Quando M’en Vo

July 9, 2014 — 42 Comments

Today was the first of the two competitions that I participated in at this year’s International Eisteddfod in Llangollen.  The music festival has taken place every summer since 1947 and gathers entrants from all over the world to take part in a variety of traditional dance, choral and solo voice competitions.

This morning was the vocal solo over 18’s category and I was on first thing. I took to the stage about 9;15 am and the competition ran until about 12:00 noon.

The two songs that I performed were “Scotsong” by James MacMillan which is a beautiful contemporary song and “Quando M’en Vo” which is Musetta’s aria from the opera La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini. I think this is a cheeky little number which she directs at Marcello, in front of her bohemian friends, in order to make him feel jealous.

Unfortunately I did not get through to the final where they film the contestants so instead I thought I would share the recording of “Quando M’en Vo” from my recent recital in Rochdale accompanied by Russell Lomas.

Here is the recording of my performance of the “Scotsong” from the Kathleen Ferrier Society competition last year.

Tomorrow  I will be performing in the category “The Voice Of The Future” with another early start 🙂

42 responses to Quando M’en Vo


    Charlotte, as they say in France a big “MERDE” for tomorrow and I hope the jury will not have hay in the ears!
    My best wishes for you !!!!


      I thought Merde was a swear word 🙂 I really need to work on my French lol
      Best wishes


        Yes it is a big word.
        But superstition says that want “good luck” is bad luck, because it is causing Madam luck and take the risk that she would go ……… then it has become tradition say “Merde. …” an artist before a performance. 😉


    Very exciting! Your voice is lovely! Enjoy your competition. Relax. Be a blessing and you will be blessed!


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    A little song-no dance


    Lovely and I enjoyed seeing some movement in the Quando M’en Vo (though I think Musetta would have leant back and spread arms along the piano). Best of luck in the ‘Future’ category – whatever happens there, you are the future.


      I agree Hilary, I’m always thinking about movement in recitals and it’s something I’m definitely working on. Did you get chance to hear the professional recording that I posted last night? I hope you enjoy my four songs.
      Best wishes


    Good luck for tomorrow!


    Sorry you didn’t get to the final today but good luck for tomorrow!


    Best wishes for tomorrow.


    All the best in your competition!


    Beautiful performing… good luck tomorrow!


    These are both beautifully and expertly done, Charlotte. What I love about your voice is your timber is lovely and true at both ends of the the register. Brava! I could listen to you all day :-).


      Thank you very much Beth that’s a lovely compliment, I hope you get a chance to listen to the professional recording I posted yesterday evening, it is 15 minutes but the recording equipment is so much better than our home camcorder.
      Best wishes

    Annette Rochelle Aben July 10, 2014 at 1:53 am

    Both pieces were wonderful, thank you for sharing. I truly appreciate the tone, texture and character of your voice and vocal stylings and I mention that Quando M’en vo is a personal favorite… you ARE the future indeed and I send many blessings your way for a happy and hearty performance on the ‘morrow!


      Thanks Annette, I love Quando M’en Vo too, it’s a new piece for me, my Mum said when I registered it in March for the competition that I should stick to well practised safe repertoire but I like the challenge and it helps me to focus on perfecting pieces in a time bound way.
      Best wishes


    Go for it! 🙂


    Lovely singing! Good luck tomorrow!


    Hi. I like the second song much better than the first. “Scotsong” fits my own taste better, so it’s simply a personal preference. By the way, I realized today that you’re eight hours ahead of me. Yikes! I was inspired to get a online world clock to look up the times in different parts of the world. Coolness.


    Good luck, Charlotte! You have many, many fans!


    What a beautiful Gift you have, Thank you for sharing your amazing voice with us


    The red dress is fabulous! Love your proformance “Quando M’en Vo” Beautiful Voice!


    Wonderful! So lovely.


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