My Llangollen Adventure


I know that I do not usually publish a post on a Thursday but I have some news that I just wanted to share with you all 🙂

After missing out on a place in the over 18’s vocal solo yesterday I got up this morning full of anticipation for today’s competition.

Today’s category was the “Voice Of The Future” and looking over the entrants I knew that that I would face some fabulous singers in the preliminary round.

I was on second in my round and after composing myself I started my programme, I thought it went well but you never quite know in a competition.  George wasn’t able to have a run through on the piano so we both had to jump in at the deep end.

I was thrilled when they announced that I had been selected as one of the four finalists.  I was so excited to get the opportunity to perform on the pavilion main stage and best of all it was to be filmed which means I could share my performance with all my friends here on my blog.

George Todica accompanied me on the pavilion stage

The link below will take you to the main website for the TV company that filmed the event and you should be able to watch my programme which I do hope that you enjoy 🙂

85 thoughts on “My Llangollen Adventure

    1. Yes Martin, it was hard to pick myself up because I thought I’d sung well the day before but it just makes me stronger and more determined.
      Best wishes

  1. Wow Charlotte you really nailed it! I know that’s not the proper term but you know what I mean…LOL. Really well done! Your energy was infectious.

  2. Well done, indeed!
    For my tastes, Eirlys wasn’t even in it, – but I must admit Virginia impressed me. Of course, she did choose a very well known opening piece, which is sometimes a good idea. I loved what you did with such widely contrasting songs. You lived them.

    1. The whole competition from the first stage was very impressive,I also love Juliette’s Waltz. These songs are stepping stones for me and I love them all. I agree with you about choosing the right repertoire being so important.
      Best wishes

  3. This is, by far, the best video that has been available to us. So often, your vocals have been swamped by the accompaniment in the recordings that you have. I recognise, of course, that they have been made by amateurs and that they have done their best but It must be so satisfying to have a polished professional production of your work.

    The power and beauty of your singing really comes to the fore and the visual presentation is stunning. I don’t doubt that you are thrilled with this, and so you should be.

    Well done, again. In fact, Da iawn!

    1. You are so right Terry, the video was prize enough for me, my family are fairly far flung so for them to hear a professional recording was just lovely.
      Thank you for your lovely compliment.
      Best wishes

    1. Ooo no one has called me a lady before 🙂 although my school year voted me the most likely to become a Dame in year 9 he he.
      Thank you and Best wishes

  4. Brava! How thankful am I that you were able to share that television link for it gave me the opportunity to enjoy your entire presentation. Of course there is no question that you have so much to offer… You have a charismatic blend of effortless vocals and playful theatrics which endear you to the audience and critics alike I would imagine. The gown you wore along with the fetching hair piece fit you very well AND you radiate charm and composure, it is if you were meant to do this… the world is your stage and Heavens be praised, they recognize this! Good on you.

  5. Very cool and I am glad you dusted yourself off and put in a great performance!

    Winning is great. Losing and how you carry on afterwards better defines a person. The judges are not robots. Each has their own perception which might not be yours or your friends and fans. So it is a shock to feel positive and not get the result that you wanted.

    Judging from your performance, you seemed to be happy in the moment. That is what it it is about…the joy of creating. If you are in the right head space and enjoying yourself the results will show and the set backs will be small.

    But…I think you already have this figured out!

  6. Congratulations! That’s wonderful:) I haven’t heard your voice yet, going in a minute, but if it’s at all like you then it’s beautiful:)

    1. Thanks John, one of the main reasons I was disappointed on the first day was that I wanted the opportunity to sing on the pavilion stage it is so beautiful, those flowers are so magnificent.
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you Don, it made a lovely change to be able to share a competition repertoire with you all. I’m glad you are seeing improvement I worked really hard thus year on these pieces.
      Best wishes

  7. Missy H… you little star!!
    Well done gal, and well done done George for tickling those ivories.
    It’s almost 4 in the morning and just finished suhoor when I listened to your performance; what a delight. So proud of our Singing Spikey xx

  8. Congratulations, Charlotte! You sounded beautiful! I listened to a little of first and second place and in my opinion you were the best! I guess I am prejudiced because I think you are wonderful! So happy for you! Xo

    1. The competition was very tough, I applied to be in this category last year but I didn’t get through to even sing in the preliminary stage, so it was super being in the final.
      Best wishes

      1. Hi Charlotte,
        They don’t. Dubai, where I live now, is building one though. It should be remarkable given the desire to have ground breaking buildings here.

  9. What a marvelous auditorium and venue for the splendid performance you gave! Well done…keep up the hard work!! The Red Man sends Paw Snaps and Twirls to you for your success in the competition!!

  10. Hi charlotte I have only just been able to see you mi laptop ad been down I only wish I could have been there you were fab glad you got to do what was your dream and good luck in future for you xxv

    1. Thank you Hilary, the first three were songs I learnt in my second year but I first learnt Rusalka when I was about fifteen and have worked on it every year for the past five years since, it’s one of my absolute favourites but there’s still lots of room for improvement.

      Best wishes

  11. Amazing and congrats!! 🙂 I’m listening to your beautiful voice as I’m typing this and catching up on some blog posts. ^^

    1. Cheers Violet I’m really happy with the recording, it was my main objective to get on the pavilion stage because I knew it was recorded professionally. Quite a lot of close ups though!

      Best wishes

  12. Lovely seeing this post, since Llangollen is pretty close to my heart. My mother is Welsh by birth, and we used to spend a lot of time travelling around Wales as kids. Llangollen was so picturesque it took my breath away, and has remained in my heart ever since.

    And definitely congratulations on the performance. You not only sounded great, but looked very comfortable up there.

    1. Thank you Timothy, although my Dad wasn’t born in Wales, he went to school and grew up in a tiny holiday village near Caernarfon. It is beautiful there.
      Best wishes

  13. You looked so comfortable up there, and sounded great. Nice to see someone posting about events in Llangollen, since I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting during the Eisteddfod. What I do remember, fondly, was visiting as children with my parents, and paddling in the river. The area just takes your breath away.

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