My first recordings in the RCS studio

June 3, 2013 — 99 Comments


I managed to get a selection of songs recorded on Sunday before having to go up to hospital for my X-ray. Here are the first two and I hope that you like them.  To play them just select the song title using the media player on the right hand sidebar 🙂  ( if you are using a smart phone the player will be under the post ).

The first is a favourite song of mine “Widmung” written by Robert Schumann which can be translated to mean “Dedication” and is based around a poem written by Friedrich Ruckert.  Schumann composed this song as one of five songs created as a song cycle and presented as a gift to his wife to be, Clara Wieck.

The lyrics of the song provide the means for Schumann to capture the way that Clara made him feel.  He expresses that Clara is his peace, angel, repose, rapture, heart, soul, grave for sorrows, better self and his heaven. A truly beautiful lieder and I hope that I do it justice.

The second song is “Per la Gloria d’adorarvi” written by Giovanni Bononcini from his opera, Griselda. The song’s title translates too “For the glory of adoring you” and is sung by the character Ernesto at the point that he thinks he is to lose the love of his life, Almirena, to the king.  This arrangement is for a soprano and was a lovely song to work on with my teacher, Kath.

By the way Kath if you are listening to these recordings please remember that I was singing through the pain barrier because of my poorly foot 🙁

Many thanks to my good friend Danielle DiDonato who accompanied me brilliantly on these songs.  Sadly she flies home to the USA this week and I would like to wish her every success for the future.

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    Fantastic and beautiful. Thank You and God bless you always!


    I know nothing about singing, so I have a question. What’s a pain barrier?


      Hi Charles, I think I should have been a little clearer in my post, I was due to attend hospital later that day for an x-ray on my foot. I damaged it the day before, but this was the only studio time I could get before the end of term and I just did no want to cancel. So sorry for any confusion 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by though and I hope that you enjoyed the recordings.

      Best wishes


    Wow! *Wonderful* singing, I love your voice. Kudos to you and your teacher both–excellent technique, breath support is clearly strong, well done! I’ve heard these two pieces hundreds of times, and these performances are a pleasure.
    Looking at your pictures, I had figured you as an ‘ingenue’ type, such as Zerlina from Mozart’s Don Giovanni. I was expecting lyric coloratura.
    But you sound more to me here like a young true lyric soprano. If you and your teacher have discussed ‘Fach’ (German term for vocal category), I’d be interested in hearing what your conclusions are so far.


      Thanks for listening to my singing and for your lovely comment it is very much appreciated 🙂

      Kath ( my teacher ) has been helping me with improving my basic technique during my first year at the RCS and I am enjoying finding out more about my voice under her guidance. My voice is still very young and as such it is constantly changing with everyday.

      When I first started here at the RCS some of my teachers thought that my voice was a mezzo soprano because of my vocal tone. However my voice may develop into a full soprano as I progress through my training and improve my technique.

      I am currently working on early coloratura with an emphasis on improving my vocal flexibility.

      My very best wishes


    Your voice is sublime…you definitely do justice to these beautiful songs..infact more than justice. listening to you is like hearing an angel singing, literally…gave me goosebumps!! 🙂


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    Very lovely. I used to study music and I always appreciate those who are going for the dream.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!


    You have a wonderful voice!


      Thank you, and thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I hope that you enjoyed the songs and will come back again soon.

      Best wishes


    I listened to Widmung for a while, I must say you sound like a professional opera singer.


      I am so pleased that you enjoyed the song Tim. My dream is to one day become a professional opera singer but at thee moment I have a long journey in front of me and relish the challenge 🙂 I do hope that you come back and see how I am progressing whenever you get the chance.

      Best wishes


    too good.. loved it though I dint understand any of it..


      Thanks for listening, the challenge with singing in a foreign language is in portraying the emotion and the sentiment of the song and this is something that I am working hard to improve. So I am glad that you enjoyed the performance.

      Best wishes and keep on exploring 🙂


    Oh so beautiful! You have a wonderful voice Charlotte! And you sing so well. I enjoyed listening to both pieces very much! Reminded me of my music school years when we listened to classical music a lot 🙂


      Thank you Elina and I am so glad that you enjoyed the songs as it was a great experience for me to record them, if you don’t mind me asking where did you go to music school?

      Best wishes


        In Estonia in Tallinn. A basic level children’s music school (7 years). I played the violin. I enjoyed the studies but felt that I would still want to do something else for living so I concentrated on other studies after that. My sister continued and is a professional violin player now. Plays in a symphony orchestra. Our whole family is very musical… and my own kids seem to be as well 🙂

        Thank you for asking 🙂


        Thanks Elina, none of my family are very musical. They love to listen and enjoy to watch the festivals that I compete in but can never quite understand where my passion for singing came from 🙂

        Have a great day.


    Am really enjoying these. I dream for you that this is the beginning of a lovely career in opera.


      Thanks for coming back and listening to these songs Hilary. I know that it will take many years of practice and dedication to reach the standard that I dream of, but I know that it will be an enjoyable and exciting experience.

      With my very best wishes.


    absolutely fabulous Charlotte, well done. I’ve really enjoyed listening to your beautiful voice again. x


    Wow..congratulation on your achievement!


    Awesome and good luck. Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the follow.


    A wonderful recording! Thank you for sharing it with us and for the background information on “Widmung”.


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    My word. Listen to this young lady sing. She is amazing


    you have a beautiful voice Charlotte. Your voice is strong and pure. I wish you much success with your continuing career.


    Your voice is beautiful, if you ever sing part of the Flower Duet (my favourite) please let me know 🙂


      I really enjoy performing this song as part of a duet but unfortunately I do not have a recording of it yet. If I get the opportunity to post a copy in the future I will let you know.

      Best wishes


    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m fascinated by your chosen interest and wish you success. I hope your foot is ok. All the best to you.


      Thanks Victor, I enjoyed looking through your blog and admiring some of your work. It is beautiful to see what you see. The picture “Tulips” caught my attention and to think that these flowers grow within such a large city. I love the way you spot the beauty within a concrete world.

      Kindest Regards


    Wow, absolutely stunning voice… Very much look forward to hearing so much more in the future.


      Thank you Randall, your comment is very encouraging and I hope to post some more songs from my recording session on to my blog in the coming days. I would love to travel to China when I have finished my studies as the history and culture have always intrigued me. It would be great to perform there one day.

      Best wishes Charlotte


    I will say divine and I will stop … I’m afraid to ruin it.


      Your comment is so sweet and heart warming. I wish you every happiness during the “next 20 years” of your journey and I hope that our paths will cross again soon.

      My very best wishes


    Wow. That is amazing. Thank you so much for the follow. I look forward to hearing more. I hope your foot heals quickly. 🙂


    My new secret vice when im driving in my white van 🙂

    My daughter loves to do “opera” after watching Phantom Of the opera- takes great delight in singing ‘think of me’ and smashing glasses!! will let her listen to your singing, show her how the professionals do it

    Thanks for stopping by and the chance meeting. 😉


      Please tell your daughter that the first two songs that I learned to perform when I first started to practice seriously were “think of me” and “wishing you were somehow here again” so tell her to keep it up 🙂

      Best wishes


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    Fantastic and clear voice and music. Great job Charlotte. I look forward to hearing a complete album.


    I love the soul in your song and the way you narrated it. Congrats 🙂


    Wow, fantastic! Hope your foot gets better and good luck in Wales!


      Hi John, thanks for coming over. I noticed on your blog that you were involved, amongst other things, with logistics ( snap ) that’s what I do over the summer 🙂

      Best wishes


    Wow! What a beautiful voice!!!!!! And the music as well, of course. Thanks also for stopping by my by blog , liking my picture and following me!


    You have a beautiful voice, I wish you every success, I look forward to following your journey!


    You have an amazing voice. Good luck on your musical journey.


    Beautiful voice. I wish you every success. Thanks also for dropping by my blog and following. Much appreciated.
    Good luck for the future.


    You have a lovely voice.


    Hope it is all going well 🙂


      Next week will be my last week at the Conservatoire for my first year and I have had a fabulous time. I have rehearsals every day next week for both my trip to Italy and with Les Sirenes so I must remember to rest my voice in-between.

      Best wishes


    Wow – you have SUCH a beautiful voice! I shall visit more often now that I’ve found your blog. And thank you for visiting me.


      Hi Colette, thanks for such a wonderful comment. When I visited your blog and saw your dolls it reminded me our collaborative piece that we performed this year. I could have done with a few to use on stage 🙂

      Please come back when you can.


    Lovely – all the best with your journey.


      When at school I studied both the performing arts and the creative arts which I enjoyed immensely, so I wish you every success with your time at Art school.

      Come back when you can


    This is really lovely singing. Besides being a visual artist, I taught singing for 8 years. Furthermore, my companion of 24 years is a singer, voice teacher and opera director. I’ve heard these songs many times and you do them well. Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to following yours as well. I hope that you made it to Italy. One of Jim’s students is in Sienna this summer. Please stay in touch!


      Thank you so much Bruce, I enjoyed looking through your blog and getting a glimpse into your world. I hope to travel the world one day whilst performing and do hope that you can find the time to come back again soon.

      Just to be cheeky, if you or your partner have any advice or critiques to offer they would be most welcome 🙂

      My very best wishes


    “like” is not an adequate option for this. we need more response buttons, say, a five button system: love should be an option!!


      Thanks Kimberly, that is such a lovely compliment and very much appreciated. I must read some more of your short stories as I found them compelling.

      Keep up with the great work that you are creating and I hope you get time to drop by again soon.


    You have a beautiful voice Charlotte. I wish you the best of success with your singing career.


      Thanks Jim, Scotland it is a beautiful place to live and work but as a photographer how do find the light affects your work with the shorter days in the winter?

      Best wishes


        It means I can lie in bed longer in the winter, particularly when shooting landscapes, as sunrise, which usually gives the best light, can be as late as 8.30am. Daylight in winter is also softer, as the sun, if we get any, is usually low in the horizon.


        Thanks Jim, you do get some beautiful sunrises here 🙂

        Kindest regards


    Beautiful voice, Charlotte! Wow! Good luck with your journey! I hope you accomplish all your dreams. Thanks for the follow. 🙂


      Thanks Mbuki, your site is inspiring and I will look forward to reading your posts. Good luck with the Argentine Tango, I danced the Tango whilst studying ballroom but I never got to do the Argentine Tango myself :(.

      Let me know how it goes.


    Wow! You have an incredible voice. Best wishes on following your dream. Hope to see you in concert soon.


      Thanks Leo, I hope that you can get to see me in concert soon too 🙂 But realistically it will be a few years before I am likely to get the chance to perform in the USA. Drop by and visit again soon.

      My very best wishes


    So beautiful! You are very talented. I enjoy opera — in Chicago we are blessed to have the Lyric Opera, which attracts world-wide talent.


    What a beautiful, rich voice!

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