And The Winner Is ……….

When I thought about setting myself a little challenge over Christmas I never imagined how much support and involvement it would attract.  I set out the competition outline in the first post :

“Then we discussed how best to involve all my friends from my blog, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. I thought it would be fun to put all the names of those who comment on my posts over the course of the twelve days into a draw, The person that we select at random from those who comment will win the twelve pictures and a CD of the final song and a copy of the video”.

Thanks to one of my lovely blog pals mareymercy I had a random sample program to use my Mum had typed in everyone’s name and day of the comment into a word file, over 470 entries, this was then cut and paste into the random name picker and Voila.,,,,

But you are going to have to watch the video to see who won 🙂

I also noticed that today I’ve just broke through 100,000 views thank you all so much for all your support 😉

My posts with the most comments from March 2013, when I started the blog, to-date were:

1. Welcome
2. My Performances (Audio and Video) 
3. Lights, Camera, Action ! 
4. Art is Calling for Me 
5. I’m Getting My Sparkle Back 

The top five most popular topics I’ve written about are:

1. Opera Singer
2. Soprano
3. 12 Days of Christmas
4. Art
5. Entertainment

Best Ever view date was:

1952 views on Tuesday, August 20, 2013 with 1091 visitors, 376 referrals that day were from Facebook.

I would like to thank you all for connecting with me during 2013 your support, help, suggestions and comments have been wonderful to receive and I can not thank you enough 🙂  I am really looking to what 2014 has to bring and I hope we can enjoy it together. 

52 thoughts on “And The Winner Is ……….

  1. Yeah !!!! Congrats for winner and thank to your mother for help, and thank you for all your pictures, word, writtings, news, smilles…….I’m shure that 2014 gone to be a great great great year for you !!!!!! smilles and energy and artistic love from Provence

    1. Bonsoir Pascal, I have had a fabulous first week back, very energised now. I really like your new break pictures. My best wishes for a creative year for you too.

      Best wishes

      1. Charlotte thank you. Break them it is because I am preparing a collective exhibition on the fall of the Berlin Wall ….Is your French sing work well ? Nice we, All the best for you.


      2. I like the ‘break’ effect. My French is coming on well thanks for your recording it helps to hear it slowly in a nationals’ voice. I got some tapes and a beginners French book for Christmas so it will be a work in progress.
        Best wishes

  2. Congratulations to your winner Charlotte. I’m sure he/she will be thrilled with their dozen lovely pictures. Well done to you on a super little escape for everyone. Bless you. Take care xxxxx

  3. Thank you, Charlotte for this wonderful gjft! I am very excited! I can’t believe I won! You are so kind. What do you need me to do now? Thank you! Xo

    1. Hi Janice, how lovely, I’m really happy you’re excited to win. Dad will do the final CD and I e-mailed you earlier. So we can post them Monday I hope.

      Best wishes

    1. Well TJ I couldn’t do it without you all visiting and reading, I remembered the first month or so when there were only a couple of visits and I thought I’m not going to get the hang of this but I recognised you need to put some work in or you won’t get any results out and that is true of everything worth doing 😉

      Best wishes

  4. Two things Missy H.

    1. Blimey, 100K, dead impressed with your professionalism and attitude. You’ll go far in life.

    2. Hilariously, I cannot view your video. There was something about it that the Turkish government internet filters didn’t like, so it was ‘banned’ by law. All I can see is this…

    “Ulaşmaya çalıştığınız internet sitesi İstanbul 10. Sulh Ceza Mahkemesi’nın 08.01.2014 tarihli 2014/23 D. İş ve / sayılı kararı ile erişime engellenmiştir” which roughly translates to “Access is blocked to the internet site you are trying to reach by Istanbul Magistrates’ Court dated 08.01.2014”. Usually this means some anti-government video has been posted, so the site gets banned (we had no YouTube for almost 3 years)

    We have one of the highest rates of censorship, so I’ll just have to guess about the winner 🙁

    Have a fab weekend.

    1. Hi Uncle Spike,
      I intend to go as far as possible 😉 Oh no, I didn’t realise Vimeo was banned in some countries, I’ll have to try to sort out some You Tube stuff but my Dad prefers Vimeo. You can check the winner out in the comments 😉

      Best wishes

  5. That seems a very fair way of doing it Charlotte.

    When I had to do something similar recently, I asked our Twitter Audience for a random number between 1 & , without telling them what it was for. The first number that was tweeted back to me was the number I used.

    Whether that was genuinely random or not is academically questionable, as I suspect if I asked a thousand people we’d see a preference for certain numbers, like 7 for instance. But it worked and we picked a good winner.

    However, I like your solution and although I don’t have access to that payroll software, I will look for something similar the next time I do this.

    1. Thanks Dianne, my friends Helen and Dennis were sat in a restaurant with a sparkle wall at Christmas and they face timed me to show me because they know I love sparkle so much lol.
      I feel fully recovered now 😉
      Best wishes

  6. And thank you for sharing your talents with us. You do have an interesting blog, Charlotte. Congratulations to the winner of your competition! 😉

  7. Even with the odds of 470 to 1 I still can’t win. Perhaps my dreams of becoming rich via the national lottery with its odds pegged at 13,000,000 to 1 isn’t going to come true after all 🙁

    1. Janice Spina is the lovely author of children’s books and poetry, she is also a copy editor so my writing and inappropriate punctuation must drive her nuts 😉 She is very supportive of my blog and always takes time to leave lovely messages so I am happy she was selected. I’m hoping she gets her goodies by the end of this week.

      Best wishes

      1. How kind of you to say such sweet things, Charlotte. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and love your voice. It is incredible!

        I am very excited and can’t wait to receive your gifts. I will let you know as soon as I receive them. Thank you again!

    1. Thanks Gilly, it is lovely that people take the time to follow my progress I really have enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll see you February or failing that Easter 😉

      Best Wishes

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