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Concert Rehearsal

July 30, 2014 — 31 Comments

I missed putting a post out on Sunday as I was cherishing a little family time and catching up with my Mum and Dad. My parents always tell me that they can tell when I’m back home, as the laundry has a pink wash 🙂

I soon got back into my routine as I returned to work on Monday and managed to sort out my evening schedule to fit in my singing practice, yoga and make some time to catch up with all my friends on my blog and social media to relax.

Today I had arranged to take a couple of hours off work to meet with Christopher Ellis, the principal accompanist and assistant Director of Music for the Tideswell Male Voice Choir, to go over some of my songs for the concert at Gawsworth Hall on Sunday 10th August. Following the success of their concert at Gawsworth Hall last year the choir is to perform their medley of songs from the musical “Les Miserables” in the second half in which I will be singing Eponine’s songs.


Christopher Ellis and Me

The concert is also to include some new songs from the choir and solo performances from Madeleine Osborne, Erin Alexander, Kieron-Connor Valentine, Matthew Mellor, Phil Rigley and myself. I will be performing two songs from “The Phantom Of The Opera” “Think Of Me” and “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”. To add a little more atmosphere to the concert this year percussionist Derrick McGill will be joining us and I am looking forward to listening to his suggestions and working with him and Chris on the musical arrangements.


My Good Friend Erin Alexander, Christopher Ellis and Me

The rehearsal went brilliantly and it was great to catch up with Chris. He is a fabulous pianist and I appreciate his creative and imaginative input whilst rehearsing, as it enables me to add a little sparkle to the songs ready for the performance. The time flew by and it was not long before I had to return to work. I hope the choir rehearsal in the evening went well also. I can’t wait to see all the choir and soloists again, I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone in the pre-show rehearsals at Gawsworth Hall 🙂


Back At Work This Afternoon


I am looking forward to returning to Rochdale in Lancashire again this summer to perform in a lunch time recital with Russell Lomas. I love to perform in these recitals and I get a lovely warm reception from the audiences who attend. I have several others in the diary for over the summer break and will keep you all informed during the coming weeks.

One of the songs that I have been working on this year is “Endless Pleasure, Endless Love” from Handel’s opera Semele.  I was beautifully accompanied on the piano here by Russell Lomas in Warrington.

One date to keep free if you are in the Cheshire area is Sunday August the 10th. I have been asked, along with four other soloists, to join the Tideswell Male Voice Choir again this year for their Gawsworth Hall summer spectacular. Dennis Kay has asked me to sing two new songs from “The Phantom of The Opera” during the first half of the show and then perform the songs that I sang last year from “Les Miserables” in the second half.

It is a wonderful venue with large open gardens which make a beautiful backdrop for an afternoon picnic before the show starts at 18:30 pm. Having attended school in Knutsford, Cheshire I love to perform here as it is close enough to bump into old friends and catch up with them 🙂

If you want to book tickets they are available on Gawsworth Hall Website


Eye on the Target

April 16, 2014 — 62 Comments


This evening I had the fabulous opportunity to meet up with Dennis and Helen Kay TMVC , who are like my extended family 🙂 from the Tideswell Male Voice Choir. It was a delight to catch up with them and discuss future concepts as well as musical issues and the effect on the wider community.

Their new CD, which I had the fabulous opportunity to be included on, can now be bought off ITunes and Amazon. I am really happy with the quality of the recordings and it is a fabulous way to hear the collaboration of the choir and soloists and support this choir who help to raise such a lot of money for charity as well as giving opportunities to young aspiring artists.


CD Cover


Recorded with the TMVC on Sunday 16th February 2014, Derbyshire.

However the focus for my blog article this evening was inspired by Dennis advising me to ‘Sing for your Target audience’. This caused me wonder ‘What do the audience want?’ ‘What would they like to hear?’ For me, the most thrilling feeling I achieve from performing is experiencing an audience who are transported with me to a new world. The energy is so uplifting and I feel that If I pick repertoire that people can connect with I will be able to achieve this feeling more often.

So, I would love to know what pieces you enjoy listening to most from particular genres such as ‘Operatic, Musical Theatre, Pop/Easy listening, Jazz, etc’. I will then suggest these to my singing teacher and friends who will then help me to choose some pieces that suit my voice to add to my repertoire.  In this way by having a better understanding of the different audiences that I will be performing to I can choose songs from my repertoire that will allow me to give a performance that they can enjoy and  allow me to connect with them.

On November the 8th and 9th I am performing in two Remembrance concerts with TMVC and I have been tasked with researching into Wartime classics and pieces that encapsulate the theme of remembrance. I would love to hear your suggestions, and if you can attach YouTube clips that would be super fabulous! Personally I was thinking of ‘Danny Boy’, ‘We’ll meet again?’ or some Doris Day songs such as ‘Secret Love’. But I’m also intrigued into positive war songs, something that remembers the courage of our Heroes and Heroins.

I will still be cheeky however and perform a piece that has a connection with my life and the journey I am taking as a singer in training.