Happy Father’s Day

Today in the UK, we celebrate Father’s Day so I thought I would share with you a few special memories I have of my wonderful Dad. 

I am very lucky, as my Dad goes above and beyond in order to support my well being and happiness. Just recently, he took the time to stand and queue with me from 07:30 am until 18:10 pm outside the passport office in Liverpool. He knew that being able to travel was important for me as I had an upcoming commitment in Germany. We laughed together in the pouring rain and dreamt about all the food and drink we couldn’t eat as we didn’t want to loose our place in the queue. 

In The Queue Outside The Passport Office, Liverpool.

When I was younger, my Dad would take me my dance classes and their subsequent exams in which I needed super neat buns and French braids. He managed to teach himself how to accomplish these complete hairdos without the help of YouTube, but through perseverance and lots bryllcream for fly-aways. 

He taught me to always have a positive outlook and that the brain is a flexible organ, which can always grow. At the moment, he’s my go to, when my current project seem unreachable and he helps me to break it down into manageable steps and realise that the risks or invisible fears can be overcome. 

Dad, you are amazing and I can’t wait to celebrate with you next weekend. 

46 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

    1. He is John, although I had hoped to be further along in my career right now, covid is still having an affect.
      Best wishes

    1. He was a trooper having to wait in line like that with me for such a long time.
      Best wishes

    1. Dad is a very positive person. Always optimistic. He has good energy.
      Best wishes Don,

  1. Arrrr that’s lovely Charlotte.
    You certainly have very supportive parents. Who continue to help with everything you and George
    do..lots of good wishes coming your way, for the future

    1. Thank you for your constant support and encouragement too.
      Best wishes always

    1. Dad works so hard to help us all over the years. I saw him recently he is as encouraging as always.
      Best wishes

  2. You were gifted with a wonderful father, and he was gifted with an equally wonderful daughter. Wishing you and your family all the best life has to offer!

  3. Aww that’s lovely Charlotte. Your dad is one of life’s truly nice people, I also remember queuing with him to get good seats at your school performance’s. 🤗🥰

    1. Mum and Dad have been very supportive to me and my brothers as you know Gill, they allowed us the freedom to explore so many creative areas and as you remind me queued for lots of performances hehe. Thanks for standing there and supporting me too.
      Best wishes

  4. Wow! Charlotte, your dad is amazing. You are very fortunate. I am so happy for you.
    Happy Fathers Day, Charlotte’s Father! You are the kind every girl wants!
    Cheers to both father and daughter!!!!

    1. Thank you Resa, I would struggle to live this life without the support and more important encouragement of my parents. I do my best to honour them whilst appreciating their privacy.
      Best wishes

    2. Resa Im having problems leaving a message on your latest post again – this was what I wanted to say – What a fantastic, fun and golden collection I loved it. The golden highlights are fabulous and music references a treat as always Resa you are excelling yourself. 🙌♥️🎶🎹

      1. Ahh, Thank you Charlotte! Thank you so much!
        I was hoping you’d like the golden & the music.
        Cheers xo
        I found this scrolling through comments. Knowing the issues you are having with comments, I’ll make more of an effort to find comments you put on your blog.

    1. Dad is such a busy person working full time then doing extra bits for me in the evenings and at weekends. I’m happy that you are close to your Poppa too.
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you Derrick, a lot of people quit the line, some just an hour before the office closed and we were given passes to be seen the following day.
      Best wishes

  5. Following your blog has impressed me that your dad really has a passion for some of the more-like-producer roles. Web producing, photo set-ups, etc. You are lucky to have him as a father. AND, he in fact, did produce you!!

    Anyhow, there is no doubt he would make a killing with one of those rent-a-friend outfits in Japan.

    Your pictures speak everything you wrote🌞

    1. Thank you, I couldn’t afford to pay for all of the skills my Dad and my Mum freely share, and even my eldest brother now takes my photographs. My husband George plays on my recordings its a real family affair.
      Best wishes

  6. Dear Charlotte,
    Happy Father’s Day to you and the picture with your Dad is beautiful. The scripture tells us to honor thy father and mother all the days of their lives and it will be well with thee. Thank the Lord for it will go well with you and you will live long happy days on the earth.

    1. Thank you Rev Tim, I wish I lived closer to my parents we speak pretty much every day on the telephone using FaceTime. Hopefully they know I honour them.
      Best wishes

    1. I’ve always used a passport to fly to Europe but they don’t normally take ten weeks to process, I believe there was a big backlog, then people put warnings out on the tv about the delay so people started to fast-track their applications, putting people already in the system back even further and you couldn’t just phone up and change your application to a fast-track. A very stressful situation that my Dad did his best to help with.
      Best wishes

      1. Crazy. Just talked to my older brother in France. he says you now need an agent for to get a car registration. Too complicated to do oneself… ten weeks? Seriously?
        Hope you get it on time.

      2. A car registration for the UK or in France? I’ve not heard of that problem, oh boy. Just when travelling was opening up after being closed I realised I needed 3 months at the end of my passport to travel so thought I’d best send it off when I got back from Romania. Couldn’t believe it.

      3. In France. For his car. He was just giving that as an example of a simple document that had become horribly complex. I personally spent 3 weeks trying to do my income tax return for France. Until I had to give up and call for technical assistance. It took half an hour and two civil servants to sort it out.
        Romania? You were visiting your in-laws I imagine? 3 months? Ludicrous…

      4. Yes and arranging my wedding blessing postponed for two years due to covid, it‘s next week.

      5. Yes, we had a registry wedding in London and this is the church blessing planned by George‘s family in Romania. They were both supposed to occur in June and July 2020, but my British wedding was August 2021 during a break from covid lockdowns and now the wedding blessing and party July 2022.

      6. PS. it’s 5.30PM here. It should be 1:30 AM in the UK. Aren’t you past your bedtime? 😉 Or are you a night owl…
        Bonne nuit Charlotte… 😴

      7. No, I‘m not a night owl 🦉 in bed most nights for 11pm I wonder if the reply got help up?

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