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Welcome to a selection of my older performances which I hope that you will enjoy.  I would love to hear what you think so please leave your comments.

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Green Finch and Linnet Bird – this is from a concert that I performed in alongside the Tideswell Male Voice choir on the 27th July 2013 in St John’s Church, Tideswell.

This song is from the Sondheim Musical ‘Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’ where my character, Johanna, is the ward of Judge Turpin, the man who falsely convicted her father – Sweeney Todd – in order to have his way with her mother Lucy once Johanna’s father had been exiled to Australia.  Her mother is driven insane and the judge raises Johanna as his own.  He keeps her like a prisoner, with only a window to view the outside world.  The judge plans to make Johanna his wife once she is of age but she rejects him.  Green Finch and Linnet Bird is a beautiful song and I hope that I reflect the fact that Johanna has been suffering and is kept under lock and key and longs for her freedom.

O Mio Babbino Caro  ( Oh My Beloved Father ) – this is another video from the above concert where I was accompanied on piano by the fabulous Christopher Ellis GRAM.

This song is a soprano aria from the opera Gianni Schicchi (1918), by Giacomo Puccini, to a libretto by Giovacchino Forzano.  My character is Lauretta after tensions between her father Schicchi and the family of Rinuccio, the boy she loves, have reached a breaking point that threatens to separate her from him. I love to sing this song as it really allows me to express the emotion of the character at a key point in the opera.

Danny Boy – this performance is taken from my concert on the 5th August 2013 at St Mary’s Metropolitan Cathedral in Edinburgh.  I was accompanied on the day by Marcus Kitchen who also attends the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Danny Boy is a ballad written by English songwriter Frederic Weatherly in 1910.  It was set to the tune of ‘Londonderry Air’ in 1913.

The musical genre is ‘Folk Song’.  There are a few variations to the lyrics and various theories to the meaning. Whatever it means to you personally I hope that you enjoy my performance.

Art is Calling For Me (I want to be a Prima Donna) is from the Broadway Comic Opera ‘The Enchantress’ (Victor Herbert / Harry B Smith).  First performed in 1911 in the New York Theatre, New York.  The style of the piece is ‘Romantic’.

I absolutely love this piece of music, I feel it was written for me :)    even though I can only dream of being a Princess.

I would like to thank everyone for their help in selecting which of my two versions of “Art Is Calling For Me”.  The first performance received 3844 votes and the second received 1828 votes.  I will leave both recordings in my original post  ( Link ) .

Per la Gloria d’adorarvi   is an aria from the opera Griselda by Giovanni Bononcini and is probably one of the best known from the opera.  I hope that you enjoy the performance :)

Freundliche Vision

I chose to sing two Lieder composed by Richard Strauss (1864 – 1949 ) “Zueignung” and “Freundliche Vision” for my entry into the Kathleen Ferrier Bursary competition in November 2013. Here is a video of my performance of “Freundliche Vision” (A Pleasant Vision) from the final round.

The strong lyrical melodies and the rich harmonies within this song made it a joy to perform.  To perform Lieder well you need to have a seamless relationship between piano and voice, the piano does far more than accompaniment, it forms an equal partnership with the voice and the skill of the pianist is very important to how the song is portrayed.  The accompanist in this performance was a talented RCS student from Romania, George Todica, and I hope you enjoy our version.

Antonin Dvorak – Rusalka

The Royal Opera House’s article says “Rusalka is an opera about singing.  Or rather, what happens when you cannot sing”.  It echoes the story of The Little Mermaid.  I loved Disney’s ‘Ariel (The Little Mermaid)’ as a child.  I enjoy singing the aria ‘Song to the Moon’ even more.  This aria comes at the start of the story as Rusalka, a water nymph, sings to the moon.  It is a plea to the moon to reveal her love to the Prince.  Rusalka gives up her voice to be united with the Prince, but he is put off because she cannot say a word and he accepts the hand of a Foreign Princess.  The witch Jezibaba’s curse is for Rusalka to live in the depths of the lake forever.

I sing this aria in Czech which makes it even more beautiful as I have to demonstrate the intense feeling to my English speaking audiences.   Classical Music says “Rusalka is the most popular Czech opera in circulation.

Christopher Bruce – Set Dance 2012 –  I have found a recording of me dancing my set piece for my A level dance pre-exam performance evening, it’s not a great copy but I have posted it for anyone who wishes to have look 🙂  I had broken my right foot 12 weeks before this evening and had only been able to learn the dance choreography and get my strength back for four weeks, so I had my Dad record it so that I could see where I needed to concentrate my efforts on improving before my exam.  But it will give you an idea of the contemporary dance that I studied at school and college.

327 thoughts on “My Performances ( Videos & Audio )

  1. Dear Charlotte,
    I cannot imagine what led you to follow my blog, but your talent is incredible. How can I help? I have a nephew at the Conservatory in SanFrancisco, but do you have CD’s?
    My sister has been a folk singer all of her life after attending Interlochen Arts Academy. I will follow you and hope I can be of help in some small way! Thank you! Your voice is priceless and your talent prodigious! Blessings, peace and gratitude – J.

    1. Hi Janet, I have found visiting blogs and reading about peoples experiences, expectations, ups and downs help me understand our world and the people in it a little better.

      I love that people visit me here and pass on their words of encouragement and support. By dropping by when you can you will be helping me tremendously and you will always be most welcome 🙂

      Best wishes

  2. Hello Charlotte,

    Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. You have an amazing talent. Your singing is beautiful and the dance video is quite good as well. I hope your dreams will come true.

  3. Thank you for following my blog. Singing is only small part of my subject matter but the real reason for my writing today is that I was thrilled to listen to you singing in Tideswell Church. I am a Derbyshire-born Brit now living in Melbourne, Australia. My grandmother lived in Bakewell etc. Last time I was in Derbyshire was in summer 2011 when I visited several well dressings!

    1. I’m really happy they brought back these lovely memories for you. I’m in Grindleford near Derby next Saturday singing five songs for a remembrance event called Autumn Leaves they are raising funds for the local church roof.
      Best wishes

  4. Dear Charlotte, thanks for following my blog. I have to say that your singing is beautiful. And the way you carry yourself on stage is absolutely lovely and contagious. It is gripping to watch how your face changes with the different emotions you sing about (feel?). Your love of music really comes out. I have a half uncle, who is an opera singer, a few relatives who are musicians, and as a child my grandma always brought me to the opera (I didn’t cooperate at the time, but now I go willingly). So your blog is one I definitely want to follow. I am curious how an opera singer comes to be. Keep up the good work! You have it in you!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I don’t have any musicians in my family so I’m a groundbreaker ;). It’s fabulous bringing this music to my families attention. I need to get them to love it so they’ll all come to watch me 😉
      Best wishes

  5. Love your voice Charlotte. You have been blessed with a lovely family who have been an encouragement to you. And I see you are a young lady of many talents. I particularly enjoy the theatre, musicals, and operas. Thank you for your visit and will be following your blog too! Best wishes.

    1. Hi Elaine, I love that piece too, I’ve been shown a nine year old singing the song on a talent show by a blogger chum, Uncle Spike, I’ve been advised this is a tough song for someone of my age so I best pick up my game 😉
      Best wishes

  6. Like someone else who commented, I’m astounded (and humbled) that you followed my blog, but I’m so glad you did because it gave me a chance to hear you sing! What a precious gift you have–and you are using it to bless others!

    1. Thank you for visiting and your lovely comments. I love your dolls house, I have one at home and used to play with it all the time which required a lot of fine glueing by my parents.
      Best wishes

  7. Hi Charlotte, thanks for the follow!
    I have just listened to some of your recordings – a real treat as I sit in my self-imposed isolation at a writers retreat and work on my art – writing! Your talent I am sure comes after many hours of practice. So, you inspire me!
    You’ve done a beautiful rendition of Danny Boy. The older I get, the more meaningful that song is to me. I wrote about it at sublimeday in 2012.
    Your voice is a gift that should be heard around the world!
    Best wishes and much success.

    1. Hi Mary, several years ago I read the Hoather family tree that my Great Uncle Alf put together in New Zealand it was fascinating with Irish connections and very large families. I researched the history of why they left Ireland when they did and based a school project on it, I was commended by the Headmaster after he read it, but it was a very easy project for me because I made a family connection through it.
      Best wishes

  8. Thanks for the follow. I also sing and play in an LA rock band, Revolution Road (On Facebook)…Like your voice (beautiful church too!). Best wishes in your career.

  9. Charlotte: You made me laugh and cry, though maybe not where you think.
    Wonderful work–I played some of these more than once, and put your link on my FB page.
    I’ll post a rose poem on my blog for you. Soon.

    1. Hey Peter and Nia I had a fabulous weekend I was pleased with my performance and was thrilled to get into the final. Just catching up on all my lovely messages.
      Best wishes

  10. Hello Darling!
    Thank you so much for following my blog! After seeing you had, I decided to check yours out, and what I found was most definitely not like anything I had expected! (In a good way, naturally.) You have a gorgeous voice, darling. Do you practice several hours daily?
    I’m in several choirs and things, myself, but I don’t perform anything solo (as of yet), and I definitely do not sound as though I belong in an opera. Beautiful job on your rendition of O Mio Bobbino Caro, that’s always been a favorite of mine. Keep singing! Once again, Merci a la follow.


    1. Hi Nicole practise duration varies depending on the day and what I need to practise. Sometimes the practise is vocal and sometimes more focused on words or historic style. Plus as a young singer it’s better to focus on intelligent short practise sessions than clocking hours xxxx

      Thanks for visiting and your lovely comments.

      All the best

  11. It’s nice to have a little opera (not to be confused with an operetta) appear in my day. I don’t get to hear it often enough.


    1. Hi Mark, thank you I want to get more people interested in this beautiful music. If George and I can record our Ferrier repertoire next week I’ll blog it 😉
      Best wishes

  12. Wow you have a great voice. Its very powerful indeed, I’m very sure that you are going to make it as a singer! 🙂 I always like seeing new talent and I find your singing very refreshing. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Thank you for following my blog.

  13. Absolutely beautiful! Your voice is angelic and powerful! Good luck to you in your career and thanks for following my blog. Writing must seem boring to you, but I am a musician, too.

  14. Thanks for the follow and the opportunity to look into your world. You possess a beautiful voice and are quite expressive. May your talent take you to places you’ve always dreamed of and continue to provide to you the utmost joy and happiness. I’ll keep an eye on our future posts and performances. Cheers!

  15. Thank you for following my blog, Charlotte. I will return the favor! Your singing is beautiful…I especially enjoyed O Mio Babbino Caro!

  16. Hi Charlotte! I dropped by in response to your following my blog (thanks very much, by the way!) and I was surprised to find such a marvellous soprano! My mother, also a soprano, used to sing O Mio Babbino Caro, but in English. It was a regular in her repertoire, and unsurprisingly reduced my grandfather to tears on a regular basis. It’s wonderful to hear it sung so beautifully! Thank you!

  17. Hello there Charlotte. Thanks for your visit to Diary of an Internet Nobody, hope you find more to interest you there.
    It would be disingenuous of me in the extreme to claim to be an opera fan, but that doesn’t prevent me from recognising an exceptional talent, which you clearly have in spades.
    I admire your attitude and ambition and I hope you achieve all your dreams.

  18. Hey thanks for your visit to my blog. I’m with the Dale fellow who posted above, don’t know much about opera, but your voice is very impressive. Hope you have lots of success.

  19. Hey Charlotte, thanks for stopping by my blog. It was wonderful to hear you singing in such a beautiful space. You have been blessed with a talent that will enable you to convey the joy and energy of music and dance to so many appreciative and supportive audiences over the course of your career. Best wishes to you in the short term with your recovery as well as in the approaching new year…

  20. Wow, you have such a beautiful and amazing voice! I don’t know why you would follow my blog but I’m humbled, Thank you. I look forward in viewing more of your perfomances and writing 🙂

  21. Thank you, dear Charlotte, for following Marian’s Art Studio. I am overjoyed that you like my watercolor painting. The best of luck with your singing career. Your face expresses such joy when you sing. I know you will be a great success.

  22. Encore! Absolutley wonderful. O Mio Babbino Caro is one of my favorites. Most favorite? The second aria of the Queen of the Night in the Magic Flute (when she loses her daughter). Dianne

    PS Thanks for sharing these songs.

  23. Just noticed you started following my author blog where I babble about my stories of rock musician misfits and their adventures. Watched some of your videos – lovely voice! Thanks for sharing and will follow you back. We’re all taking unusual directions away from the “mundane path” so the thicker the web of support the better!

  24. My dear! – you have a career ahead of you, without doubt. I’m an opera aficionado – one of those introduced to it by the incomparable Plácido Domingo (whom I’ve met!) – who does not profess to be any kind of expert, but merely someone who loves the art. I look forward to being here behind you as you progress, Charlotte; and I feel strongly that one day long into the future you will be able to sing “Vissi d’arte” and mean it.

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