Mansfield Park Takes the Stage at Marylebone: A Theatrical Delight!

I am thrilled to be starting rehearsals tomorrow for Mansfield Park with Waterperry Opera Festival. I can already tell that it will be an intense but rewarding process.

To prepare for my upcoming role, I like to dive deep into my character’s background, motivations, personality traits, and relationships with other characters. This research helps me to make informed choices and provides inspiration for improvisation, making the rehearsals much more productive.

Here are a few highlights about my character, Maria:

  • Maria is the eldest daughter of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram and is known for her beauty, elegance, and charm.
  • Her main motivation in the story is her desire for wealth and status. She is willing to marry Mr Rushworth, a wealthy but dull man she doesn’t love solely for his fortune and connections.
  • Maria also becomes infatuated with Henry Crawford, a charming and charismatic man who represents a more exciting and glamorous life than the one she leads.
  • However, despite her reservations, Maria eventually elopes with Henry, despite his lack of wealth and status, which leads to her ultimate downfall, as she is disowned by her family and ostracised by society.
  • Her story serves as a cautionary tale for the audience, reminding us that true happiness and fulfilment cannot be found in materialistic desires alone.

If you are able to make it to London we would love to see you at our performance of Mansfield Park on Saturday, 8th July at 5:00 pm, at the stunning St Marylebone Parish Church as part of the St Marylebone Festival. Get your tickets today at the following link:

St Marylebone Parish Church, 17 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LT

The photos used in this blog post were taken by Robert Workman.

21 thoughts on “Mansfield Park Takes the Stage at Marylebone: A Theatrical Delight!

  1. Family and society can be so hard to please. Poor Maria. It sounds like it will be a wonderful show.

  2. I love it when you post pics of rehearsals and performances.
    I think that is partly because you love what you’re doing.
    It will be a wonderful show for all those fortunate enough to attend.

    Gown update: The piece I added turned into a bit of a magillah, but it’s done now. Sewing beads right now. Waiting for a gift of vintage green beads to arrive by mail. They could be the star answer to the more green I’ve been looking for. Still, I’ve options otherwise.

    Cheers! xo

    1. These are some of my favourite performance photographs taken by a opera photographer called Robert Workman.

      I have had a fantastic week back with the old cast from Mansfield Park, and a couple of lovely new members, the performance today was just sublime in the church, its the first time I’ve performed Mansfield Park in a church and it allows for a much bigger audience than a Manor House which was fabulous. I’m still buzzing.

      I’m so excited about the gown. I’ll have to look up the word Megillah. Good luck with all the bead sewing I know how long that takes, you really do have the patience of a saint.

      Best wishes

      1. Fantastic!
        Congratulations! Great photos, Robert Workman is excellent.
        I’m sure you are buzzing.

        I’m also mulling around names for the gown. I’ve been envisioning the post.. I’ve got a cool idea… anyway, I’d like her name to partly/ or be a female character in an opera. Any suggestions are appreciated.

      2. Ooo let me have a think. So far a few of the characters I’ve enjoyed playing are: Eve, Pandora, Maria, Hero, The Plaintiff, Pamina, Juliette, Uccelina, Iolanthe, First Witch, Catherine, and Alice.

  3. Beautiful photos, and admire your stepping into this role that seems to be a perfect match ~ the view of the rehearsals from the photos it is clear to see how you are in your element. 🙂

    1. I really enjoy singing in English, we had a fabulous audience and I really enjoy working with the familiar cast, my friend Rebecca the director and our fantastic musicians.
      Best wishes again,

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