Charlotte is in hospital – Sunday 8th Dec Update


Update on Sunday 8th Dec

It’s quite frustrating having your little girl hundreds of miles away on her first ever admission into hospital and not be able to help in any way. We called the hospital on Saturday evening as by then Charlotte’s phone had lost its charge and she could no longer send text updates. Whilst waiting for the ENT specialist to treat her she couldn’t drink properly and consequently she became dehydrated which compounded her condition.   We were told by the nurse on duty that she had been placed on a drip to combat the dehydration and was being given her medication intravenously.  She was to be kept in whilst her condition normalised and until the ENT consultant was happy to discharge her. Her flat mate organised her overnight bag for her when he got back from working at college,

After two nights of not sleeping properly she did get to sleep last night but had to be woken at 7 am. She was sick when she awoke but then managed to keep down two Weetabix. Her medication started to kick in this afternoon and she is feeling a little better now but is staying in again tonight so that they can leave the drip in and monitor her recovery.

Your messages have all been read by Charlotte and she has asked us to thank you all for your well wishes and lovely comments as they have really helped to keep her spirits up.  She has text us to say that she has been catching up on her sleep today because she’s already bored!  She even sent us a photo smiling to reassure us that her swollen face, which had prompted her Mum to tell her to call the emergency doctor yesterday morning when she called her on FaceTime, is looking more normal.

We both appreciate all your support and well wishes and I am sure that they will help in Charlotte’s recovery.


The Original Post

Hi Everybody, this is Charlotte’s Mum & Dad. She has asked us to let you all know that she has been in A&E all day today ( Saturday 7th Dec ) and has just been told that she is to be admitted to hospital for more tests. She has had her first ever bout of tonsillitis and the consultant wants to run some additional tests before she can be released from his care.

She put a post on her Facebook yesterday to explain her reasons for missing her concert bookings as these are the first ones she’s ever missed and it was the first concert she’d ever arranged solely on her own and was so upset to miss the engagement, she did manage to get a friend from the 4th year at RCS to cover for her so she didn’t let St Mungo’s Church down which is typical Charlotte, she was going to try to go until her voice went!

She asked me to pass on her thanks to everyone on Facebook and Google+ for their lovely comments and words of support as they have been a real boost to her whilst she has been all on her own.  I would also like to personally thank everyone for caring enough about our daughter to leave her such lovely supportive messages on this blog I know she gets a lot of pleasure out of reading them and regularly tells us so.

She has said that she will be in touch when she can.

Our very best wishes


158 thoughts on “Charlotte is in hospital – Sunday 8th Dec Update

  1. hi charlotte hope you are soon feeling well what a shame so close to christmas , but i am sure you will soon be back with that fantastic voice xx

  2. So sorry to hear this news. She’s always so active, I suppose it catches up with us all at some point. Please extend a “Get Well Soon!”, would you?

    1. Hi Darrell, thank you 😉
      You know this term was probably the least active I’ve been since I was six, I’ve just got unlucky catching a bacterial infection I’ve never had before just before my busiest week of the year, when I’ve been preparing for months to enjoy them :/

      On the bright side it’s given me some time to reflect and plan ready for next year and it will give me a chance to work on my compositions quietly.
      Best wishes

  3. Thank you, Gary & Tracy for keeping us posted, and best wishes to you, Charlotte. Get well soon so we can hear you sing in time for Christmas!

  4. I’m so sorry, but I know she’ll get well if she takes care not to rush the recovery process. LOTS of Vitamin C can’t hurt. As a rule, I take (homemade) colloidal silver and garlic as well, just to maintain health. Silver is a natural antibiotic. Hard to say what she’s ready for, but might have some good ideas for both now and later. Best wishes, and many thanks to both of you for updating us!

  5. Dear Guy and Tracy,

    Tonsillitis seems to pass as you get older. I used to get it quite regularly when I was a kid. Then, the solution was to remove your tonsils. I never had mine removed, but as I got older, the bouts with tonsillitis grew weaker and les often. once I was in my twenties they seemed to stop altogether. (Although at that age, I was reluctant to go to any Doctor.)

    She just needs to be aware of the symptoms at the onset and rest her throat. Honey and lemon will help soothe it some.

    Best to you all and Merry Christmas.

  6. I am so sorry you are ill Charlotte. My daughter had the same thing not so long ago. It is very important that you have plenty of rest once you are out of hospital. But you can’t help being ill, so don’t feel guilty about it. Take care, and I hope you are better soon.

  7. I have only recently started following Charlotte’s blog. I am relieved to read in Wikipedia that the symptoms you describe will clear up within days to a week.

    Of course, I am no doctor so cannot recommend any courses of treatment but do think that regular gargling with salt water is beneficial whether you’re trying to prevent tonsillitis or just keep your throat clear.

    Please advise Charlotte that there is at least one Canadian thinking of her and hoping for early release from hospital and a speedy recovery. And, as her parents, you may wish to consider this event as a way to spend a little extra time with her this holiday season 🙂

    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.

  8. Poor Charlotte, I bet you’re worried sick this illness has affected your voice! May I respectfully recommend you gargle regularly with whiskey – don’t swallow, just gargle. Many singers have used it to soothe, relax and sterilize their throats before performance. (This from former rock band members.) Not suggesting you consume alcohol, but that you use it to cleanse your most precious instrument. Best wishes from Oz.

  9. Get better soon 🙂 Reiki does wonders for healing, find a reputable Reiki practitioner in the area and get a treatment (or a few), it will drastically speed up the healing time

  10. Dear Charlotte and Mum & Dad, While I do not have any suggestion on how to avoid tonsillitis (had mine out a 4-years not because I had a bout rather my sister, my mum thought it would be better to get two for the price of one), I do wish Charlotte a speedy recovery and you as much peace as you need to help with worried hearts. God-speed and Onward!

  11. Oh, I actually have a suggestion – it worked with my son when he was young, he continues to do this when his throat is sore (still has his tonsils), and when his wee-tots complain of a sore throat—Wash, cut, lightly salt, and eat a small raw potato. The texture of the raw potato passes over the sore areas in he throat and the salt helps to cauterize (for lack of a better word) the areas scraped by the potato.

  12. in my best I’m not a doctor but a resident know it all voice. don’t get tonsilitis, silly! virii and bacteria are often the culprits and thus while I know of no helpful virus vaccines out there for covering tonsilitis, I do know of some…nope out of luck on the tonsilitis ones ala bacteria too… I only have this offering and it’s general, I am in love with pnuemonia vaccines, as in the time I’ve had mine since oh six I’ve gotten 3 official colds and none ammounted to the 3 weeks mega death recovery times of coughing my face off. while this doesn’t aid in tonsilitis persay save that anything can exascerbate the lymph glands in your mouth/throat and cause owie can’t sing. Most often for me again is the high blood pressure that causes my tonsils to swell. also, removal of tonsils is a number of weeks of forced ice cream regimens and my mom said her’s grew back…sneaky devils. this is of course a course in boys want to fix everything instead of just holding out a hug and get well/ I sympathize. laugh at the boys.

  13. We are so sorry to hear this news about Charlotte, please give her our love and tell her we’will be in contact very soon. Please let us know when she comes out of hospital.

    Obviously, at this time of year, there are so many bugs around and singers do pick up things like everyone else. Being among’st groups of people, audiences included, doesn’t help but unfortunately that’s unavoidable. The other thing is looking after yourself by getting plenty of sleep and not doing too much.

    You have been very busy during this year Charlotte and that’s wonderful but your voice is still very young and vulnerable, so you must look after yourself and not do too much. If you allow yourself to get ‘run down’,infections like tonsilitis will jump in there. Remember the tonsils are the first line of defence !!!

    Drink plenty and try gargling with warm water with a drop of TCP in it. This has always worked for me and is an old fashioned remedy recommended by our family doctor when we were young.

    Get well soon Charlotte, don’t like to think of you being poorly.

    Lots of love from both of us,

    Dennis and Helen xx.

    1. Hi to Both of You, I’m home and getting my sparkle back. Just finished a blog post for today, Dads going to get some photos from yesterday to show I’m on the mend 😉

      Compared to other years I’ve not been as busy as usual, the conservatoire are very good at promoting good health and I listen. There are lots of student bugs, I’ve been really healthy this year but this has knocked me for six. I picked up a bacterial throat infection and my body just hasn’t had this bug to deal with before.

      I do sleep well I’m not a party girl as you know I rarely get less than eight hours sleep. I always drink lots of water but I will start to add gargle to my daily toothbrush regime.

      I hope your both well, we’ll have to meet up over Christmas after I’m fully fit again. Xxx
      All my best

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