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UPDATE :  I thought I would spend Sunday morning in Edinburgh handing out the promotional leaflets that I printed off.  So here I am with Gill, Terry and Tom encouraging people to come and watch my concert on Monday  🙂


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It’s Thursday night and tomorrow is fast approaching and I am packing for a small road trip  🙂   I have the second of my summer lunch time concerts performing alongside Russell Lomas in Lytham St Annes.  The concert is to start at 02:00 pm and will be held in the Lytham Assembly Rooms, Dicconson Terrace, Lytham, Lancashie, FY8 5JY.


My good friend from the RCS, Tim Edmundson has said that he will try and catch my performance and it would be great to catch up with him and what he has been up to over the summer.


Then after the show we are dashing up to Glasgow to prepare for my next performance in Edinburgh on the Monday 5th August.  This year at the Edinburgh Fringe there is a series of concerts being held at St Mary’s RC Cathedral showcasing the talents of some of the RCS up and coming artists.  I will be performing alongside Marcus Kitchen, on piano, in the opening concert at 13:20 pm and I am really looking forward to this as it will be my first appearance at the Fringe :).  Plus just look above at this fabulous interior I simply can’t wait for Monday.

I was wondering how I could help to promote the event so I decided create leaflet and rope my brother, Tom, and Marcus in to handing them out with me around Edinburgh on Monday morning.  We may have overdone the quantity though we shall have to wait and see…..


On a lighter note one of my blog followers, Cary,  asked me if I had any old photographs of me as King Louis from the Jungle Book, after I mentioned I’d never been Big Bird but I had played King Louis, so I had my Mum dig her old photos out.

By pure coincidence Craig McLean wrote an article in The Telegraph about Disney’s Jungle Book and in particular a clip with King Louis performing my song 🙂  See here:     At the end of the article Lella Smith, the Animation Research Library Creative Director, revealed that Snow White was also drawn with blonde hair – I knew it!  It could have been my role after all 🙂

After our trip down memory lane we found these which I hope make you smile as they made us chuckle 🙂  If any of you guys in these photos are reading this and you don’t mind your face being revealed let me know.




62 thoughts on “Busy Busy Charlotte

    1. Thanks Koko, nice to hear from you again, my friends came with me to Lytham so that they could video me, if it turns out ok I wil load another song soon.
      Warmest wishes

    1. Thanks for your good luck John 😉 Ouch, not again after breaking my foot – lol.
      I’ve recently learnt in Opera circles they say ‘toi toi toi’ to wish you good luck.
      Best wishes

    1. Hi Daniel, that would be lovely – maybe if I can I’ll be travelling near to you, the lovely thing about going to a Conservatoire is that you meet friends from all over the world similar to blogging.
      Best wishes

    1. It’s my first visit to this Cathedral, if I can take personal photographs on Monday I will post them later next week. I like your blog logo did you create it?
      Best wishes

    1. Hi Rhys thanks for popping back, I’m really looking forward to my first performance at the Edinburgh Festival, it’s been an ambition of mine since I first heard about the event so I jumped at the chance to take part. I was asked to perform in ‘Si l’enfant ne dort pas bien’ as Charlotte la Chat again but I had a prior commitment sadlyand couldn’t make it for the full run it is on from 12th August.

      Best wishes

  1. Hello Charlotte. Thank you for finding the time to read my blog and for following me at Minkyweasel World. Best wishes with your concerts.
    Shirley Anne x

    1. Hello Shirley Anne, my Great Grandma was from Liverpool but spent most of her life in Manchester. Thanks for your best wishes I’m saving them up for good weather next Saturday 😉
      All the best

    1. So very true, the Town I come from, Winsford in Cheshire, England, grew around salt mining by the late 1800’s it was the biggest producer of salt in the UK. There are massive caverns my brother wanted to go down to see them but you can only look on the internet.
      I did have a great time on Friday and hope to again on Monday.

  2. thankyou for following my blog charlotte most kind of you iam impressed with yours and your singer ive sung once to a audience i have a song written the site you have joined which is going to be my next song just got to save to have a backing track made and practice it more iam new to singing but enjoyed it so much last year i wrote a song for you which the words are on my other blog which i have the proffesional back track for which i permed once for a wedding my wedding which has sadly ended after nine months i write lyrics a bit as well as poetry maybe we might have some common ground i might be able to write you something and you maybe able to help me too.iam kevin from portsmouth uk

    1. Thanks Kevin, What a lovely post, its great to hear you like composing and that you love music, I wish you well getting your backing track recorded and with your music. I just wish I had more time to fit in everything I’d like to do.
      Best wishes

      1. Hello Charlotte thankyou so kindly for visiting my blog as i feel very priveledged that a lady of your calibre of singing likes my work and yes i will endeavour to get backing track done i sang last year at my wedding the first song i ever wrote as a suprise had a proper track done for it you can read it if you wish its on one of my other blogs myheartsingspoetry.wordpress.com its called a song for you and i have another blog called 4valentines4words4poetryforyou.com which is my largest one. .I would be extremely greatfull if i could ask your proffessional opinion on the song ive written called I am the pompey poet i personally think it may need tweeking a little could you be so kind please as to tell me what you think its on this blog .I know your very busy with your tours and i wish you ever success and hope the future stays as bright for you as the present is you have a incredible range of notes in your voice i listened to your track very good indeed.iam new to song writing a scottish lady on here who writes poetry encouraged me last year to write lyrics after reading my poetry good bye have a lovely day keep up the lovely singing

  3. Charlotte, have a wonderful time. I’m sure you voice will make these songs soar. And how great to hear about you singing the King Louis tune “I Wanna Be Like You.” It’s so cool to read that…the Jungle Book was my favorite movie as a kid. I’d walk around singing “The Bare Necessities.” And I just saw the original version again, in Chicago, outdoors, at Millennium Park — that was a real treat!

    1. I love outdoor performances, I want to try to get to the Regent Park Theatre in London this summer, I know Charlotte Wakefield who is playing Maria, she went to the same school, ballet school and Stagecoach she left school a couple of years before me.
      Best Wishes

  4. Hope all goes well both in Lytham and in Edinburgh, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and I’m equally sure everyone will love listening to your beautiful voice.

  5. Have a great time. I just played your You tube recordings to my husband and he was as impressed as I was. We are off to Glyndebourne on Sunday – hope to see you there one day!

    1. How fabulous Hilary, I’m slightly jealous that you’re at Glyndebourne I believe it is a wonderful theatre for Opera and classical events. That is quite a fabulous compliment from you both.
      Best wishes

  6. Hi Charlotte,

    Thanks for following my blog and introducing me to your singing. It’s always nice to see people following their dreams in a “non traditional” field. I hope your concerts go well.


  7. Hehe. Great pics. I love that they oranged your face even though it’s hardly visible with the face of the costume in place. Thanks for share. 🙂

    The show at St. Mary’s looks great – wonderful program!

    1. Thanks for your good wishes. Lytham was good, I handed out my new cards with the picture of me in the Union Jack dress, and we only printed 100 so I hope they don’t just throw them in the bin 😉 I had to cut them out myself with a hand trimmer, lol
      I’ll do a full post about my concert in Edinburgh today.

      Best wishes

  8. Thanks for following my blog! You have a beautiful voice! O Mio Babbino Caro is a song I particularly love listening to as it reminds me of my childhood growing up listening to Opera (my dad is a musician).

    1. I’ve never been to Exeter but my friend Millie started Uni there last September. I love singing in churches and cathedrals the accoustics and atmosphere are so good for a singer.
      Thanks for the luck

  9. Thank you for the follow, Charlotte. I am brand new to this, though it’s something I have fancied for a long time. I am not even sure where it will go, but hopefully with publishing my recipes and helping others. However did you come across me?
    -Thanks again,

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