I started my blog without really knowing what to expect, I wanted to record my studies and the experiences that I had during my training. But what developed was so much more than that, connecting with so many kind, warm hearted and generous people has been the real highlight of 2013 for me 🙂

I would like to wish all of you a happy and wonderful New Year for 2014 and I hope that it brings you all that you wish for.


39 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. And Happy New Year to you, love. It’s always been a delight to see your smile popping into my Inbox. May 2014 bring you even more of what you need (what you want is a bonus).


  2. I will take 4 ornaments, so I guess I owe you 8056 Pounds Sterling?

    Kidding, 😉

    Take care.

    Love your blog.

  3. I thought it would be fun today to stop by each of my followers blog a say Happy New Year. 😀 I love the time difference. As I look at the clock I have hours to go and you are already in a new year.

  4. Well aren’t you the glittery New Year’s Gal???
    Spent many hours singing and playing last night with a new group of friends. Life needs to encompass plenty of singing and laughter… IMHO..
    Hugs, keep taking care of yourself.
    When you’re famous and in huge demand in NZ later this year, come visit!
    Happy New Year’s to you and yours, Charlotte!

  5. And what a beautiful year it must have been. The months I was able to tag along.i enjoyed the beauty of you and your singing. and art as well. Thank you for sharing all of that. keep smiling.

  6. Happy New Year to Charlotte. All the best to you on your life’s journey, and a heartfelt thanks for sharing some of it here.

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