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Last Thursday ( 10th September ) I had the pleasure to help out a friend, the very talented Yigit Mert Sengun. He has just opened his own boutique called Le Nozze Boutique, designing and selling spectacular corsets and fabulous special occasion and wedding dresses.


Me and Yigit Mert Sengun

I was so excited when I was asked to participate in the photo shoot, what an opportunity to try on so many gorgeous outfits whilst helping out a friend at the same time. The shoot was to start at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and as the time approached my excitement grew, I couldn’t wait to get down there and see his designs and try them on for the first time.


He invited me to pick which corsets I would like to try on, along with his favourite ones. Each one was special in its own specific way, from sumptuous satin to streams of sparkles I felt like a Princess.


The outfits were surprisingly comfy to wear as the fabric on the inside was soft on the skin, the designs allowed each garment to be pulled in to my exact shape which still left me with plenty of room to breathe and move. Which I wasn’t expecting from stories that I had read about the olden day corsets.


I first met the designer, Mert, at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, when he too was learning how to sing operatically. As we both had the same teacher we often met and exchanged stories, talking about our dreams over cups of tea. It was lovely to take a step into his store and be a part of his dream, to see his vision taking shape and to listen to the enthusiasm about his future plans.


The pictures were taken by my beautiful friend Olga Ivakina, who is also a trainee classical soprano. We worked inside and out, which created some hilarious moments as I walked out in these marvellous dresses and had to pose as people were walking and driving past in Glasgow city centre. It was lots of fun. I certainly know what I’m asking Santa for this Christmas!


So if you find yourself in Glasgow and are looking for something special or and a little different to wear then I can recommend a visit to this beautiful shop “Le Nozze Boutique” at 32 St Andrews Street, Glasgow, G1 5PD.


For some reason photographers love capturing me in mid-laugh like this last shot!