What a day I’ve had today !

June 2, 2013 — 10 Comments


What a day I’ve had today!  Yesterday, the City Centre of Glasgow was packed with people it was the Coronation Parade and such a nice day so there was quite a crowd.  I was walking up to the Conservatoire to prepare my music for my new repertoire when I turned my foot over in a pothole in the pavement, it was so painful I nearly cried in the street.

I limped the last five minutes up to college, copied my new songs and limped back.  I’m three and a half hours away from home but I called my parents for advice; they said “rest and elevate my foot, use a cold compress on and off until the swelling goes down and if it bruises maybe a trip to accident and emergency”!  Yikes.  I read through my blog and answered a couple of comments and rested up for the night.

This morning, I struggled to walk to the shop to get milk it took me ages, so I hobbled to Boots the Chemist to get some advice and maybe a tubular bandage.  I explained that I broke the same foot just over a year ago so they gave me the NHS Direct telephone number to contact for advice.  The guy on the phone said that he had booked me in for an X-ray at 14:00 pm.  I then called a taxi to take me and what a fabulous taxi driver he was, he even carried me inside and made sure I was ok.  I used up most of the charge in my phone listening to the songs I’m learning to help kill some time while I was waiting, it was so boring waiting around!  I finally got an X-ray at 17:30pm and got another fabulous taxi driver that helped me home, taking me up to my front door.  At- 18:30 finally got my feet up with a takeaway Chinese which they delivered.  That’s one great thing about being in Glasgow the people here are so friendly and helpful.

Panic over, it was a sprain but there was a lot of pain on the 4th metatarsal which I broke a year ago just before Christmas so I need to get my Air Cast SP Walker boot sent up from home to wear so I can march around taking the pressure off and try to get it right for Italy!  I called my friends for some sympathy and a couple came over for a cuddle.  Phew, I’m just so thankful it wasn’t broken again!  I had wedge shoes on – they’re going into the recycle box 🙁   I must report that hole too it needs fixing.

10 responses to What a day I’ve had today !


    Oh, I sympathise with you Charlotte! I have a weak left ankle that I’ve turned over maybe a dozen times, and which is currently tingling in empathy at the mere thought.

    I hope it clears up very quickly for you, and good on that taxi driver too!


    Much sympathy. I get so frustrated when necessary bits of me won’t function properly and I can’t get on with my work/play.


    Ouch… that must have hurt. Luckily only a sprain. Amazing taxi drivers 😀


    OMG. Lucky you.
    And you got a great blog. Keep it up


    Thank you for sharing Charlotte. Such a wonderful post about compassion. Really appreciate your like and for following poetrycottage.


      Thank you for dropping by and reading through some of my posts and the comments left by others. I was so taken with the attitude of both taxi drivers and was thankful for their assistance.

      Please come back again soon

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