Inter-Collaborative Practice 29th March 2013


RCS introduced their inter-collaborative practise module this past term.  I worked in a team of ten students from all the range of studies at the Conservatoire including: ballet, jazz, drama, B.Ed., production, art and design, Scottish music, just to name a few.  On the last day of term we performed a ten minute piece on ‘Article 19 of the declaration of Human Rights – everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression’.  We had to plan, create, and risk assess within three days with a final performance to the other groups of students and a panel of assessors including the programme creator Professor Maggie Kinloch the Vice Principal.

Each student had to bring their skills and ideas to the table, which created constructive debates, collaboration in order to create a catalyst of ideas, and an opportunity to learn from talented students from other disciplines in the Conservatoire.

Unfortunately I picked up a bad cold that was doing the rounds and in order to preserve my voice instead of singing I asked if I could quickly choreograph a contemporary dance based around a combined idea to represent freedom of expression through movement along with music and animation selected by the group.

Charlotte McGuinness (drama) was the focal point for me as the dancer, see photo of Charlotte above.


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