Anniversaries, Art, and Afternoon Tea

Tomorrow, 28th August, 2023 marks the second wedding anniversary for George and me. Traditionally, this milestone is celebrated with gifts made of cotton. My parents kindly gifted us a luxurious new cotton bedding set. Inspired by the theme, I also took the opportunity to declutter our wardrobe. I used vacuum-sealed hanging packs to store my summer clothing, freeing up some valuable space for George’s growing collection of shirts and jumpers in our shared wardrobe.

Our Quintessential English City Wedding August 28th 2021

Our Romanian Blessing Ceremony July 2022

This month also ushered in special occasions: we celebrated my mum and brother Matt’s birthdays. Our cultural sojourns included visiting a myriad of art exhibitions—The Tate Modern, The Van Gogh Immersive Experience, and a 360-degree art exhibit at The Lightroom in Kings Cross featuring the works of David Hockney. These latter two exhibitions were particularly striking, featuring colossal projections of the artists’ works along with extensive insights into their creative processes.

On a lighter note, we indulged in an elegant afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason, tackled The Crystal Maze experience, enjoyed the tap-dancing brilliance of ‘Crazy for You’ (Musical), and engaged in a game of Electric Shuffleboard at Canary Wharf I wholeheartedly recommend these diverse activities; we had an absolute blast.

Waiting To Enter The Crystal Maze

After all this, we also celebrated George’s birthday in style. We roared with laughter at ‘The Book of Mormon’ and even tried our hand at archery.

As for my Dad, he remains a sceptic when it comes to contemporary art, often quipping that he could produce something superior. To illustrate this point, here is a grid of photos taken at various exhibits. Can you discern which were snapped by my dad and which are the genuine artworks?

And that’s a wrap! Anniversaries, art debates with my Dad, and a bit of fun in between. What’s your latest adventure?

45 thoughts on “Anniversaries, Art, and Afternoon Tea

    1. Thank you John, my Mum and Matt chose experience gifts so we all got to enjoy their days.
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you Annette, we certainly had a great time. Matt chose the crystal maze and electric shuffleboard as his birthday gift and Mum the afternoon tea and art exhibits.
      Best wishes

  1. Happy Anniversary, Charlotte and George!
    Seems like 2 months, not 2 years.
    …. and Happy Birthday to George!
    How wonderful that the day was filled with art.
    As for your Dad vs Contemporary Art, that’s a tough one.

    Okay – lots of guesses

    1. brass vases- Dad
    2. brick w/ green – Dad
    3. Flag – Art
    4. Burgundy zip pull – Art
    5. White – Dad
    6. Brick pile – Dad
    7. Grey Stones – Art
    6 & 7 – Could be the other way around.
    8- Steel Bumps – Dad
    9. Circles & Blue – Dad
    10. Yellow w/ oven rack – Art
    11. Shrine – Art
    12. Arches & Waves – Art

    LOL!!! What do I know? That was fun. How did I do?
    Cheers to you Dad!

    1. Thank you Resa for taking on the Dad challenge hehe.
      You got lots correct ✅ eight, but the following were incorrect:
      1. Was in the Tate
      6. Was in the Tate
      10. Was Dad
      12. Was Dad
      So Dad didn’t trick you too much, but you are an artist so…..
      Best wishes

      1. LOL!!!! Still, he did trick me! Give him my best regards!
        Okay, your Art Gown post is scheduled for 10:00 am My time, Sept.2. (3 pm. yours, I think) The title is “Midnight Nightingale”.
        I know you are in rehearsals, so pop by when you get a chance, and don’t worry!!!!

      2. Yayyyy, I am just back from rehearsal, I’ll pop across now.
        Best wishes

  2. Happy anniversary! And happy birthday to all of those in your life with birthdays (I think you mentioned 3 – mum, brother and George?). Have a fantastic week!

    1. Yes three in the same month, we try whenever we can to spend that week together every year. I was in work a couple of the days so we did the entertainment in the evenings, at the end of the week my Mum said she needed another week off work to recover 😂.
      Best wishes

  3. Happy anniversary, dear Charlotte! I’m glad that your Alice’s adventures continue! 🌹🌹🌹 I wish you more new impressions & happy events! Happy birthday to George!

    1. Thank you Sheila we both really enjoyed the Book of Mormon. We had a fantastic week.
      Best wishes

    1. We try to go every time my Mum comes to London we both love contemporary art.
      Best wishes

    1. Gert, I know! I’m still recovering, let him enjoy it for a couple of months before the winter clothes fill it back up again hehe.
      Best wishes

    1. Yes he did Derrick, but the bricked up doorway was actually and exhibit, the yellow box is in my lounge and usually has pictures in it, the rainbow 🌈 is also in my lounge on a wall. Thank you for your congratulations.
      Best wishes

    1. It has gone very quick although I feel like we have squeezed a lot in too. It’s 40 years for my parents this year and 5 years for my older brother so we’re beginners 😃.
      Best wishes

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