Day 2 of my Italian Adventure


Sunday 16th June 2013.      Florence

I met the group: Chelsea; Colin; Emily; Emma; Fiona; Jonathan; Kathryn; Kieran; Lauren; Marcus; Max and Ryan early Sunday morning we had to leave for Glasgow Airport at 04:30am.  Arrived in Italy at 11:15am.  I was escorted by some lovely Italian men, who I practised my Italian with, in a wheelchair which was very comfy and helpful because I hate holding everyone up.  We’d booked a small coach to take us to FLORENCE, (Firenze).  The coach driver was called Diego. We were in the taxi from 13:00 to 16:40.  I ate at the Grandi Classici (An auto grill off the motorway).  Where I had a breaded veal cutlet burger and doughnuts, Pane al sesame – cotoletta di vitello – salsa tartara and ciambelle.  It sounds so much better in Italian.  After arriving in Florence we transferred from our bus and then we had to take taxis to the Palace of Princess Giorgiana Corsini where we were to perform in the evening.

FlorenceWe arrived shortly after 5:00 pm and we had a rehearsal in her beautiful garden.  We performed around 8:00 pm to an audience of over 150. We performed several pieces as an ensemble and then we sang alongside the palace’s choir.  For my solo I performed “O mio babbino caro” and was told afterwards that my Italian was fabulous  The ambiance was amazing, like something from a film.  We were surrounded by statues; columns; lemon trees and the main pathway was lined with lit wax candles.  I took a load of photographs but my sd card is too small for the adapter I bought. So for the time being I will use my phone but when I’m home I’ll have my lovely pictures at the ready.

I would also like to wish Max a happy 21ist birthday!! It was our first day on tour and his first day as a man 🙂

Day 2,  Relaxing like a true Italian.

Learning “Dolce far niete” (the sweetness of doing nothing). I have been told it is an Italian lesson of life that I must learn to enjoy.  Though I still found time for a little blogging  🙂

For lunch we have had a range of meats, purchased from the local supermarket. (Local is a 15 minute drive or a 90 minute round, walking trip).   Ham, Salami, Cured meats with dry crunchy bread (I prefer my sub/hoagie bread, but hey you have got to live, love and taste this new culture).   We got a large casket of wine for €8 which the drinkers amongst us cheered about.

It’s been a glorious day of sunshine, clear sky and silence from the villa apart from when someone fell graciously off an inflatable lilo, or cannon balled in off the diving board.

We are eating late tonight but at least we are cooking. I’m quite excited as we are having “una festa.” ( a party )   🙂

54 thoughts on “Day 2 of my Italian Adventure

    1. Thanks for dropping by for a visit Sonya. The quiet life is great, just to relax and unwind but I keep getting the feeling that I should be doing something else 🙂

      Best wishes and I hope you can come back again soon

    1. Hi there, thanks for visiting and yes it is great to get away. For me this is just the best, a bit of sunshine and Summer concerts what more could I ask for 🙂

      Hope to see drop by again soon

  1. Have a nice time in this adventure! It’s a great country, and you’ll fins amazing spots 😀

    1. Thanks Mary, the area around Florence is beautiful and the history and culture are everywhere. It is a wonderful place to visit 🙂

      Best wishes from Italy and I hope you drop and visit again soon

    1. The area around the villa is very beautiful and relaxing, but what makes the trip special are the friends that are here with me 🙂

      I love reading your blog articles by the way.
      Come visit again soon.

      1. I can imagine how you feel, having friends around during vacations – they always just happen to lift one’s spirit up. thanks for sharing. Ciao!

      2. Hi Kimberly, it is really great to relax and just have some chill out time with friends 🙂

        It makes the performances at the concerts seem extra special.

        Arrivederci from Italy

  2. Firenze is a fantastic city, gorgeous architecture and a peculiar penchant for the colour purple (“Ho il cuore viola”). Have an ace time, and thanks for stopping by my site.

    1. It is a great location to relax and prepare for tonight’s concert. Dolce far niete, who am I to fight local traditions, what is the saying “When in Rome….”

      Best wishes and come visit with me again soon.

  3. Wow! I am so jealous! Just a minute ago, I was writing a poem about how much I longed to be in Italy. Relaxing like a true Italian… sounds like a dream! Enjoy! 🙂

    1. Hi there, if you post a copy of the poem on your blog let me know so I can read it. I will have to start getting ready for tonight’s concert soon, but that is what makes this trip so special lovely part of the world, relaxed culture and I get to sing 🙂

      I hope to see you again soon

      1. Ah. That is what dreams are made of! I love Italy! I will post the poem, now that I have an eager reader. Enjoy. 🙂 and are you okay? Why were you in a wheelchair?

      2. I had an unfortunate fall the week before we flew to Italy so my foot is in a “space boot” and I have to walk with a crutch 🙁

        But I will not let it get me down as you have to grasp opportunities and enjoy them to the full. I may not be as active as normal but I am having a brilliant time 🙂

        Best wishes and arrivederci from Italy

    1. Now you are talking, Italian ice-cream but unfortunately I can’t eat dairy products before I sing 🙁 But afterwards I could have two.

      My very best wishes

  4. Sounds like you are having an amazing trip and how incredible to be there to sing as well! I completely agree that food names sound better in Italian, the rhythm makes even the most dull meal sound a bit fancier 🙂

    Have a fantastic time in Italy!

    1. Hi Emilia, you are so right when I read through the menus here the food sounds as good as it tastes 🙂 I am new to blogging but it is helping me with my writing as I can sometimes be guilty of writing too much in an essay. I love your choice of your favourite movie by the way, enjoy the rest of your time in Italy before you fly back to New York.

      Best wishes and I hope you get the chance to visit with me again soon.

  5. “O mio babbino caro” is one of my favorites! I think of the movie A Room With A View (Merchant Ivory, 1985) whenever I hear it. Glad to know you’re having a great time in Italy. All the best in the rest of the trip!

    1. Thanks Arti, I am glad to hear that you like my chosen song, if I get chance to record it after my trip to Italy then I will post it here on my blog. We are all off to town now where there is a hog roast planned and then the concert later this evening 🙂

      My very best wishes

  6. Oh Charlotte, that all sounds fabuloso!! (not sure about the spelling) I would love to be there some day too. Have a wonderful time! Best Wishes.

    1. Thanks for visiting I am having a great time and I do hope that you get the chance to come to this part of Italy, Florence was beautiful.

      So arrivederci from Italy come visit with me again soon

  7. Looks like you are having a great time in Italy 🙂 We spent two weeks in Vellano, Tuscany this time last year and loved it 🙂 Next time I would like to visit Florence. Enjoy the rest of your adventure 🙂
    P.s thank you for following my blog 🙂

    1. Thanks Dee for dropping by, the trip so far has been fantastic and I hope to get my second post out soon to share with everyone. If you get to Florence I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

      Come back and visit again soon

  8. We have wonderful memories of traveling in Italy, and a few (too few) days in Florence. We always look for concerts in churches and palaces along our trips. I’ll get back after our family visit is over to catch up on your travels.

    1. Hi Oscar, yes Florence was wonderful and we were made to feel so welcome by Princess Giorgiana during our time there. Many of the songs that we perform as classical singers would have been sung countless times in Florence over the years and it is very humbling to have had the opportunity to perform there and experience the ambience of the surroundings.

      I hope hat you can visit again when you get back to 🙂

  9. It sounds like your having a lovely time Charlotte, enjoy it to the full. Glad to hear your foot isn’t holding you back. Look forward to seeing you when you get back. xx

  10. From Max…There were nearly 250 people there for our first concert and it was so good we have been asked back. Ieri abbiamo fatto un concerto in un piazza a Mercatale per 150 persone, era meravigliosa!! The group are doing so well and the hard work is paying off. Concerts to look forward to are 10pm at Caffe’ Magi in Citta’ di Castello and Cortona at 6pm in Sant’Agostino.

  11. Love “O mio babbino caro”! Especially Kiri TeKanawa’s version of it. Would you consider posting an mp3 of your performances? This trip sounds idyllic, congratulations.

    1. Hi Marya, we have no recording equipment out here in Italy or I would have gladly posted some of our performances. I must try and book some extra studio time towards the end of the Summer and then post the songs on my blog. The trip has been very relaxing so far and the locations for the two concerts were very picturesque and a pleasure to perform in.

      Thanks for dropping by to visit and come again soon

  12. Hi,
    Im so happy you stopped by my blog and are following it. Most certainly I am pleased that it lead me back to your blog. How exciting to be in Italy! Your photos and descriptions are wonderful. I look forward to all the news from your adventure and wish you so well with all of your endeavors. Ciao!

    1. Hi Sarah, It was a truly amazing place to perform. The setting for the recital and the warmth of the audience made it a really special evening. I noticed on your blog that we share another passion, the Tango 🙂 I have done Latin, Club and Ballroom for eight years and really enjoy them all. But the drama and emotion in Tango make it a little special for the performer in me 🙂

      Warmest wishes and I hope you can call back again soon.

    1. Hi Paul, It was an amazing City to visit and the performance at Corsini Palace made it an unforgettable experience 🙂

      Thank you fro dropping by and reading through some of my posts and I hope that you can callback again soon.

      Warmest wishes

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