Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 7

December 31, 2013 — 50 Comments


Today I was invited by one of my best friends, Ellie King, to join her and her family for a New Year’s party in North Wales. The evening was to start with a meal and be followed up by a some dancing, which I was looking forward to.

I thought the arrangement was to meet at my house at 3:30 pm and then I was to travel with Ellie’s family to the hotel. Unfortunately I got the times mixed up and when Ellie arrived at my house it was 2:15 pm and I was still travelling back from the hairdressers 🙁 Luckily they said they would wait and so my Mum finished packing my overnight bag with Ellie’s help and found the dresses I had left out to take with me as I could not decide which to wear.

It was a fast turnaround once I arrived and after saying my farewells to my parents I dashed off. Shortly after I had left, my Mum sent me a text to say that I had left without recording today’s verse. I had completed the drawing in the morning and had intended to record my verse just before leaving for the party.

When I arrived at the hotel Ellie agreed to film me on my phone but then the next problem was getting the recording to my Dad to upload for me. It took ages to sort out a WiFi connection and luckily it seems to have worked, so I hope it turns out okay 🙂 If not I will record it again tomorrow.

I also managed to take a couple of pictures when we arrived at the hotel, here is one of the rooms for the party tonight 🙂


50 responses to Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 7


    I think it looks great!! And I like the picture where the party is going to be held too. Hope you have a good time. Happy New Year!


    Happy New Year Charlotte. Hope 2014 is the best ever.

    Tracy Perry (@tracyperry_) December 31, 2013 at 9:48 pm

    Sounding wonderful! Have a fun New Year’s eve!!


      Hi Tracy, I had to tape in the hotel bedroom because of the band practising downstairs ;). I had to speed up because when I tried to send a slower version there wasn’t enough wifi to send a longer video!
      Happy New Year


    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s. Loving it Charlotte. Hope you have a great party. Happy new year lovely xxxxx


    Happy New Year.


    Happy New Year! I hope you have fun tonight. Your Twelve Days of Christmas blog is fun. I’m really enjoying it. Thank you so much.


    Another good verse, have a great time tonight and Happy New Year Charlotte xxxx


    Thank you for sharing! Lovely! Have a wonderful time dancing tonight. Happy New Year!


      Hi Janice, it’s a real shame we English didn’t hold on to our barn dances and set dance card dances for parties that would be such fun. I love the Scottish Ceilidh dances.
      Happy New Year


    i would like to slow the time of each one of your pieces..we whis you the best in the world for 2014 year with love…


    Super drawing. You are definitely an exceptional talent. So- where’s the disco ball? Have a happy and safe New Years.


    The video turned out great! It looks like the band name was The Cherokees from the drum in the pic. Is that right and do you know how they got their name? An inquiring Cherokee Indian wants to know 🙂


      Hi Darren, I love knowing a Cherokee Indian, when my brother studied the American West I learnt some of the history too from his revision drawings. I did approach the band during a rest in their set to ask more about the band for my blog but I was told in no uncertain terms by one of their girlfriends they were resting and I wasn’t to bother them lol! They did a great performance though.
      Happy New Year


    Pretty swans! I’m loving your drawings as much as your singing (ie. a lot). 🙂
    Although, if I may venture a tiny word of critique, you seem to be singing a tad fast (one of the hazards of singing a cappella).


    So dedicated. I’m glad you had time to share your wonderful singing with us.


    The recording turned out quite well, especially considering what you had to do to make it happen! Great job! Hope the party was wonderful!


    I am enjoying these glimpses of your life with family and friends — and I love the seven swans.


      It’s been good fun Mary, it’s going to be hard to give them all away 😉
      You’re going to have to really look for all the eight maids I was inspired by Where’s Wally lol
      Happy New Year


    10/10 ! excellent ! great ! Kiss!


      Hi Pascal, singing in French today! I’ve never studied French and my Dad said I was sounding German lol
      Happy New Year


        I send the french tomorow…..
        Is your Dad speack french ?
        Don’ worry, I gone to help you and it going to run ! 😉


        My parents both learnt French at night classes one hour per week for a year or so before my brother was born but it’s been over twenty years since they used it and say they’re too rusty to trust their spoken French. Perhaps when I start singing in French it might help them to remember.
        Thanks for helping 😉


    Happy New Year, Charlotte! I hope 2014 brings all you wish for.


    Happy New Year from New England 🙂

    I recently saw in a friend’s home a work that startlingly reminded me of your art.

    Although this pic is not of that work, it’s very similiar.

    The genre is “fraktur” and is considered folk art by the Pennsylvania Dutch artists of the 18th and 19th centuries.

    Keep up the inspiring work. 🙂

    All the best


      That’s fab Jim thanks for showing me ‘fraktur’ I’ll have to take a good look to see if they have any ‘lords a leaping’ I think that’s going to be challenging he he. Thanks for the encouragement 😉
      Happy New Year


    Dads are great people for helping us sort things out. Your Dad did a fine job. Art’s good too and it is like the fraktur art that Jim spoke of. That’s why the style seemed familiar.


      My Dad is fantastic at IT I couldn’t manage everything without his help all year round doing the videos for me and getting the photos right, you can tell the video I did by myself lol.
      I like the ‘fraktur’ link Jim sent me, I’ve always done lots of doodles and illustrations, keeping the pictures in small squares has been a challenge 😉
      Happy New Year


    Truly love the drawings. And hope you had a blast. Is it still true that in North Wales they speak more Welsh than English?
    Happy new year Lady Hoather. May it be filled with lots of love,laughter and smiles.


      In parts of North Wales yes they speak more Welsh. My Dad moved to North Wales when he was seven and got put into a Welsh speaking school. He doesn’t speak it very often now but he has helped me with pronunciation of Welsh songs in the past. He has a great story of when he was first dating my Mum and took her to the village he used to live in to show her, they sat in a cafe talking and the staff in the cafe were being rude about Mum and her hair and clothes and when he was leaving he told them in Welsh to take more care and not to be rude 😉
      Happy New Year


    The video came out great (as usual!) and the drawing is adorable. I hope you had so much fun at the party! Wishing all your dreams come true for you in 2014! 🙂


    Looks like a great party in waiting.


    Hi Charlotte, May you have a very happy new year! May you have success in your career and in everything you sing!


    Just ‘catching up’ on your posts; very entertaining; very cheery – thanks Charlotte 🙂

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