I’m getting excited now !


This picture was taken of our group following our final rehearsal together before we leave.

As Sunday approaches, I am starting to get really excited about our Italian adventure 🙂   At the RCS during my first year I have studied with many talented students and one of those students is Max Fane the conductor and organiser of the trip.

Here is some information if you happen to be in Florence, Mercatale, Citta’ di Castllo, and Cortona area next week 🙂

MaxFraneTiny‘Four years ago, in September 2009, I put on our first impromptu concert in the village of Mercatale. Such was the success of the event that the following two years, the group Dieci Cantabile returned officially under my direction to the Italian Hills and performed in a series of concert for two summers running.

Having lived near Preggio for all of my life, performing in many concerts and recitals across Umbria and Tuscany and using the experience of three previous tours I set about finding a group of singers at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where I study as a tenor, pianist and conductor to take my Italian adventures to the next level.

Italian opera and song have been very important to me over the past year, and it has been my constant ambition to improve the understanding and performance of the repertoire among the young singers that I study with. To this end I co-founded a organisation of highly talented young singers and started the On-Key Music Association. With this we aim simply to promote and support performance opportunities for young singers and musicians.  These are passionate young singers, who have all worked very hard to pay their way to come on this unique trip and we have some fabulous events lined up. My hope is to inspire a lifelong passion in the music, culture and country of Italy.

We have four main concerts lined up. Firstly in Giordani Corsini in Florence at 7pm on June the 16th, then in Mercatale for our traditional concert in the piazza at 9 15pm. Following this we have the event in Citta’ di Castello at Café Magi at 10pm on Friday the 21st, and at Sant’Agostino in Cortona at 6pm on Saturday the 22nd at the Auditorium Sant’Agostino.ItalyTiny

Our programme will be centred around four group items that I will conduct, from the Cantique de Jean Racine by Faure to Va Pensiero by Verdi. Around these pieces the singers, including myself, will get opportunities to sing solos and duets by composers like Mozart, Donizetti, Handel, Tosti and many more. For me, the most important objective of the trip is to enjoy our singing, encouraging co-operative critical thinking about performance. There is nothing better than performing to appreciative audiences in beautiful settings with a wonderful atmosphere. This is something for everyone to enjoy and we hope to see as many people there as possible. The concert in Florence is ten euros entrance, the others are free but we will be collecting donations from those wishing to support our endeavours’.  Max

36 thoughts on “I’m getting excited now !

    1. Hi Hilary, if I had a video recorder I would have been able to share my experiences with you on the blog, maybe next time :)
      I will try and get as many pictures as possible.

      My very best wishes to you

    1. Thanks you for coming over and taking the time to leave a comment. I love the idea of connections that you explore on your blog, after all it is such connections that bring such a wide range of interesting people together here on the internet.

      I hope that our paths cross again soon.

    1. Hi Mbuki, I am really excited about my trip to Italy. It will be the first time that I have performed in Italy and I am so looking forward to it 

      Thanks for your support and interest it is really encouraging.

  1. This sounds like a fabulous experience in great company. Look forward to reading the posts to come. Make us all drool with pictures of fabulous food, glorious sunshine, wonderful venues and if possible a recording or two. Blogging makes you a versatile communicator!

  2. Hi Charlotte. It was a great pleasant surprise to find a soprano following my photo blog, especially as I don’t think I have written anywhere on it of my love of ‘classical’ music and the human voice. I did write recently on my other blog of my chance encounter with Helen Lepalaan, and now keep in touch. Have a great time in Italy; I’ll be watching out for posts from you (in fact I’ll be following you, but from my other blog so making this comment from there).

    1. Thanks for dropping by this afternoon, I love the way we are linked in one way or another. I love to look through the images that people post to their sites as it gives me the opportunity to see what they see as they travel the world and the places they live. Sometimes, like today, you then find that the person whose path you have crossed also has a love of classical music 🙂

      I have visited your other blog and I will keep a eye on that one too .

      Best wishes

  3. All the best in your Italian Concert Tour. Glad you stopped by Ripple Effects, so I can get a chance to see your wonderful blog. Looking forward to your future posts on your trip.

    1. Hi Arti, I enjoyed looking over your blog and looking at the photographs 🙂 The tour is going great and I am enjoying a bit of down time this afternoon ahead of tonight’s concert in the town piazza.

      Best wishes and come visit again soon

      1. We love Italy… I sing alto soprano… I just sing all the time in my daily life…
        Enjoy your adventure, maybe we ll come to hear you sing one day… Keep us posted.

        You can as well maybe do a representation in the philarmonie in Luxembourg ?

        It has its charms….

        Thank you for your message.

      2. I love the idea of singing in France or Luxembourg 🙂 if I very get the opportunity to perform I will definitely post the details. It may take a few years though.

        Thanks for visiting and keep taking the beautiful pictures, come back soon.

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