Art Is Calling For Me

August 9, 2013 — 186 Comments

I would love to dedicate this post and these songs to my Mum who has her birthday later this week. She has always been an inspiration to me and my very best friend, although she will probably kill me when she sees that I have put this picture of us both on my blog πŸ™‚


I have been working on β€˜Art is Calling for Me’ for several years now, I have always imagined that I was a Princess and I when I first heard this song I just had to learn it πŸ™‚

I used to get the cute factor when I was belting it out when I was thirteen but as each year has gone by all of my vocal teachers have expected improvements, extra frills, trills and as you watch it you’ll see what I mean, more character. I’m still working on that and there is still more comedic acting I could do, space allowing.


Russell Lomas, Charlotte Hoather and Colin Blamey ( Clarinet )

I have two versions of this recording, the first at Lytham Assembly rooms on 2nd August 2013, with the beautiful piano accompaniment of Russell Lomas, who was the former Head of Accompaniment at Chetham’s School of Music until his retirement in 2003, he was the only accompanist to appear on at least one televised programme in every series of the BBC TV Young Musician of the Year competition between the first year of the competition 1978 and 2004, Russell graduated from the Royal Manchester College of Music with a distinction in both Performers and Teachers Diplomas and was awarded the Ricordi Prize for Accompaniment.

The second recording was during my concert at St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh on Monday 5th August, with Marcus Kitchen accompanying me on this complicated piano piece, he also did a fabulous job and it was a newly learned piece for him.

I just could not decide between the two which one to post for you to watch. So I’ve decided to put both on in this post; let me know which you prefer and I’ll put the one with the most votes on to my performance (videos and recordings) page πŸ™‚

Art is Calling For Me (I want to be a Prima Donna) is from the Broadway Comic Opera β€˜The Enchantress’ (Victor Herbert / Harry B Smith). First performed in 1911 in the New York Theatre, New York. The style of the piece is β€˜Romantic’.

I absolutely love this piece of music, I feel it was written for me πŸ™‚ even though I can only dream of being a Princess.

First Version

Second Version

I hope you enjoy listening to them and please vote for your favourite πŸ™‚

186 responses to Art Is Calling For Me


    I’d go with the first one. The second one has a nice elegance because of the location, but it also has the voice disappearing into the space effect which makes it harder to follow the words. Also I like seeing your facial expressions in the first one and it’s easier to follow the words when we can see your face up close. There’s a little background static on both of them, but it’s overcome by the clarity of your voice on the first one, not really a problem.
    Nice looking church, though.. I just think for showing off on a website the first one would be better. This isn’t the opinion of a professional, of course!


      Thank you for your perspective on these two options, I’m glad you enjoyed watching my facial expressions and I understand what you’re saying about the clarity on the lyrics, thanks for taking the time for your detailed response.
      Very best wishes,


    Hi Charlotte. I’ve been enjoying your blog and your very successful career. Today you mentioned your video and recordings page. How do I get there. I ‘d love to hear the songs.



      Hello Andrea,
      It is the third section on the buttons at the top, select my performances (videos/audio) and we’re putting them in there, I hope you manage to find them and enjoy them.
      Best wishes


    Love the second one on stage much more. Fun and beautiful at once.
    And thanks do much for “liking” my photo of the grand piano and cello, “Silence.” My sister was a professional musician for her entire life and at 73 retired from both instruments. She sold both. This made me feel very sad. So I took a photo…might need to write more about this one on my blog!


      Thank you for your lovely comments Cynthia, it was a lovely ambiance in the Cathedral. I have a friend who sold his cello after a long and successful career so I can understand what an emotional moment that is, all you can hope is that the new owner will love, cherish and use it well.
      Best wishes


    Charlotte, I love both videos and especially the second version. (My husband agrees. He just told me what a wonderful voice you have, and that’s a high compliment coming from a man who hasn’t a musical bone in his body.)


    Charlotte, I love both. The first was more of a vocal performance — the second more of a stage performance. I don’t think you could go wrong with either. Although there was a slight echo in the church — I believe I would go with choice two. The total performance framed your beautiful voice. I do have to admit here that when my son was three he asked me to never sing him Happy Birthday again. I’m curious to see which one wins.


      Aarghh I’m really sorry your son didn’t like your happy birthday, I always love embarrassing my little brother singing happy birthday to him in restaurants, he’s very shy, so perhaps you were singing fine πŸ™‚
      Best wishes


    always been my favourite song that you’ve sung charlotte! Gets better everytime I hear it πŸ™‚ xxxx


      Hi Deanna, it’s lovely to hear from you on here. πŸ™‚ I am glad to know you have enjoyed your first year at university, all the best for the second.

      Glad I brought back some good memories,
      Charlotte x


    Happy Birthday to your mom. This piece is fun for me.


      I’m happy it was fun. That’s what I’m trying to express. I’ve been working on my performance and movement in this song all year. My brother who was taping, actually thought I was telling Marcus off in the middle of the piece instead of just acting the prima, so it was fun for me too.
      Best wishes


    I like the second one best-you have a wonderful voice!


    I also like the second one best. Beautiful and FUN! Bravissima!


    Thank you for following my blog! I just wanted to say your voice is amazing! I’ve never really listened to soprano except in some old movies but you really make me want to get more into it! I think I like the second one best as an overall performance. πŸ™‚


    haha bravo bravo!! Your Mum must be proud of you πŸ™‚


    I like the first one the best, it is clear and more personal. The second one was perhaps a better performance, but the background echo was disturbing, also the blue sweater top is wrong color for your fair complexion and the red and white dress distract greatly from your gestures. Even though the background in the first one is also distracting, it is somehow more acceptable with the playfull music. Well done and very nice performance in both.


      Hello John, there’s a story behind the cardigan, I had a little white short cardigan out to take with me because the dress doesn’t have sleeves and singing in a cathedral without your shoulders covered seems disrespectful, but I forgot it, so when I saw the green cardigan on sale I thought that’ll go nice.
      This is why I need a wardrobe like Miss Piggy then I’m prepared for all occasions, but I do love the dress πŸ™‚
      All the best


    Both renditions are wonderful, each showing off your beautiful developing voice. I’m going to sit on the fence and say I loved them both for different reasons, Helen listened and I listened and watched, so she got a slightly different prospective of the two performances, however, she liked the second one best and thought it showed off your voice wonderfully…

    You’re Mum has every right to be proud of you, wish her ‘A Happy Birthday’ from us and as for being a Princess, we think you are anyway and Maurice has thought so for a long time !!!.


      Thanks Dennis and Helen, I loved how your reflection involves both listening and viewing separately that was interesting,

      I’ll pass on your happy birthday to Mum. I’ll miss Maurice on Sunday I promised him a recording of ‘Home’ for his birthday this month so that’s just reminded me to do that.
      Best wishes
      Princess Charlotte πŸ˜‰


    I like both but i prefer the second one more! The echo of your voice and piano makes it more whimsical. πŸ™‚


      I love ‘more whimsical’ that’s a new word for me to use in the future, when I looked it up its says: playfully quaint and fanciful which is exactly what I am trying for.
      Many thanks


    I like the first. I feel is closer (is only a feeling so I don’t have how to explain more) πŸ™‚


    Charlotte. both performances were wonderful as always, and its really hard to choose. I would choose the second one.The cathedral is a lovely setting.Well played Marcus too you were both brilliant.xx


    Reblogged this on minimarj and commented:
    I love that photo of you and your mum


      Thanks, i passed on your praise to Marcus, he’s been helping me to practise for tomorrow. I just couldn’t decide on the videos either.

      I have this photo of me and Mum on my desk at college.
      Charlotte x


    Charlotte, thank you for following my blog. You don’t realise how encouraging that is, thank you so much. You are so talented, I love your voice. I am going to listen to you singing while I paint tonight. I think that will be very inspiring. Best wishes clever girl. Lisa


    Thank you! I was so excited to see this!


    I like the second one better; and your mother has no reason to be upset with the posted picture. It’s quite lovely.


      Thank you for your decision, Mums a bit funny about social media and Facebook etc. we were banned as children, when she saw it she made me make it smaller but it is one of her favourite photos of us both, we won a competition in the Trafford Centre shopping mall to have a free photo, We bought more than the one free one, Dad said it was the most expensive free gift he’s ever had πŸ™‚


    Wow, I never know somewhere out there in the world there is still a someone who can sing like that:-). Have you ever did a cover of time to say goodbye?


      There’s quite a number of us, one of my bloggers called it the sopranoverse, which was very funny. Thanks for the lovely compliment.
      I’ve never recorded Time to Say Goodbye but I did learn it and sing it for my English Teacher Mrs Chambers when she retired a couple of years ago in the 6th form leavers presentation event, my Dad said there was a lady on his table who shed a tear.
      Best wishes


    Hi Charlotte,don’t worry your mom won’t kill you by posting her photo with you here. just give her always with your best performance….you sing very well how i wish i could do that……


      That’s really lovely, I do strive to make her proud but she always says ‘pride comes before a fall’ lol. I’m joking she is very supportive of my dreams. I’m a glass is half full and Mum’s a glass is half empty so we make a good team.
      Best wishes


    What a beautiful vocal instrument you have – it’s so evident that you have worked long and hard – how great that you have the opportunity to use your talent. I watched your clips of various songs and there are just a few places where I can’t understand the words – generally on the higher register notes. The lower notes where you “speak” the lyric are clearly understandable. I’d love to be able to understand all the words! I couldn’t understand much of “Danny Boy” even though that is such a familiar song – could be the echo in the cathedral. All that said, you have a beautiful voice – and using our gifts and talents is always a work in progress, right? I would count it a privilege to sit in the audience at some point to hear you in person – maybe one day I’ll be on your side of the world – I’d love it.


      Hi, thank you for listening, in the words of Galinda in Wicked- I’ve ‘got an awfully long way to go’ in my training, I can’t wait to get back to full time studies at the end of September, the RCS is a fabulous Conservatoire.
      I really hope as many of my fellow bloggers as possible get to see a live performance of mine at some time in the future instead of just a home camcorder, I did hesitate about putting my home videos on line but I’ve enjoyed the performances and just wanted to share them πŸ™‚
      Best wishes


        Continual training is always good, right? And when you start with the wonderful voice you all ready have it’s only up from there. I know what hard work it is to keep the voice stretched and tuned and my hat’s off to you!


    That is a fun song, and clearly you had lots of fun singing it. πŸ™‚
    And happy birthday to your mom! πŸ™‚


    I loved both performances Charlotte, but the acoustics in the church do make it a bit special so I have picked the second one xx Love the picture of you and your mum and me and Terry will see you later today at Gawsworth Hall xxx


    Wonderful Charlotte, I’d vote for the second performance as well, though I loved the “closeness” of the first video, which enables enjoyment of your acting abilities πŸ™‚


    Fun piece! You have a beautiful voice, I look forward to hearing more.
    Thanks for the follow.


    I enjoyed a lot..Realy am a big fan of u..<3 luv ur Wrks <3 <3


    The echo on the second one was distracting, so I’d go with the first one. You could also hear the character’s snobbishness more easily in the first one.


      Hey Rawle, thanks for popping back, in a larger space it sounds much better live, you know yourself when you hear yourself talking on a camcorder how different it sounds. I’ll have to ask the techi students at college if there’s anything they can do electronically to improve it πŸ™‚

      All the best


    Hi Charlotte! I enjoyed both performances very much!! But I’m going to vote for the first one because I like how it’s more close up so we can see your facial expressions better. Also, you look absolutely lovely, like a princess, in that purple dress. All you’re missing is a tiara! πŸ˜‰ Btw, what a beautiful photo of both your mom and you! Happy birthday to your mom! πŸ™‚


      Hi Voilet, my Mum got me the dress from the sales in House of Fraser, beautiful bargain, I loved it that Russell had a Co-ordinating tie even though he didn’t know what I was wearing and hadn’t seen the dress before.

      Lol about the tiara, I did ask my Mum to look out for one and she got me a headband :/ watch this space :0
      Best wishes


        That’s great you got a beautiful bargain there!! Your mom rocks! I loved the clothes a lot when I was at the House of Fraser last year visiting London. πŸ™‚ Lol @ the matching tie! It worked out well eh. All the best to you as well! πŸ˜€


    The picture of you and your mom is precious, and you both look so pretty!
    Of the two performances, I tend to lean more toward the first one. The second one was shot in a beautiful place where the massive space accentuated your high notes beautifully, but that very same reverberation (if that’s the right term) made it hard to understand the lyrics in places. I also tend to like the close-up and personal effect of the first one better, but then, I’m no performance critic by a long shot! Both performances were beautifully executed and sounded magnificent!


      Thanks for your lovely comments Becky, the makeover day we won was rather splendid! We even had a wind machine blown in our faces at one point :). The wind machine isn’t as great as it appears on the tv when you have long hair, we were chewing our bits of hair πŸ™‚

      These recordings are dividing opinion πŸ™‚ which is just the problem I had choosing.
      Best wishes


    Hi Charlotte – they’re both lovely, but I think the first one edges it for me simply because it was easier to see your expression as you sang. This is the first time I’ve ever heard this piece, so thank you for the introduction – it’s great fun!


      I’m happy to introduce people to this song, when my family have listened to it a few times it becomes one of their favourites, even though it seems very different at first. I love learning new repertoire and my Mum says I must choose some more cheerful ones to add this next year πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your continued support.
      Best wishes


    You’ve been mentioned in today’s blog post at Your music is so refreshing, a great way to start a day!


      Thanks Cheryl, I’ll try the hot glue gun and good thinking with the scrapbook papers, I use art to relax and rest my voice, hours can disappear making cards with my Mum and friend Gill.

      I often sit listening to my new music tracks whilst crafting and prefer crafting at home because Mum and Gill clear all the heaps of paper and stuff away :). You have a great website.


    The first please. As wonderful as the second is, I can better follow your excellent performance with a closer view..


      Thanks Robert for your choice, this will be interesting, perhaps I’ll have to try for a third time lucky when I perform this song with Russell Lomas in Rochdale, Lancashire a week on Wednesday :0.
      Best wishes


    This is a lovely picture. I bet she will be pleased! You sound wonderful on them both but my favourite is the first one. You have a lovely voice!


    Bravo! I love them both!! I would choose the first as my favorite because the setting makes it easier to hear the charming text. I’m looking forward to more!


      Thanks Tricia, the vote is running at 20 for the first and 21 for the second video, unfortunately we can’t count the Facebook votes yet but I think likes are close there too πŸ™‚

      I’ve got one last concert this month featuring this song, so perhaps that’s the one I should leave on my performance page and leave these two in this post should people stumble across them πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for visiting, I absolutely agree with your teaching style and as a pupil of both voice and piano have always respected this teaching style based in excellence.

      Best wishes


    I watched the first video. First thought was “dang, girl, you can sing.” But more so, I watched your facial expressions and hand gestures which seemed to put you into “character” like you’re telling a story. Makes it more interesting, adding “personality” to the voice.


      Thanks Eric, I’m glad you found it interesting, I read an article about facial expressions during my drama exam and try my best to involve facial expression in my performances.
      As I go further into my training I am warned that the expressions must never be used if it means losing correct jaw placement, there is so much to remember and action. I appreciate you taking the time to leave your lovely comment.
      Best wishes


    best i love you


    Well, she has no reason to kill you – she is beautiful and it is a wonderful picture! I had no idea what to expect upon clicking β€˜play’ on your first version video – but I thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment and talent! The second one is very nice, it seems more β€˜professional’, but I prefer the first one as it feels more intimate, as if I’m right there experiencing it. Also, I wanted to let you know, because you were a follower of FoodToTheMax, that we’ve moved to – I hope you will follow and enjoy the same great posts, with even more content and images!


      Thanks for telling me about your new blog site Christa, Mum loves the photo, its more about publishing photos she’s not so keen on, but she was fine once I made the image smaller πŸ™‚ lol.

      Thank you for your lovely compliment and taking the time to leave it, it makes it all worthwhile.
      All the best


    Charlotte, what a delight to “meet” you…I love the old musical theatre, operettas and such, and your voice is perfect for it. Thank you for following Skylark Writing Studio and letting me get acquainted with your talent.
    Molly in Seattle


      Thanks Molly, love your gravatar i read you’re taking illustration classes was this brolly picture your own work? It’s bright and cheerful.
      I’m trying to decide on some new repertoire and I guess it’s like coming up with new writing ideas I need to put the books down tonight and come back to it.
      Best wishes, thanks for popping in.


    This is beautiful! πŸ™‚


    Beautiful voice – the acoutics are much better in the first version. Thanks for visiting my blog, too.


    Hi! That’s such a beautiful pic of you and your mum! πŸ™‚

    Definitely the second video. As soon as it started with a ever so slightly faster tempo and a quirkier character I thought, my vote is going for #2!!! That’s a great song, I don’t know this musical but I’m gonna check it out. I love old Broadway πŸ™‚


    Same to you πŸ™‚


    Art is a calling, a life style, a dream, a challenge and sometimes a fulfillment. It is the fulfillment of the challenge in the dream that keeps us going. Wishing you all the best, and thanks for following me on – Aloha – pjs.


    First version. mainly because of the sound quality. Both nice…the second is a more interesting venue..


    I heard that song in an audition once and have been looking for it ever since. You sing it so well!


    Wow! AMAZING! What a beautiful voice you have (and thanks so much for following my blog btw!)


    Hi Charlotte – First time I’ve heard this piece – so much fun and it looks like you’re having a great time performing it. Brava! Overall, I prefer the second version – there seems to be an extra injection of confidence in your performance, like you’ve settled into the piece a bit more. And looks like it fits you like a glove.

    p.s. Thanks for the blog follow!


    Charlotte-Your voice is beautiful in both videos, but I would vote for the first one because I heard you better in the first one. In the second version there was a lot of echo that harmed the sound quality. I am not a professional musician so please bear with my comments. Thank you for your beautiful music. Roselle Zubey

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