Pictures From Llangollen

I am on holiday this week and my Mum has told me to put my iPad and phone away and enjoy a break! So in preparation before I left I sent my Dad some pictures taken in Llangollen, North Wales last Wednesday and Thursday for my blog post tonight along with the text which he promised he would upload for me.

My programme included:
Endless Pleasure, Endless Love by Handel
Gretchen am Spinnrade
by Schubert
Zueignung by Strauss
And finally my parents favourite
Song to the Moo
n by Dvorak

Here are the pictures

Outside the venue for the first round of the “Over 18’s Vocal Solo” competition.
The view across the river from my hotel room.
There is a lovely steam railway that runs along the valley from Llangollen.
My Nana and Grandad who came to watch and cheer us on.
George Todica at the piano for me in the final of the “Voice Of The Future”.
Enjoying the moment

50 thoughts on “Pictures From Llangollen

    1. Thank you Linda it’s so lovely having an excuse to wear my long dresses, I’ve had the blue one for about five years and I was wishing I’d taken a newer one with all those close ups on the video lol.

      Best wishes

    1. We had planned to go on the steam train if I hadn’t got into the final so I had two disappointed men in George and my granddad when that fell through he he.

      Best wishes

    1. Well I must admit Uncle S I got a few strange looks strolling through Llangollen at 09:00am in the morning in it, I should have gone into Tescos that would have been fun.

      Best wishes

    1. I wouldn’t like to live without them now  between my Mac, iPad and iPhone the ability to communicate is so important to me. However, Mum is really strict, no technology at the dining table or if we’re meant to be speaking as a family and she’s been known to confiscate them if we break the rules he he.

      Best wishes

    1. Thanks Janice, it’s so good that they’ve semi-retired now and can come along with me to mid-week events, my parents couldn’t make it because of colleagues holidays so they were really happy to have the video recording to watch.

      Best wishes

  1. You look stunning… I’m sure your parents & grandparents are very proud of you. BTW, The song of the moon is my fave too.

    1. Thanks Arti, my Nan jumped up and whooped when my name was read out as one of the four finalists and my Grandad was proper chuffed to be there to see it. I was sad Mum and Dad weren’t there to see us but they are very supportive, there was really poor reception in some parts of Llangollen though so it was hard to keep in contact.

      Best wishes

    1. The great thing about having a blog is capturing snapshots of memories and beautiful places and having them all in one place to record my training years in a picture journal. It keeps me disciplined as well about recording things.

      Best wishes

  2. You look perfect as always, and I am sure that you sang perfectly too.
    The town looks like it hasn’t emerged from the 19th Century. Very picturesque.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanks Pete did you notice the video link if you only have time to listen to one scoot along to near the end and listen to my Ruselka it’s my favourite. It did feel a little like going back in time with the steam train and independent shops on the high street.

      Best wishes

  3. Charlotte, We had a wonderful 3 days with you in Llangollen. the weather was good, the food was good, the hotel was very good, best of all was when you got 3rd in voice of the future, in our opinion it should have been 1st…. Brilliant as always:) 🙂 xx

    1. I love my super supporters. Eirlys was a very worthy winner, she has always been lovely to me at the RCS and watching her in full competition mode was awesome.

      Best wishes

  4. Always a winner to me Charlotte, always good photos of you, continue the good work and most of all enjoy your holiday see you on your return xxx

  5. Llangollen is an amazing place, been there a lot living not too far away here on Anglesey 🙂 ….. been paddling in the river under the bridge and used to spend hours in a bookshop there, literally hours! 🙂

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