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Tonight I had intended to put up a post about my visit to the Opera National de Paris and provide a little back story for you but that has been put on hold temporarily 🙂

Why? you may ask, well as you know I find it very hard to resist a challenge, particularly one from one of my oldest friends Oscar White especially as he immersed himself in a bath full of freezing cold water for his ALS ice bucket challenge, he always was over the top lol.  So when I finished my singing practise tonight and Dad finally found some ice (as everywhere was sold out!) I got changed and decided to give it a go.


The ice bucket challenge, social media’s latest craze, is designed to raise money and awareness for the neurodegenerative illness ALS.  In an official letter this week, the ALS Association said: “Never before have been in a better position to fuel our fight against this disease. Increased awareness and unprecedented financial support will enable us to think outside the box.”

What is ALS?

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis affects the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons degenerate and die which makes it increasingly difficult to move muscles.

When muscles aren’t used enough, they stop working. Sufferers begin to feel weak, especially in their arms, legs, and during speech, swallowing and breathing. As muscle tissue atrophies, limbs start to get smaller. In the later stages of the illness, patients may become totally paralysed.

There is no known cause of ALS, though there is a proven hereditary factor in some cases. In about 90 per cent of cases, nobody knows how or why the illness struck. There is also no known cure, though the millions being raised by the ALS association will go towards researching these great unknowns.

In the UK the illness is often referred to as motor neurone disease (MND), and the leading organisation is the Motor Neurone Disease Association. MacMillan Cancer Support are also taking donations.

In the US it is sometimes known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, named after the all-time great baseball player from the early 20th Century whose time at the top ended when he was stricken with the illness in 1939.

You can donate at The ALS Association