BambinO at Home – That’s’ a Wrap

This last week has flown by so quickly, the BambinO At Home project came together through the enthusiastic collaboration between the Performers, Musicians, Composer, Designers, Costume Designers, Directors, Producers, Camera Operators, and Film Editors. Such a fantastic group to work with and I learned so much from their contributions.

We had three and half days to bring our ideas to life and breathe life into the production which was to be live streamed over three days and five shows.

If you managed to watch yourselves, I would love to hear what you took away from the experience. We have received some lovely feedback from Parents, Carers, and Grand Parents that watched with their Bambini which made all of the hard work so rewarding.

Time to relax and wind down tonight, to reflect on the project and to look forward to the coming festive period, spending time with Family and celebrate all the things that we are grateful for.

Here are a few pictures taken from the rehearsals which I hope give you a flavour of the process.


Soprano: Charlotte Hoather

Baritone: Kieran Rayner

Cello: Semay Wu

Percussion: Michael D Clark

Composer: Lliam Paterson


Director: Phelim McDermott

Designers: Giuseppe Belli & Emma Belli

Illustrator: Viviane Schwarz

Filming: Chocolate Films – Nicki Currie and Morgan Morris

Company Manager: Di Holt

Audio Describer: Ess Grange

Producer: Kathryn Bilyard

26 thoughts on “BambinO at Home – That’s’ a Wrap

    1. Thank you, Giuseppe and Emma made a gorgeous set design the babies loved it in the live shows, as soon as I was putting pillows down to build the nest or represent the sky the babies were throwing them back at me. It is easier to perform without little babies under foot but I do like the element of immersive performance.
      Happy New Year and
      Best wishes

  1. Once again, a success on every level. Let’s hope your progress is not derailed again, and that 2022 brings you more challenges and more satisfaction in the life that means so much to you. And of course wishing a wonderful Xmas to you and George and your families, whether with or without you.

    1. I fear it is derailed again Martin, I have just had to cancel plans to attend an audition because of lockout. Gutted because I had been preparing in December for it. I have kept up with my lessons and German and other language study which this time provides looking on the bright side. Fingers crossed paid opportunities return.
      Best wishes

    1. Every time I do something different it presents me with new experiences, I particularly enjoyed the illustrator working on the project with us and the filming, very different from live performance, we don’t usually have microphones on this set and we usually have babies underfoot, friends gave me good feedback one of my best friends Becca showed it to 60 children in her primary school so I was thrilled with that.
      Best wishes

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun revisiting this 🙂 Did you have a live, in studio, audience, or was it only the streamed audience? I know part of the fun of the live show was the “bambinos” being able to crawl around the stage.

  3. Love the photo’s Charlotte.
    Loved the performance too.we really enjoyed it.
    The set was great very colourful. Arthur loved it his little face was a picture..🥰👏👏👏

  4. Amazing!

    I wish I would have seen this production.
    Norman and I are checking out different packages, so we can do streaming.
    We have unlimited internet. However, we have a TV package that sucks up $$$ like nobody’s business. So, adding streaming networks makes the bill higher.
    We will figure it out!

    In the meantime, let me just say I adore all the pics you have shown here, but none is as precious as you putting on your make-up!

    AND!!! I sent an email with 2 Lala’s and some fabric pics. Can hardly wait to hear what you think!


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