They say that victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat…


From the MCFC website “They say that victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat…

My Dad and brothers went to the FA Cup Final on Saturday it was a big treat for my youngest brother Tom as his birthday is 31st May and obviously they were hoping for a win to celebrate on Saturday.  Sadly it wasn’t to be, my Dad chose James Milner as his City player of the match, I was told the Latics wanted it more and played a blinder so well done to Wigan.

One last note though, like the players on the day my family travelled by train, however, the journey back was fraught with problems with fans left behind after the match as the weather worsened, unable to even getting standing room on the limited trains back up North.  Come on Virgin you knew how many fans you’d taken down there during the day and that they’d all need to get home.  The fans along side local residents were left outside Wembley Central station queuing in the pouring rain, men, women and children but they all stayed good natured and considering the conditions, the only protests were to try and get the women and children under cover and out of the torrential rain.  But even these requests were turned down by the people in charge.

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  1. I sympathise with your family’s travelling problems (if not their disappointment), but sadly this is all we can expect from Cup Finals in future. Everybody knew that the kick-off time was an absolute disaster for the travelling fans, but no-one gave a damn.

    A revolution is needed.But we won’t get one.

  2. I had trouble getting back last year – it’s because the FA have given in to Sky and put the kick off times back to times when Northern travellers would find it difficult if not impossible to get home. I’d love to go to Wembley again but I can’t afford an overnight stay London.

    Like your blog by the way.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate your comments and I agree that they should either limit the kick off times when Northern clubs are involved but as that is unlikely because of the power of the T.V. stations that cover the matches as you have so rightly pointed out. They could work with the train Companies to extend the timetables on the day of a final to accommodate all the loyal fans that just want to celebrate the day and enjoy the football.

      Best wishes

  3. It seems that there are always things which leave a bitter taste when it comes to football, said the girl from Marseille, France, who was horrified to see that the celebration for Paris Saint-Germain’s championship victory (Long Live David Beckham !) ended in street riots … Anyway, thank you so much for the follow ! I hope that your dad and brothers will have better travelling conditions next time !

  4. Nice reading about you Charlotte Hoather

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

    1. Hi Ajaytao, I found that whilst I was reading through your thoughts and looking at the pictures on your blog that I was both saddened ay your predicament but at the same time uplifted by your view of the world around you. I wish you all the very best and hope that you do come back and visit with me again soon

      With my kindest wishes.

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