Marie Curie – Fundraising With “The Brainiest Companies In Glasgow”

Marie Curie is a UK based charity that provides care for people with terminal illnesses both through their hospices and through the nurses they employ to provide care at home. In 2012/13 they provided over 1.3 million hours of nursing care and to continue with their work they need to continually raise money through charitable events and donations.  70% of their funding comes in this way with the remainder being provided by the NHS.


So I was thrilled to be asked to sing again at one of their fundraising events at the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. When I saw the venue I was amazed at the beauty of the room and I could sense the history of the building.

The floating heads in the foyer were definitely a talking point.

The evening was billed as the must attend event of the year in the Glasgow calendar with businesses competing against each other for the title of the “Brainiest Company in Glasgow”

The view of the room from the balcony was amazing.

For my part I was to perform at the end of the evening meal and was very excited about the opportunity.  When I found out that it was to be a formal banquet I jumped at the chance to get dressed up, as if I really needed an excuse 🙂

George Todica when we first arrived at the venue.

George Todica skilfully accompanied me on piano for the performance, it was tremendous fun and we enjoyed every minute of it. I met some lovely people and enjoyed talking with them throughout the evening.

Lorna and Gordon, the organisers of the event.

Two of the quiz-masters for the evening were Sean Biggerstaff ( who played Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter movies ) and Cat Cubie a prestenter from BBC Scotland.


Cat Cubie



45 thoughts on “Marie Curie – Fundraising With “The Brainiest Companies In Glasgow”

    1. Hi John, I’m just very grateful to the organisers for an opportunity to do what I love. The real helpers are the 9000 volunteers who regularly help out in the shops, raise money and help out in the hospices.

      Best wishes

    1. Thanks Mary I read on the Marie Curie Twitter that they raised £70,000 from the very generous businesses that participated this year so that’s just fantastic.

      Best wishes

    1. It was my first visit to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum which I’m amazed at, it houses a fabulous art collection. My parents have said the next time they come up we’ll go for a proper visit.

      Best wishes

    1. It is a wonderful setting I found out its one of the top three free to enter attractions in Scotland and one of the most visited museums in the UK I can see why.

      Best wishes

    1. One of my lovely fellow vocalists at the RCS messaged me to say her father was in the audience and was enjoying my singing so that was just lovely of her.

      Best wishes

    1. We thoroughly enjoyed it I couldn’t recommend it enough for local businesses to take part in, I believe they do it every year, it was very well organised with a fabulous meal. It is a beautiful building. Thanks Eric 🙂

      Best wishes

  1. Congratulations, Charlotte! What an opportunity to sing for such a great cause, do you choose what to sing?

    The venue was so lovely; I could tell from your pictures, but the prettiest thing was your dress! I know what you mean–who needs an excuse to get dressed up? I wish we still had to dress up for dinner every day, and always make our own music singing together after dinner instead of just turning on the CD player.

    1. I love that you all sing together Cate, my brother Matt and I used to sing Disney and show songs together all the time, he has a great voice it’s a shame he stopped. The dress was a fabulous find this summer. Good luck to your family on this side of the pond.

      Best wishes

  2. A beautiful dress, I agree. What a good cause too. My father wished to die at home when he had cancer four years ago and I do not know how we would have coped without the wonderful nurses form Marie Curie who cared for him overnight.

    1. Fabulous women in history are truly inspirational, I loved biology particularly and chemistry at High School. I wish we’d have done fun plays and similar to learn more.

      Best wishes

  3. Great post and news dear Charlotte ! Your decision to participate is really touching ! You enjoyed the event,you met nice and famous people there and you did something you love doing ! Gorgeous your photos and the mansion of the Museum and Art Gallery.I visited it a couple of years ago and I have some lovely photos from there.
    Keep shining my sweet friend <3:) xxx

    PS: I'll gladly follow you on Twitter,here is my account just for you to know who your new fellower is :

  4. What a meaningful cause you were part of Charlotte! Do you know how much they raised for this fundraising event? I saw the pin a few of you were wearing, and I’m assuming it’s a daffodil right? Did you know that we, Canadians, also wear the daffodil as a symbol of cancer research/awareness? 🙂 You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress!! And you know I will ask, hehe: Where did you get this dress? House of Fraser? 😉 xo, Violet

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