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Dancing An Hour Away

April 13, 2014 — 67 Comments

This is me with my serious face

You know what it’s like when you have to set yourself a goal and no matter what you do it just isn’t getting any closer ? Well after three days working on my compositions for College I was at that point tonight, where I needed to clear my head and take a break.

I find that if I face a difficult challenge, a good place to start is by breaking the problem into smaller tasks that are each achievable, (hopefully). But what happens when the path you’re on needs to change direction and suddenly the method you tried doesn’t work? I think sometimes it is good to take a break and return with fresh eyes.

So tonight I switched off my computer, put down my pencil and decided that if I was going finish off my compositions I needed a little fun and relaxation first. So I invited myself along to my Mum and Dad’s dance class. We started doing ballroom and Latin dancing when I was about eleven or twelve. My Mum wanted something that we could all do as a family so she found a dance school that we could all start together as beginners and have a little bit of family fun together.

The fabulous dance teacher is called Amanda Kirkby and her school is Northwich Dance Company

So tonight I joined them for their lesson and as my brother had a dance partner I was taken through my paces by Amanda.  My parents have been learning six sequence dances and I decided to give each one a go.  They were tremendous fun to learn and all my years of dance lessons from ballet to contemporary helped me remember the steps and fix the routines in my head to the beat of the music, although my dad said it wasn’t fair as it took him weeks to learn them all and he still forgets the odd step here and there 🙂


Amanda presenting me with my Ballroom Silver medal awards in November 2010.


IDTA Northwest Ballroom & Latin Newcomers Competition – Oct 2011 – First Place In Latin Under 21s – Charlotte Hoather

At the end of the lesson I felt energised and although tired it has given me the boost I needed to continue with my compositions and push on to the end of my chosen path.

Here are the dances that we learnt along with videos which will give you a flavour of the evening. Unfortunately these are not from our lessons but from another school of dance that has published them on YouTube.

Sweetheart Waltz

Mayfair Quickstep

Tina Tango

Saunter Together

Queen Of Hearts Rumba

Midnight Jive