Happy Father’s Day

I am just going to put it out there, my dad is spectacular.

I have been very lucky to have been showered in love and affection continuously through out my life because my Dad is not just a man who is related to me, my dad has always and still encourages me to critically think for myself and allows me to make small mistakes. He helped me discover my thirst for knowledge and endeavoured to teach me, such as the answer AND the method for that horrible maths equation that all the kids could do. So that I learnt that anything can be explained and understood if you take the time that you need. He taught me how to tie my shoe laces (Bunny ears and all), so that I could be independent and stand on my own two feet. He taught me not to listen to the whispers and the jibes of others and appose this negativity by singing the praises of others and of myself. He taught me that you can spend a lot of time doing what you don’t like in life so take the risk at doing something you do love, and not to be broken down when you fall because you can always get back up.

I love my dad because he lead by example, when he was young he dreamt of a life far beyond his current means and he strived to reach it. He began as a teenager by making and selling his own ice cream and cold melon slices on the beach in Wales. He then bravely left home at 17 on an apprenticeship as a technical author, he took a home study course on computers and taught himself how to weave magical codes and solve cryptic problems with unusual algorithms. He worked hard to build a business from scratch which then magnificently developed when he extended it to his new family, Mum joined him in the business after two years and later they both encouraged my siblings and I to work our way through the ranks at the bottom. My first job for them was as a cleaner, and it was one of the best lessons they taught me, I understand it can be therapeutic, but when I first started work someone had the trots and had a messy aim and it put me off for life. But I have lived with my dad, I have watched him come in exhausted from working on my birthday, to a church hall full of children, but he managed to smile and re-energise himself for our special days, dancing and throwing me in the air! I have seen him when the computers have crashed and all seems lost, but he rises like a phoenix out of the catalytic carnage and solves the problem.

But he has also been the father who helped clean my cuts and grazes after bicycle and pogo stick accidents, the father who took me to early pre-exam ballet class on Sunday mornings where he learnt how to tie ballerina buns so sensationally that the other mums, who originally laughed at his poor creations, got him to do the hair on examination day, I couldn’t be prouder haha. He was also the father that bought my first music book, and drove me to my first lesson and from then on every drive was a pep talk, even now when I am far from home I get managerial encouraging texts and I love them. He was also my first knight in shining armour and has been there for me when my heart is broken or for those moments when I need a cuddle. But beware boys, he is a second dan black belt now in karate and is quite efficient at making sure this doesn’t happen very often. haha


I love you Dad and I am sorry that I’m not at home this father’s day, but you mean the world to me!

Whilst putting this together I was reading the messages coming in on my Twitter and I would like to share these two with you.  the first was a message from

CharityBooster@boost4charity :

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful dads out there, including the ones who have our hearts in heaven! Gone but never forgotten! Heart

The second was a video from Peter@yvrblogger which is very moving “We Rise Again”

Ps a big thank you to my brother Tom for helping with the header poster, I always knew your graphic design skills were going to come in handy after you A*’d your graphics exam 🙂


41 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. A wonderful tribute, Charlotte. You may be lucky in having the Dad you have, but he is equally lucky in the daughter that not only loves him so, but is such a credit to him. Congratulations, sir.

  2. Good on you for honoring your father proud! He sounds a lot like my dad in that I have so many joyous memories of him being there for me, teaching me life skills and showing me that regardless of how many times you go down, it matters more how many times you get back up! God Bless ALL our Fathers!

    1. Thanks Marcus, Dad said he chuckled at my post and was very moved by it. I hope ‘The Bomb Makers’ is going well my brother is finishing his A levels tomorrow so I’m downloading a copy for him to read over this summer break, I’ll let you know how he gets on with it.

      Best wishes

    1. I know three women who have lost their father’s this year and it doesn’t bare thinking about, he is great and father’s day is a great opportunity to tell him so.

      Best wishes

  3. That’s a really sweet post. Your father will be really happy and proud of the things you are doing in your life. I’m not telling this because of things you are achieving everyday but because of the person you are. Being busy with your schedule you still make time for your loved ones and that’s a really special trait. You value your relationships. 🙂 😀

    I won’t praise anymore as people will think I have been paid for writing all this. 😉 🙂

    1. Ha Ha Hi Gaurab, I can fit so much in because of the support I get from family and friends. I read a poster once that said if you don’t make time for friends and family don’t be surprised when they become too busy for you! Sometimes like the past couple of months with so much on, the times I’m free late in the evening it’s too late to see and call people so that’s why I love blogging and my on-line blog pals who are on different time zones 

      Best wishes

  4. What a beautiful post on your spectacular dad, Charlotte! He is such an amazing man and father, and I love how you put he was your first knight in shining armour! ^^ I bet when your dad read this post, it’ll be his best father’s day gift by you ever!! Thank you for sharing your post with us, and also the tweet about our dads in heaven, who are never forgotten. Even though my dad is not here with me anymore, he is absolutely in my heart forever! 🙂 xo, Violet

    1. I’m so happy that you liked the post and didn’t see it as too self-indulgent. I thought of you and a couple of my friends when I was writing the post.

      Best wishes

      1. Hi Charlotte! That’s very sweet you thought of us while writing the post. Thank you! 🙂 Cheers, Violet

    1. He was very happy, I’m happy you enjoyed it he’s done so much in his spare time recently creating my new website and organising accommodation for me in London in August just to mention two. I want him and everyone else to know I really appreciate him.

      Best wishes

  5. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this. The unadulterated love and admiration with which you talk about your wonderful dad is both infectiously joyful and touching. I lost my beautiful Mum six weeks ago, who I adored more than I can ever express. At a bleak time, reading such a warm and loving tribute to a parent has made me smile. Have a fantastic day.

    1. What a lovely message Jonathan thank you so much. I’m glad it made you smile at such a sad time for you. I hope you have a fabulous day too.

      Best wishes

  6. It is heartwarming to hear of a man who obviously appreciates and makes the best of the privileges of fatherhood. (Some goodnight hugs have just reminded me of those of grandfatherhood, as it happens!)

    1. Wonderful, I have two fantastic grandfathers too, in fact my Granddad is coming to watch me in Llangollen next month so that’s something I’m really looking forward to.

      Best wishes

  7. So sweet, Charlotte. Happy Father’s Day to your dad, who is one of the lucky ones! Oh, and by the way, my husband and I are celebrating the day with our daughter, son-in-law, and first granddaughter Ava Michelle, who was born on Mother’s Day. A happy family day, indeed.

    1. Thanks Janice, Mum scrapbooks, she gave me my scrapbook on my 18th birthday and I love it, every year of my life is a two page memory, just marvellous.

      Best wishes

  8. Lovely tribute to your Dad. It’s not Father’s Day here in Australia, but that’s cool,we can celebrate yours and ours. :o)

  9. In deciding who might be luckier, I’ve decided you both are 😉

    More, continued success to you and yours.

    And, yes, even more to your daughter 😉


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