My New Web Site – I Hope You Like It

June 14, 2014 — 50 Comments


Thanks for all your help and suggestions about my new website. It went live yesterday and although I have still to update my biography and arrange my photos I am very happy with the way it looks.

I wanted to be able to update and add things easily from my computer or phone as it was too difficult before 🙂

If you get time please click through and check it out. Please feel free to make any suggestions for future improvements as this is definitely a work in progress.

50 responses to My New Web Site – I Hope You Like It


    Love the fact we can access your singing so easily. Keep living your passion. Website looks fantastic.


    Very good !!! I put a link on Linked In.

    All the very best for you and familly !


    Yes, it’s really great!


    Lovely site Charlotte! You did a beautiful job! Xo


    Love it, I too have worked on mine and have it live but am yet to “introduce it” via wordpress! Very best of luck with it. I love its colour and vibe, so bright, airy, classy, a strong visual impact and great content to match.


    O and… its you! Its so true to who you are!


    Your new website … that’s exciting … all the very best to you Charlotte. 🙂


    It’s beautiful!!


    Very NICE!!!! I like it.


    Love it. Great photos as well


    Your site is alive and wonderful! Love it!

    Annette Rochelle Aben June 15, 2014 at 12:43 am

    this is so much fun! I appreciate being able to hear and see you as I am so far away… Celebrating your every success!!


    Great site Charlotte, really like the photos and presentation…well done!


      From you Randall that is such a big compliment, your photographs and presentation are always so wonderful I love visiting, I love your latest quote, in a way that was what Dad was trying to accomplish, moving everything so when I update it’s just simple clicks and shares for me. I’d love to visit Myanmar like your last post.

      Best wishes


    It looks nice, Charlotte! Congrats!


      My old website was Dads first attempt but he was never happy with it, he likes this new WordPress format so he can bring everything together and I can update it myself regularly with a couple of clicks.

      Best wishes


    It’s a beautiful site. Looks awesome.


    It’s a lovely website Charlotte. Your image on the home page looks so artistic, and I love the sound clouds and the videos! I shall keep checking in……




    Charlotte, your head paragraph reads “I am Soprano training….” Should it not be “I am a Soprano training…” Or do you mean” I am Soprano-training…”?Otherwise, your website looks lovely.


      One of my lovely Facebook friends, Roy, who used to be a teacher spotted it and alerted Dad to it, we both read it and didn’t notice, we must have inserted the word, I think Dad hesitated over using I am a Soprano or I’m a soprano training… I’m so happy I’ve got people looking out for me. Thank you.

      Best wishes


    Wow! Just checked it out. It looks really professional and so gorgeous!! I agree with your friend above regarding your first few words in the first sentence..or should it be “I am a Soprano in training at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow.” Let us know what you think of the wording. 🙂 <3 Violet


      Thanks Violet, We couldn’t believe we missed that lol, we should have asked Mum to glance over before it went live! We settled on I’m a Soprano (I’m not sure it should be a capital S or a small s in soprano?).

      Best wishes


    Very nice….I’m still following and enjoying your posts. Love seeing what all you’ve been up to and your singing posts. Have a great week. 🙂


    great color scheme – your changing images along the top with your photo in them are quite lovely! very very nice site!!


      I love art blogs, and your mosaics are just beautiful, Pascal Barnier has a beautiful blog and I love his photographic art, I’m very lucky that he does the banners for me they are so unusual and I think they give my sites a unique feel.

      Best wishes


    It turned out very well. Easy to navigate and I love the colors!


    sweet sweet sweet


      Hi Richardo, thanks for taking a look at my new website for me 😉 It is a work in progress but at least I can change this one a little easier.

      Best wishes



        It’s all love and goldenness. I like it. You are totally awesome hopefully meet you in person one day. Skype is out, you sing I kinda of rap. Duet 🙂

        Stay happy and keep getting higher in your career.

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