Concert in Bideford – 1st November

George Todica and I are delighted to announce our return to the idyllic setting of Devon for an evening of classical music in Bideford. The local ambience and community have always added a special touch to our performances, making this event one we eagerly anticipate. If you reside in the area or are planning a visit, we cordially invite you to join us on Wednesday, 1st November 2023 at 7:30pm.

St Mary’s Parish Church – Bideford, Devon

What Awaits You:

  • A curated selection of our most cherished German Lieder, featuring works by Schubert and Strauss.
  • Haugtussa, an enthralling song cycle by the eminent Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg.
  • Solo piano pieces, carefully selected and inspired by the song repertoire.
  • A transporting performance designed to elevate your senses and spirit.

Ticketing Information

Tickets will be available at the door for £16.50. As a gesture of commitment to nurturing the next generation of classical music aficionados, Bideford Music Club graciously offers complimentary admission to children and students.

For those who enjoy planning their cultural calendar in advance, Bideford Music Club offers subscription options:

  • 6-Concert Subscription: For the sum of £82.50, secure your place at six different performances, each promising a unique musical experience.
  • 4-Concert Subscription: A more concise option at £61.00, allowing you to attend four concerts of your choosing.

How to Reserve Your Seat

For further information, programme brochures, and ticketing details, kindly contact Mrs Lorraine Matthews via telephone on 01237 477242 or email at

To learn more about our upcoming performance, visit the Bideford Music Club Next Concert webpage.

51 thoughts on “Concert in Bideford – 1st November

  1. What a beautiful setting for what I am certain will be an equally beautiful concert! I am so proud to see what you and George have accomplished over the years, since Alice in Wonderland when you were in university together, through your balcony concerts that helped us all through the pandemic, to your work together now! It’s been such an inspiration to watch your journey together, and best of luck for this concert and all your future endeavours! I hope to see you perform again in London soon!

    Best regards,


    1. It is beautiful; Cate, we have performed there together before, and George as a soloist. Working for several months with George and the team on Down the Rabbit Hole was fabulous. I have just taken my second BSL examination, and if successful, I can start on grade three, which is like an A level. I need to finish writing another couple of songs for the production that I feel was missing from the story, and I’d love to put the show on in London for families.
      It would be lovely to meet up again.

      Best wishes

    1. Thank you, John; we are rehearsing together this week, the first opportunity we’ve had for a while. Now, to re-memorise all the words.

      Best wishes

      1. We made the promo design on Canva, with the concert program. I put that on Instagram, I must add it to my blog post. The photo was taken by our wedding photographer, Lloyd Dobbie; he did a pre-shoot, so we got to know him before the day.

        Best wishes

    1. It will be; its the hard slog of relearning all the songs this week! I’m on it.

      Best wishes

    1. Thanks, Timothy, we’ve set aside practice time this week to relearn all the songs.

      Best wishes,

  2. Charlotte, this sounds like a wonderful concert. I wish I could be there in that lovely church and location! Good luck and have a marvellous time there. 🤗🌹🙋‍♂️

    1. I wish you could be there too Ashley it would be lovely to meet you in person. Thank you for your good wishes.

      All my best wishes,

    1. Thank you GP, I don’t know what the photographer said now to crack us up. I wish you could attend too, I’m hoping to put some more videos online soon.

      Best wishes

      1. Hopefully if George gets our Chloe Festival concert videos completed for me later I’ll post a few tonight.
        Best wishes

    1. Thank you Don, it’s a beautiful area of England in the South West right in a bay.

      Best wishes

    1. Thank you, have you ever been to Bideford? It’s not far from Clovelly I remember going there as a child and loving the car-free main street down to the beach.

      Best wishes

  3. Yahoo!!!
    IMHO – You and George are rock stars of the classical music world.

    I wish I was there to hear this performance.
    Best to both of you!
    Resa ❦❦

    PS That poster is so cool. Luv it!

    1. I was hoping to wear your most beautiful nightingale gown but my friend wasn’t in to take in the top for me, so I will try to get it adjusted for a Christmas concert I have, it is so beautiful I need an expert to do it. I will send you a couple of photos, I was at my parents this weekend doing a course.

      Best wishes

      1. No hurries! I’m thrilled it fits as well as it does.
        A Christmas concert sounds perfect!

      2. The skirt is perfect length and waist 🥰 I’ll send you the try on photo. Xxxx

      3. I was so sad my friend Hilary was away and couldn’t help with the top, hopefully I can catch up with her soon because my needlepoint is too rusty. The top and hand sequins are just magnificent, I felt like a half mermaid Arial. I Love, love, love that the skirt is separate because I can wear a long sleeve velvet top I have with it for winter concerts in drafty churches, you are so smart doing that. I will get some proper photographs done when its all sorted. Thank you so so much once again,
        Best wishes
        Charlotte 😘 💋 xx

      4. Lol! I love that you are a mermaid!
        You know, I thought “why can’t gowns be mix’n’match, like other work wardrobes”?
        You will get a lot of mileage being able to mix things up.
        I can see the top with a breezy pair of palazzo pants for summer performances.
        Anyway, I’m thrilled, and look forward to whatever pics, and whenever you wear all, or some of the gown.
        This is a joy for me!
        Resa xo 💋 xo

      5. Palazzo pants sound great, I have to wait to see a dressmaker to take in the top a little, but I will be wearing the skirt at my next December concert I want to try to find a velvet or Marino wool long sleeve top to wear with it, what do you think, something warm enough for a church.

      6. Darn those drafts!
        When you first mentioned velvet, I saw a stretch velvet top (in black, or a verigated green/purple or blue of the sequins)with a dramatic neckline, long sleeves, and the sleeves scrunched up a bit. Lots of bracelets in the colours.

        Marino wool is fabulous. I have an honours degree in knit technology, and I almost exclusively used Merino wool.
        It has a rich lustre.
        A simple black pullover with a v – neckline, and a pendant in the v in the colours of the sequin(s).
        OR I see the merino ….or a cashmere(ish) cardigan in black.
        Worn over open over a satin camisole in one of the sequin colours would be fetching.

        I love to mix the feels. Just like the top could be worn with jeans, the skirt can be worn with a sweater.
        Accessories are key.

        Keep your eyes open for a pair of shoulder length black gloves. These could add just enough warmth to the sequin top in the spring and early fall.

        Cheers! Chat later!

      7. Oh wow, what a Smörgåsbord of delightful alternative top ideas, the verigated green/purple or blue of the sequins sounds ideal, I do have bracelets now you mention it full of crystals in those colours from Swarovski. I could go for a plain black Marino wool long sleeve pullover with those bracelets all up the arms. I love the idea of shoulder length black gloves what a great idea to wear with the beautiful sequin top, I don’t like to wear a shawl because I’m always messing with it to stop it falling. I can’t wait to get it adjusted would you take it in at the side seams or the zip area I don’t want to mess with the sequins at all they are so beautiful.

        Cheers 🥂 I’ll send you photos as soon as I have the look ready. Xxx

      8. Yay!!
        It sounds like you are gong to put things together beautifully.
        Love it!
        Taking in the top:
        I used stretch velvet in the back on purpose.
        I would NOT take out the zipper & size it there NOR would I do it at the side seams.

        I mean (designed) for it to be taken in at the back 1/4 panels (which don’t exist yet, until you put them there.)
        To a couturier seamstress, it would seem hack.
        However, I call it a movie alt.
        Done by hand or a LARGE machine stitch (I think hand is better) then blocked with a steam iron, it will take less than an hour.

        I had sent (I think in email) a PDF with a slew of “What Ifs” and sewing solutions.
        It would be overwhelming if you are not a sewer.

        I’m going to find it in your file, and isolate just that one alteration.

        I’ll send it to you to show your seamstress. A person who is a decent amateur/home sewer can do this.
        There is no cutting or picking involved in my mad method.
        Will send that off tomorrow!
        Excited to see everything you style with the mix’n’match gown.
        I think there is a market for gowns designed to be mix’n’matched!
        xoxo (yahoo!)

      9. Fantastic, I’ll be going home for a week at Christmas so that sounds doable by hand. Speak soon. Xoxoxo

  4. I wish I could be in Devon that day…
    (I shall think of you both…)
    And my compliments for being so active. It is not an easy thing to do…
    Let the 🎶 flow

    1. I wish you could come to listen to us live too, I think you would enjoy it. It is very challenging getting practice time now because we each have about three projects on the go at the same time, better to be busy, I keep telling myself as I fall into bed exhausted hehe.

      Best wishes

      1. I am totally convinced I would love it. There is so much passion in the both of you. One day, our agendas will coincide…
        Three projects at a time is fantastic. This is tje time when you build your career, accumulate experience, meet new people in the “trade”, people you will work with again in 5, 10 or 20 years.
        So fall on your bed with a smile on your face…

      2. I hope so, I have a big birthday next month, a time to reflect.
        Best wishes

      3. I wish 😃, I don’t think I’d do much differently, but time seems to be flying by at the moment.
        Best wishes

    1. I’m going to try to put some videos of me and George performing in his Chloe trio, piano, violin and cello at the Chloe Festival they put together this summer tonight. I’m in the middle of a training course at the moment so hopefully George has got me the videos ready.
      Best wishes

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