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Charlotte Hoather and Marcus Kitchen

I arrived home last night on the train from Glasgow and it was a little too late to check my video and write this post.  So I was up early before work and managed to upload this performance of Danny Boy from my concert in St. Mary’s Metropolitan Cathedral in Edinburgh. I am just on my tea break so I thought I would finish the post and let you have a listen 🙂

 Danny Boy is a ballad written by English songwriter Frederic Weatherly in 1910.  It was set to the tune of ‘Londonderry Air’ in 1913.

The musical genre is ‘Folk Song’.  There are a few variations to the lyrics and various theories to the meaning, I feel that it’s a message from a girl saying goodbye to her boyfriend as he’s going off to war.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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    All three of your current videos are very nice. I must admit though that hearing you sing in the cathedral (?) sounds better just because of the acoustics, as opposed to the first of your recently posted videos which looks too be in a large room. Nicely done, lovely voice. Keep at it, and who knows who may find that prince along your journey to make you that princess.

    jerry mennenga


      Hi Jerry, I used to love watching the Disney princesses and singing along, my brother has a fantastic memory for lyrics and knows the songs better than me, I still love to sing them now even with lyrical slips 🙂
      I think I’ll be a pretend Princess anyway lol :0. At one stage I wanted to be Pocahontas because her songs were so beautiful and then again a mermaid so I’m a bit fickle.

      Best wishes Charlotte


    Beautiful voice and great performance — I’ve always enjoyed that song!


      Thanks Becky, what I love about this song is the ahhhh of anticipation when I announce what I’m going to sing. It is hard when expectations are high on a well known track and I just want to do the best I can and hope people just enjoy where I am at this moment in time, it will be interesting to record it again after three years undergraduate training.
      Best wishes


    I enjoyed this so much it made me cry. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful voice.


      I just love it when my music moves people, I can sometimes see people’s faces that are watching and sometimes I have to move my glance so that I don’t get too emotional, on Saturday I performed with the Tideswell Male Voice choir and other young singers in a Les Mis spectacular to a large audience, I think Dennis Kay, the Musical Director, said there were around 650 people watching in an open air venue, we started at 18:30 so it was still light and I could see everyone, I spotted friends and family watching and a lovely treat to see my old High School’s costume designer Hilary in the audience with her lovely husband smiling encouragement to me. I was Eponine.

      We opened the show with the entire cast on stage and I lead the way with ‘One Voice’, by Barry Manilow, everyone joined in along the way, I could lip read my Mum saying Wow, Fabulous at the end of that song, she’d not heard it before. At the end of the night we had a standing ovation which was just magnificent.

      I’ll try to post some photographs at the end of the week, we are performing the show together again at the Buxton Opera House in October which is now sold out and the preceding night at the Stockport Plaza. I had great fun it took me a long time to come back down to earth that night.

      All the best


    I use to listen to this song from an album of Hayley Westenra. But this is so nice. Well done Charlotte, I love this.

    Hoai Van


    Hello Charlotte,

    Had heard about you from another blog, but a very dear friend had blogged about your incredible interpretation of “Danny Boy”, and just had to hear for myself.
    Like my friend, was moved to tears….your voice is indeed a gift from God, bless you heaps xxxx


    Hello Charlotte,

    A dear friend “blogged” about your beautiful interpretation of “Danny Boy” so just had to check out for myself….so glad I did! I too was moved to tears, your voice truly a gift from God, bless you heaps xxx


      Thanks Hoai Van, Hayley W is one of my Pepa’s favourite artists to listen to, he gave me a couple of her song titles to look up today as he’d like to hear my version 🙂
      Wishing you stardust and sparkles 🙂


      Hi Deb, what a lovely comment, I’m so pleased that your friend passed on my blog to you, how fabulous,
      I’m really pleased you visited and that you get chance to return.
      Best wishes


    Love you singing this and love this song.


      Thank you, it is a lovely song to sing, I’ve just been practising some new songs for an hour and I’m looking forward to my next season at RCS. There is a fine balance to continue to improve old repertoire whilst learning new material :).
      Best wishes


    Absolutely beautiful. This is one of my favorite songs. My name is Daniel, but it was Danny until I was 39 years old. My mother used to sing this song to me. Thank you for this wonderful interpretation.




    Thanks for following my blog 🙂 you have a great singing voice. I sing soprano too. I’m hoping to join a choir in September but not sure what third year of uni will be like so possibly not this year 🙁 they were going to sing Handel’s Messiah. I really want to sing it!


      Hi Michaela, what subject are you studying at University?

      The two songs I sing from Handel’s Messiah are: ‘How Beautiful Are the Feet’; and ‘Come Unto Him’. They are lovely to sing.

      Best Wishes,


        Hi Charlotte. I’m studying English both language and literature combined. I think I prefer literature as I like reading. I’ve heard Messiah sung before by my dad who’s in the Christadelphian choir (that’s our church) of Birmingham. Every year there’s a performance at Warwick school; last year they did a rendition of the Songs of Degrees (Psalms 120-134). I did join then briefly but couldn’t manage it because of uni. It’s maybe something I’ll do when I’m out of academia.
        Are you religious at all?


        What a small world Marcus, who played piano above, is a member of the Christadelphian church. I’d never heard of it before I met him.


    awesome rendition! Loved it!


    This is a beautiful version Charlotte. Thank you for visiting your blog. I am glad I found yours 🙂


    Hi Charlotte. Nice page and music. Although I have never played it, piano is probably my favorite instrument to listen to. I am a huge Chopin fan.


      Hi Vincent, I don’t think I’ve played any Chopin myself but I like his Nocturnes, I like short pieces lol, easier to tackle with my piano attention span 😉
      Best wishes


    Beautiful! Loved this.


    Ye gods … I have so many versions of this song, one of my favourites is Eleanor Toner, I also love Haley Westenra—and you did it full justice~! (Hell, my teeth rattled along in harmony when you hit the high at about 1:15 or so, talk about goosebumps.)

    Well done, you!


    You have a God-given talent that pleasures one’s ears and soul. Thank you for sharing it , and thank you for checking into my blog. I hope to hear your glorious voice again.


    Thank you, Charlotte, for sharing your marvelous gift of singing. Blessings are yours and your blessings are ours as we listen to your beautiful voice.


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    A beautiful Soprano and her marvelous songs.


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    For this week’s music post, a performance by a very talented blogger.


    This is a special song for me because my mother used to sing it in memory of her late brother, Danny. Your version of this song is lovely! You have an amazing voice. I’ve enjoyed looking though your blog and listening to your songs. Nanette


    Beautifully sung !!!


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    That’s the way this song should be sung.


    Growing up I always loved the version by Johnny Cash, but this is beautiful

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