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Bonfire Night

November 5, 2014 — 38 Comments


For 400 years, bonfires have burned on the 5th November to mark the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605, to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King James, the first King of Great Britain, with 36 barrels of gunpowder. Soon afterwards the use of fireworks were added to the celebrations.

Old Palace

The Original Westminster Palace

An Act of Parliament was passed to appoint the 5th November as a day of thanksgiving for ‘the joy of deliverance’ 
Preparations for Bonfire Night include making a dummy of Guy Fawkes, which is called ‘the Guy’ and children used to ask for 1p for the Guy to use the money to buy fireworks.


The Original Conspirators

There is a well known rhyme to accompany the day: Remember, Remember! The 5th of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot, I see no reason, why the gunpowder treason, Should ever be forgot!

Bonfire or Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated all over the UK. In recent years it is becoming more popular at organised events rather than home bonfires and fireworks mainly because of all the accidents and incidents and the strain it often puts on the Fire Service, who advice people now to ensure a safer, enjoyable evening.

On the night itself, the Guy is put on the top of the bonfire that is then set alight, fireworks fill the sky and in the region I’m from people eat; creamy tomato soup; jacket potatoes with cheese melted inside; sausage rolls; fruity red cabbage; toffee apples; toad in the hole; or hot sausages and fried onions in a bun.

It’s often very chilly, and as the night draws in around 5pm to 5:30pm it’s very dark which is perfect for the early firework displays.


Westminster Palace As We Know It Today Following The Fire Of 1834 Which Destroyed The Original Home Of Parliament.

Well I am off out now to our local organised bonfire display so I hope there are some great snacks on sale 🙂