the tour and I hope you enjoy them.

Belleisle Estate – Ayr

Chrichton Memorial Church, Dumfries

Fullerton Estate – Ayr

Edinburgh Zoo – Edinburgh

Catching Up With Judith Howarth – Opera Singer & Vocal Coach

Musselburgh Racecourse – Musselburgh

Gilbert And Sulivan Weekend – Scottish Opera – Glasgow

21 thoughts on “The Last Leg Of My Highland Adventure

  1. Apart from all the fascinating looking places you’ve been going, and what looks like constant good weather, it must be both a delight and a massive relief to be back to performing again. I imagine that it must feel a bit like getting your life back. Well, congratulations Charlotte dear: onwards and upwards again at last.

  2. Wow! It looks like you and all are having the best time!
    Have a blast with George!
    It’s a wonderful thing when your love comes to where you are working.
    I have experienced that in my career.
    All right, these pics from the last leg will probably only be outdone, by the next.
    Cheers, Charlotte!

  3. Fantastic pictures Charlotte, they show what a great time your all having. So pleased George went up to see you, your wedding was absolutely stunning so enjoy your β€˜minimoon’ πŸ₯°β€οΈπŸ˜˜

  4. Charlotte: Your photos always get a smile on this end.

  5. Very nice. A pop-up opera sounds very nice. Re-taking the tradition of MoliΓ¨re and the likes (I’m sure there were in England) of traveling “troupes”.
    (Though of course, MoliΓ¨re and the likes did not sing… Although… I am told some play included dancing? At least in France)
    Well done “Madame”.

    1. I shall inflict my favorite Molière story upon you:

      As he walked in Paris one day, MoliΓ¨re encountered a friend. “How is your new play coming?” the friend asked.
      “Splendidly!” the playwright responded, “All I have left to do is ze dialogue!”

      Makes perfect sense.

      1. Thank you for the “infliction”. Makes total sense. Flaubert used to say: “My book is finished, all I have to do is write it.” (He “wrote” the entire book in his head before committing to paper.
        Thanks for popping in

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