9th Blog Anniversary

This month I am energised by all the new growth sprouting up in the parks and gardens, the colourful buds of the flowers, as they begin to push through and start to blossom. My London travels are decorated by beautiful magnolia trees, bright daffodils and pearly-white snowdrops. This visual cheer reminds me to celebrate my 9th Blog anniversary with you, my wonderful blog friends, who come to support me along my journey. You are the flowers and the birdsong that fill my life with joy and I’m very grateful for your encouragement towards my musical endeavours.

Alesia And Me At The BSL Rally In London

This week I also celebrated that the British Sign Language (BSL) Bill passed its 3rd reading in the UK Parliament. This Bill is important to the d/Deaf community as it is a vital step towards the legal recognition of British Sign Language. I went to show my support in person at the BSL Rally held by BDA (British Deaf Association) in Trafalgar Square, London. At the event I was able to find my BSL teacher, Alesia, who welcomed me with open arms to the event. I was immediately immersed into deaf culture and had the opportunity to practise holding a conversation in BSL. I watched a wonderful programme of speakers from the Deaf community on stage. There were political advocates, sportsmen and women, Filmmakers, TV crew, actors, artists, primary school children and a comedian. The debate in Parliament was also live-streamed on a large screen for all to see, which created a real buzz when the positive outcome was announced.

Me With My Friend Yvonne At The Opera

Then as a cherry on the top of a brilliant week, George, Yvonne and I went to the Coliseum to watch English National Opera’s production of Cosi fan Tutte. The piece was directed by Phelim McDermott and he transported the audience to 1950’s Cony Island where we watched the witty, political drama unfold amongst sword swallowers, strong men, bearded women and acrobats eating fire. It was quite a remarkable visual treat and the vocals did not disappoint either. In particular I enjoyed Soraya Mafi’s interpretation of Despina, whose clear diction and sparkling tone had me chuckling at her delivery.

It was truly an eventful week, in which I lucky enough to celebrate my blog, BSL, great music and fantastic theatre.

A Great End To Our Week

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  2. Happy blogiversary! I love to look back on my posts from the year before to see just how much I have changed every time another twelve months go by. 🙂

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