School’s out for the summer


Wow, where has the first year at the Conservatoire  gone, it’s flown by.  We had our end of year ball, on Monday 10th June, which was simply fabulous, I don’t go partying much, so I enjoy a big spectacular party with all my friends and the Hilton in Glasgow proved a fantastic location.  Even though I couldn’t boogie-on-down as usual, because my foot was still giving me problems, there was plenty of lively company and a great send off for our academic year.

I had my end of year review the following morning with the Head of Vocals, Stephen Robertson, so I’m still buzzing with excitement with my head full of plans for the Summer and the next academic year.  I went to the swimming pool with a group of friends which was great, but not strenuous enough for me though as I really enjoy my exercise, afterwards we all went out for Pizza 🙂

I’ve always enjoyed school, 6th form college and now studying at the Conservatoire so long Summer holidays aren’t necessarily something I look forward to because I get bored easily, however, I plan to keep myself very busy with Summer concerts, competitions, vocal practice and work !

I had an exciting day yesterday, Wednesday 12th June, I had a master class with the group of students for final preparations for our trip to Italy, with Kathleen McKellar Ferguson and Patricia Hay. The class was brilliant and I would like to pass on our thanks and appreciation to them both.

I then caught a train to Dumbreck, to the Sherbrooke-St Gilbert’s Church  to record the Les Sirenes CD which will be out this Christmas.  The church was beautiful having been fully restored following a serious fire in 1994.   I was particularly taken by  a beautiful stained glass window which was titled the “Phoenix” resurrection window.

Now what do I pack for the trip?  So much to choose from and so little room 🙂

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    1. Hi Tim, thanks for dropping by again. I have always been extremely active, participating in sports such as Karate and swimming at club level as well as being an keen dancer. With my foot putting pay to most of my activities at the moment swimming is about all I can manage but even this is currently limited to just splashing about with my friends 🙁

      Best wishes

      1. I hope your foot gets better soon. I look forward to more blog posts about you doing karate. I really like the tna impact wrestling on tv. It’s a bit sadistic but find myself getting quite worked up at times. Especially when Magnus wins.

    1. Hi Maryanne, I managed to find the dress at Debenhams in Glasgow but I have just noticed that they have a one day sale on today on their internet site with up to 50% off 🙂 There is a lovely aqua dress in the Quiz sale on the site.

      Thanks for visiting and come back when you can.

  1. Dear Charlotte,

    Your plans sound lovely, but your foot sounds painful. You will be in my prayers.

    There may be some things you can do that may hasten the healing of it. If you are drinking any kind of carbonated beverages, you may want to eliminate them as these leach calcium from your bones. I would replace these with teas that you brew yourself. Adding blackstrap molasses to sweeten the tea adds calcium, and sweetening the tea with raw honey gives you beneficial microbes (stuff that heals). There are also a number of herbs that can be combined into poultices that leach healing nutrients into your skin when applied. may be able to advise you, although I am sure you can find a reliable herbalist closer to home for a personal consultation.

    Anyway, I pray your healing comes soon and easily.

    Best Wishes,


    1. Hi Gwennon, thanks for your helpful suggestions. I am trying not to let my foot get me down but I do wish it would start to heal a little quicker 🙂 I will try find a herbalist when I return from Italy.

      With my very best wishes.

    1. Thanks Russell, I am really looking forward to testing out my Italian 🙂 I will save up my posts for when I get back home as I am not sure how good the internet service will be where we are staying, but if the connection is good I will try and post some photos.

      Best wishes

    1. It is a fabulous colour and as we have to perform many of our recital pieces in black it was great to have the occasion to wear such a lovely dress.

      I hope to see you here again soon.
      Charlotte 🙂

    1. Hi Seonaid, I am sure that I will and hope you do too 🙂 I am hoping to perform at the Fringe this August but the date has not yet been confirmed.

      Come back and visit here again soon.
      Best wishes

  2. Charlotte, congrats! Lovely dress. Thanks for visiting my blog too.
    Hey, I had to google you to find your blog. Make it easy on people by adding your page to your profile. I have instructions on my post “Of Paris and Profiles.” It will increase your traffic! – Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah, I am still quite new to blogging so thanks for the tip. it was really useful and I will be sure to pass it on.

      I hope you can visit again with me soon.

      1. But of course, I like your view on the world and your attitude. Thanks for coming over and I am sure we will cross paths again soon.

        Best wishes from Italy 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog & giving my most recent post a like. I’m not in school, so my routine doesn’t change much with the summer (except for more time outside on the weekends) – I hope your summer goes well! And especially the trip to Italy!

  4. Charlotte, that dress looks great on you. My best friend is a pianist and conductor (among other things) and I’ve often gone shopping with her for recital clothes, although they’re often in black.

    Have a fabulous summer!


    1. I know Janet, even though I have to wear a lot of black dresses for recitals I always try and find one with a little bit of sparkle on it 🙂

      You have great Summer too, and come back and visit whenever you can.

  5. Have a great summer, Charlotte! Thank you for stopping by my blog, too :).

    P.S. Since you’re a singer (the first one I “met” on WordPress), you may be interested to know the one of my curved pictures was taken in Kansas City, USA, in Kauffman Performing Arts Center. You can find more about it here:

    1. Hi Svetlana, thanks for the link that is such a fantastic looking venue, how wonderful it would be to perform there. Maybe one day 
      Pleased drop by again

      Best wishes

  6. You really look beautiful – a modern-day princess. If you care: “School’s out…” needs an apostrophe, esp in a title.

    Cheerleading you on the way to the concerts. Xx Holistic Wayfarer

    1. Thank you so much Ramchandra for such a lovely comment it is very much appreciated. I am glad you came over to visit and I hope to see you back here soon.

      Best wishes

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