ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Update

Since the 29th July 2014 the charity ALS has raised over 115 million dollars from donations linked to their “Ice Bucket Challenge” which is a staggering amount and I hope that it will help many people in the years ahead.

I don’t normally get involved in chain mail or “pass it on” posts on Facebook, Google and Twitter but for the ALS ice bucket challenge I found myself with no way to refuse as one of my oldest friends had thrown down the gauntlet by nominating me after his own attempt.


The water was freezing cold and a real shock to the system when it hit me but at least it was over quickly 🙂  Over the days that followed I was amazed to see that my video was watched nearly 17,000 times which I hope made people chuckle and helped in some small way to raise awareness and generated some donations for the charity.  On Tuesday 7th October I was pleased to receive an update e-mail from the charity detailing the progress of their fundraising efforts and what they intend to do with the money raised. Though I, like so many others, only played a small part in the fund raising it was nice to read how the money was to be spent.


Please click on the image to see a larger copy



I doubt that I will be making a habit of getting involved in future chain-mail social media “pass it on” promotions so please rest assured that I wont be bombarding you with them 🙂

29 thoughts on “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Update

    1. Dad had a real problem buying ice, everywhere was sold out and we had none in the freezer, so he had a brainwave and asked the local McDonalds if they could half fill our bucket, they said yes as long as he didn’t tell everyone locally, their ice was like ice chips instead of big cubes so the water was freezing lol. Bravo to you joining in too John.
      Best wishes

  1. I know I said thank you when you initially took part in this challenge, but I’m saying it again. From a family that is dealing with this heartbreaking disease, we thank everyone who shed some light on ALS. If even for a short time, the outpouring support was awesome!

    1. Dena I hadn’t heard of this before the ice bucket challenge and I hope they retain some of the money for equipment for people to use now. I think e-mailing an update letter was an excellent idea to try to keep some momentum.
      Best wishes

  2. The ice bucket challenge has raised a lot of awareness for ALS so it is nice to see the feedback from everyone’s efforts. It’s great to hear about the results so thank you for sharing the information. Xx

  3. Oh how nice my dear Charlotte ! Interesting to find out you participated too in the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and that you warmed people’s hearts despite your freezing experience !
    Love <3 to you 🙂

    PS:Thank you so much for liking my Colchester post ! I feel really proud to have an approving comment on that by a pure and famous British Lady like you !!!! <3

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