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Traveling Home for Christmas

December 23, 2018 — 72 Comments

My Friend Victoria Thomasch and Me

Recently I met up with my friend Victoria Thomasch who was over from New York to audition in London.  We had a great time afterward as I showed her some of the sites around London.  Of course, we had to call in at the Opera House and as she is a keen Harry Potter fan we managed to get a few pictures for her scrapbook at Platform 9 ¾, Kings Cross station.  I finished the week with a  performance for Surrey Opera in their Gala Christmas Fund Raiser which I believe was a great success for them.




Tonight, I will be sat in the living room of my family home, the winter fire dancing, and flickering whilst I’m snuggled under my blanket ready for some cosy restful days ahead over the Christmas break. We have always loved to celebrate Christmas as a time for family in our home, my parents go to such a lot of trouble to dress the house and plan fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. I love this time of year, as I get to see my family and friends, play games, and create crafty designs with my Mum.


My older brother Matt has brought home some of his favourite board games to play. A family favourite is Telestrations, a drawing game that is similar to Chinese whispers, each player has a booklet, you have to draw a miscellaneous object from a mystery card, then pass it on around the other players, the next player has to say what they think the object is from your image. This pattern continues around the group and you have to hope that by the end of the game, the object is the same as the beginning. It’s always funny to see how a word can evolve into something entirely different, and in our family, the drawings can be quite hilarious! I really recommend it!

This afternoon my Mum and I played some Christmas songs to set a festive atmosphere. Then we created some Christmas cards ready to send to our friends next year. I love this activity as you can always use glitter and sparkle this time of year!

How do you spend your Christmas holiday?

I want to wish everyone a fabulous festive break where ever you are in the world and I hope that you have a fantastic time, filled with love, relaxation, and delicious food.

A Magical Holiday

December 27, 2015 — 91 Comments


I do hope that your Christmas was as enjoyable as mine and that you had a fantastic time.  I love to spend the holidays with my family and friends, meals together, relaxing afterwards, playing games, laughing and enjoying the moment.

One thing though is always guaranteed, that you never quite know what is going to happen next.  This year has been no different, following our trip to the Harry Potter studios my brother Matt was inspired to put together a party for his friends when he returns to London based on the “Harry Potter” stories. As anyone who knows Matt will tell you when he decides to organise a party with a theme then he goes all out to make it as fun as possible for everyone.  He loves games but there is one thing that he loves more, organising games 🙂  So this year as part of the theme he wanted to make wands for everyone who is coming so that they can get into character and enjoy all the other little ideas that he has planned.  But I am not saying what as that would spoil the surprise.Back to the wands, Matt searched around craft shops in Glasgow when he came to watch me last weekend and found what he needed for the project.  Some dowling for the wand stems; glue, for Mum’s glue gun, to add texture and shape; paint to add a little realism and to all this we added a sprinkle of imagination.

Once we were all back home one of his friends from university, Ali came around and we all got together to set the plan into motion. It took a lot longer than we expected but it was great to see the wands start to take shape.





On day two it was Matt, my Mum and me who got stuck in and finished off the shaping of the wands, applied the first coat of paint and then left them to dry.




Then yesterday we finished off the second coat of paint, added some extra detail and a few embellishments and then we had to take them to the garage to apply the fixative ( too many fumes for the house ).

This morning before we went out for a walk we took photos of the wands which I have added to the post and we love to know which you’d choose.

Maybe you could help with some names for the wands or character names for those who you think would use them.


Number 1


Number 2


Number 3


Number 4


Number 5


Number 6


Number 7


Number 8


Number 9


Number 10


Number 11


Number 12


Number 13


Number 14


Number 15


Number 16


Number 17


Number 18


Number 19


Matt, Me and Tom getting into character

Well the New Year is approaching fast and I hope that you all have a wonderful time and that 2016 brings you everything that you wish for 🙂