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Before starting my post today I would just like to say that following the earthquake in Nepal that everyone affected will be in my prayers.  if you are in the UK it is possible to help by texting DONATE5 To 70008 to give £5.00 #NepalEarthQuake @SaveChildrenUK or you can donate directly through Save the Children on their website


 I was recently asked if I would present a 20 x 20 second slide PechaKucha (Japanese for ‘chatter’) session on my experience of using technology alongside my music degree.   The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images.



It doesn’t sound much 20 seconds speech per slide does it, until I timed myself, it’s not just one sentence per slide!  However, the whole point of this simple presentation form is so that you don’t waffle.  The conference is on the 5th May and is organised by the National Association for Music in Higher Education.

There will be seven students from a range of institutions and I’m the second student to speak.  I was excited about the opportunity and have been putting the slides together trying to finalise them this weekend so the lead tutor can have a look. I keep reminding myself PechaKucha nights are often held in bars and are a ‘FUN’ activity, then I noticed we’re on just after the tea and coffee break at 11:15!

I read that the key is to present something you love and I do love my music and sharing it with all of you so… this space.  What can go wrong in 6 minutes 40 seconds right? I think I’ll wear pink so psychologically they’re not expected much from a stereotypical blonde wearing pink and if all else fails I could always burst into song.

If any of you have done one of these presentations or have any advice, even if you’ve only experience of being in the audience at such an event, I’d be very grateful for your thoughts. For example, is it acceptable to glance at 20 cards as I go along or should I try and memorise them?


I was vocally tired after a busy three weeks so finalising my end of year reflection essay due in Monday and preparations for this conference forced me to take a bit of a break from singing practise.


The weather has been so good in Glasgow recently that I took the opportunity to go to an international food market with my flat mate Rob today, we were inspired to make a paella, a first for me both to eat and to cook.  It was delicious this is just a bowl of leftovers.



With so much fresh produce on offer I just had to try my hand at something for pudding  🙂  So I whipped up a lemon meringue pie.





The food pictures are getting better don’t you think hahaha 🙂