Charlotte is in hospital – Sunday 8th Dec Update

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Update on Sunday 8th Dec

It’s quite frustrating having your little girl hundreds of miles away on her first ever admission into hospital and not be able to help in any way. We called the hospital on Saturday evening as by then Charlotte’s phone had lost its charge and she could no longer send text updates. Whilst waiting for the ENT specialist to treat her she couldn’t drink properly and consequently she became dehydrated which compounded her condition.   We were told by the nurse on duty that she had been placed on a drip to combat the dehydration and was being given her medication intravenously.  She was to be kept in whilst her condition normalised and until the ENT consultant was happy to discharge her. Her flat mate organised her overnight bag for her when he got back from working at college,

After two nights of not sleeping properly she did get to sleep last night but had to be woken at 7 am. She was sick when she awoke but then managed to keep down two Weetabix. Her medication started to kick in this afternoon and she is feeling a little better now but is staying in again tonight so that they can leave the drip in and monitor her recovery.

Your messages have all been read by Charlotte and she has asked us to thank you all for your well wishes and lovely comments as they have really helped to keep her spirits up.  She has text us to say that she has been catching up on her sleep today because she’s already bored!  She even sent us a photo smiling to reassure us that her swollen face, which had prompted her Mum to tell her to call the emergency doctor yesterday morning when she called her on FaceTime, is looking more normal.

We both appreciate all your support and well wishes and I am sure that they will help in Charlotte’s recovery.


The Original Post

Hi Everybody, this is Charlotte’s Mum & Dad. She has asked us to let you all know that she has been in A&E all day today ( Saturday 7th Dec ) and has just been told that she is to be admitted to hospital for more tests. She has had her first ever bout of tonsillitis and the consultant wants to run some additional tests before she can be released from his care.

She put a post on her Facebook yesterday to explain her reasons for missing her concert bookings as these are the first ones she’s ever missed and it was the first concert she’d ever arranged solely on her own and was so upset to miss the engagement, she did manage to get a friend from the 4th year at RCS to cover for her so she didn’t let St Mungo’s Church down which is typical Charlotte, she was going to try to go until her voice went!

She asked me to pass on her thanks to everyone on Facebook and Google+ for their lovely comments and words of support as they have been a real boost to her whilst she has been all on her own.  I would also like to personally thank everyone for caring enough about our daughter to leave her such lovely supportive messages on this blog I know she gets a lot of pleasure out of reading them and regularly tells us so.

She has said that she will be in touch when she can.

Our very best wishes


158 responses to Charlotte is in hospital – Sunday 8th Dec Update


    Send her our best wishes and hope she i well soon. xx


    Praying for your mum. all the very best to you both.


    Speedy recovery. Take care and have a good rest.


    Best wishes and prayers in.


    Take care, rest, get well soon and pamper that valuable throat with warm salt water gargles. Xo


    wish you a fast recovery


    Wishing her to recover fast. Courage jessica


    Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte!
    Thanks Gary and Tracy, for letting us know.
    The little bright spark is a little flat, eh?
    You asked for ideas….
    Bed 9 pm unless you’ve got a performance that night, eh? Saltwater gargles, thyme and NZ Manuka honey hot drinks, sleep, sleep and more sleep! Plenty of protein and vitamin C (a LOT, not a little. Ascorbic acid is a cofactor in nearly every reaction involved in healing.). Lay off the sugar and coffee/ tea.
    Plenty of yogurt (real, not that sugary stuff…) or acidophilus culture if you can’t eat it… by the tablespoon…
    Find a good OMD and LISTEN to them… first thing they’ll probably say is sleep at 9 pm.
    Acupuncture to enhance your immune system.
    Contact me through my website if you have more queries… (yes, writer, but also equine vet and acupuncturist!). PM me on my FB page if want, or via my vet page…
    Sleep… long-term…
    Hugs from NZ,


      Hi Lizzi, back up and getting my sparkle back, putting a blog article together just waiting on Dads lunch break to sort out the photos he took yesterday 😉
      My friends call me Cinderella because I’m not a party girl and always leave early. Loved all the advice I’ll be in touch thank you 😉
      Best wishes


    Oh dear – I am so sorry to hear of Charlotte’s illness. Sending lots of hugs and healing thoughts to her!



    Get well soon, Charlotte! I’ll put you on my prayer list.

    Best wishes,



    Dearest Charlotte, I wish you a speedy recovery! That’s so nice of your parents to let us know what’s going on. Rest up, relax and drink lots of fluids especially water! 🙂 Love and hugs from Canada! ^^ xx


    Get well soon, Charlotte. It must be so frustrating for you being laid up at such a busy time but your health comes first, so please don’t try to hurry things!! Take care of yourself and get better for Christmas. Best wishes. xxx


    My very best wishes for a speedy recovery–and I hope, too, that she never has to experience such illness again.


    Charlotte, my heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery! What a horrible experience to have to go through–so hard for you and your parents! Take good care of that beautiful voice–and get plenty of rest!


    Get well soon….


    Get well soon, Charlotte! I have 3 recommendations for you. 1) While you’re in the hospital, see if they will check your vitamin D levels. D3 has a HUGE impact on the immune system and wellness. 2) Get a net I pot and use it regularly. This will not only keep sinuses clear, but prevent postnasal drip that may cause sore throats/throat infections to start. 3) Take grapefruit seed extract. Its antiviral and antibacterial properties will keep any nasties from taking hold in your system, so illness either doesn’t happen, or is of much shorter duration.


    I sincerely hope you feel better soon, Charlotte. Sending positive thoughts your way…


    Get well soon, Charlotte.


    Hi everyone, got home about 6pm yay, just watched the Royal Variety relaxing. Been sleeping on and off most of the day in hospital very boring! Glad to be home thanks for all your lovely comments xxx
    Best wishes


    WOW! Glad you’re out of the hospital!


    Excellent news! Hope you get back to normal quickly – sometimes you can’t beat a comfy old Royal Variety Show!


    hope you feel better soon!


    Continued speedy healing is what I wish for you!


    Rest. Recovery. Sing. 🙂


    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Charlotte.


    All that sounds really awful. I wish her a speedy recovery.


    Get well soon Charlotte! It sounds like you are getting good care.


    Best wishes from me in New Zealand. I hope you get well soon, Charlotte! Thinking of you and your parents.


    I hope you’re feeling better and will soon be up and about. Rest.


    Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery from Sibling Revelry!


    Praying for a speedy recovery, Charlotte! Hugs from Missouri!


    So terribly sorry for Charlotte’s stay in the hospital. Please tell her to rest up and not worry about us. We will be more than faithful listeners, awaiting her recovery.


      I have been taking everyone’s good advice, especially resting, drinking plenty of water and resting some more. I’m home at my parents now yay getting pampered 😉
      Best wishes


    Please take care of yourself.


    Best wishes, be kind to yourself and follow doctors orders.


    Ooh that sounds nasty. Really hope you start feeling better soon. In the mean time, enjoy being waited on hand and foot.


    Get well, Charlotte!


    Golly, Charlotte, what a rough time! Glad you are surrounded by love and have good medical and nursing care. May your path of healing be smooth.

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