Twelve Days of Christmas – Time to choose a winner

January 8, 2014 — 39 Comments


I hope that you’re having a happy day 🙂  I have just finished the final touches on the “Twelve Days of Christmas” cards ready for posting.  I’m closing the competition tonight at midnight.  I’ve entered all the commenter’s names to-date into a random selector ready to make the selection.  Here’s a picture of the complete set.


39 responses to Twelve Days of Christmas – Time to choose a winner


    Oooh, is it me?


      Just been finishing typing all the names in from across the blog, facebook, google+ and twitter then I’ll type the winning post up. I wish I could send you all a picture now ;/

      All the best


    Really cool art Charlotte! Are you going to find someone to make posters? May be one of those online printer shops. It would make a great gift. Really lovely!


      Hi Victor, I only did one master copy and I promised that to whoever was randomly selected that had commented over the course of the project. There were just over 470 entries. I scanned them in so anyone can print themselves a copy and do whatever you want with them 🙂

      All the best


    How exciting, Charlotte. I’ll be cheering for the winner.


    Bribe just emailed…


    It’s beautiful and it is also a great pleasure to see you smile on lip with stars in their eyes!


    This is awesome indeed.
    You look great ! xx


    I hope everyone else isn’t really disappointed when you announce my name. 😀 Thanks for sharing your gifts with all of us. You definitely have your sparkle back.


    Well I liked the very first one because it set up an expectation and you filled it, really a fun project you have done. Happy new year to you!!!


    They all came out so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your talents and gifts with us!


    Oohhhh, the ANTICIPATION!!


      I know Darren, I’m excited too, just got to wait for my Dad to get the time to splice all the videos together then I can post them out and the video recording to the winner.

      All the best


    Look good in the set too.


      Well I hadn’t really thought the two diamond pictures out (chuckle) but at least it shows I don’t follow all the rules of regularity, my younger brother will go mad when he sees I’ve not done them all the same way up.

      ll the best


    Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Seriously this would make a great quilt or tapestry.


    Whoever is chosen is lucky!! I’m so glad you’re back in the pink and ready to go! 🙂


      Thanks Linda, it’s so good to be back to my normal routine at RCS and fitness levels. I started a new dance class last night and had a fabulous time with my friend Jess.

      Best wishes


    I adore your art work….it would make fantastic greeting cards. Or wall art. Amazing!


      Thanks Koko, I’ve never made banana bread, I’ve invited my girls around on Sunday for a craft day if I’ve time I might try my hand at your recipe.

      Best wishes


        Keep an eye on the bread. As you know all ovens cook slightly different. I think you will like this. Please let me know how you like it. Have a wonderful day!


    Incredible! Love the detail and colours! 😀


    Very beautiful indeed! They will make a nice framed print all together.
    By the way what is the highest bid for the bribe?!! LOL Blessings!!


    Yay good luck to everyone!


      Thanks so much for the random selector link, I’d have been cutting out tabs with everyone’s names on and pulling one of them out of a hat without it and that would take much longer.

      Best wishes



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