A Birthday Treat To Paris


On Matt’s birthday we made chocolate cake. Whilst it was baking in the oven we talked about our late break holiday that my Dad had booked us all on to Paris, France.



It was only a one hour flight from Manchester and it was somewhere that Matt, Tom and I had always wanted to visit.

We were looking forward to seeing all the sights and with a bit of luck some sunny weather was predicted.

We arrived in the early evening so we decided our first foray into Paris would be along the River Seine to see Notre Dame Cathedral. The views along the banks of the Seine were exquisitely beautiful and it made for a fabulous first evening in Paris.

Outside “The Louvre” with my lovely brothers.
We decided to walk along the banks of “La Seine” to “Notre-Dame de Paris”
Outside “Notre-Dame de Paris”
In the “Square Jean XXIII” where small concerts are often performed.
Lover’s padlocks on the “Pont de L’Archeveche”.
Just taking 5 minutes before heading back to the hotel.
River boat cruises are very popular.
We saw Graffiti on the tops of buildings and you have to ask “How” and “Why”.
Intriguing, does anybody know what this is ?
Paris art, “Oh La La, does my bottom look big in this?” lol
We visited the “Opera National de Paris” later in the week. We saw it when we first arrived and I’ll tell you more about it in my next post.

52 thoughts on “A Birthday Treat To Paris

    1. Thanks John, our Matt is quite a good cook, it was him guiding me, gorgeous cake.
      The Art Club Gallery near the Louvre was fabulous some great pieces and paintings, we walked past most days being tempted.
      Best wishes

    1. Beautiful City, very much taken over by tourists in August. Our taxi driver told us that our 40 minute journey to the hotel would take up to 2 hours 30 minutes in September.
      Best wishes

    1. We didn’t stop from the minute we left the hotel each day until we returned. We walk everywhere and sometimes forget about the length of the journey back! Ha ha good thing Mum took blister plasters on our walk to the Eiffel Tower :).
      Best wishes

    1. Fabulous, it’s a long journey for you :). The main sites won’t be so packed busy in October. Save up because the fashion shopping is brilliant, we only had one full day shopping, that was as much as the boys would take.
      Best wishes

      1. I’m afraid I’m with the boys on that one, shopping is one of my least favourite activities. But I will be away two months, so I may need to travel light and buy suitable clothes while I am away.

    1. It was a nice break for him, he’s studying again for his business qualifications from today. My younger brother took 645 photographs so I had plenty to choose from :).
      Best wishes

  1. Nice share. Thanks Charlotte.The grid under the stairs above the Seine, on stairs There shield with an anchor marking mooring place for boats. This is an unloading of goods with corridors that go directly into warehouse in houses on the other side of the street

    1. That’s cool, merci Pascal. Thank you for your recommendation to visit Montmartre’s Sacré Coeur so very beautiful, you need good legs for all those steep steps 🙂
      Best wishes

  2. Thanks for sharing. Memories of old . . . Down by the Seine, under the bridges of Paris, all so romantic. Memories to last a lifetime . . . for you too!

    1. Thanks Paul, we enjoyed seeing the street entertainment beside the river, false beaches with deck chairs and children making sandcastles, people dancing Salsa, roller blading and skateboarding, even a mini Eiffel Tower made out of red chairs.
      Best wishes

  3. Another great post, Charlotte. Thanks. Next time you’re in Paris, ‘Shakespeare & Company’ on the opposite bank of the Seine from Notre-Dame is an amazing place. If your voice can risk all those dusty books it’s well worth a quick (or long) look. Hope you’ve had a nice summer. Back to your studies soon?

    1. Thanks Marcus, I’ll remember that for my next visit. I think the aeroplane journeys are the worst things for throats both drying out and when someone nearby coughs the whole trip :). I can’t believe there’s only three weeks of the summer break left, I’m really looking forward to starting my third year. Hope you’ve had a great summer too.
      Best wishes

  4. I just realized, I haven’t been to Paris in nearly 3 years (if you don’t count a couple of layovers in the Charles de Gaulle airport, which isn’t even in Paris anyway). Glad you had a good visit. Maybe next time you’re on my side of the Channel we can meet up?

    1. Are you in France now Stephanie? I could have done with your help with my rudimentary French; apparently my pronunciation is quite good so if I attempted one or two sentences I got confused by comprehensive answers, although saying that the French waiters were very helpful 🙂

      Best wishes

    1. Tom took most of the photos; hopefully he will get to do a photography module in his Geography degree. Luckily we all like similar things and we had a three day weekend to recover and rest from our holiday before going back to work he he.

      Best wishes

  5. So you re in my city enjoy… Just behind you 3 mn walk you have the fumoir nice bar restaurant/ book place as well pick one leave one… And the cabaret ( night club and restaurant)…

    1. We sampled a different place for breakfast or brunch and evening meal every day, a cabaret club would have been great as lots of the shows didn’t seem to be on in August. I love the pace of the restaurants; Café Ruc was a favourite of mine.

      Best wishes

      1. Cabaret is not à cabaret it s à restaurant and club… But i do Know some cabaret… Don t Know café Ruc … Best wishes to you to

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