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I have written previously about Richard Strauss on my blog as I find many of his songs to be full of romance and the beauty to be found within loving relationships. With Valentine’s Day approaching this Saturday I thought I would take the opportunity to share another of Strauss’s songs with you.

“Freundliche Vision” (a welcome vision or a friendly vision)

This was recorded last year on Valentine’s Day, February 14th 2014 in Bury Parish church accompanied by Russell Lomas.

The inspiration for this song came from a poem written by Otto Julius Bierbaum (1865 – 1910). The poem was one of five works by Bierbaum that Richard Strauss set to music in 1918 for his song cycle Opus 48.

The poems/songs were:

Freundliche Vision
Ich Schwebe

Richard Strauss


The songs were testaments to love; the emotions, feelings, sensations and excitement that you experience when you share your life with someone special to you.

These were the words from the original poem:

Nicht im Schlafe hab’ ich das geträumt,
Hell am Tage sah ich’s schön vor mir:
Eine Wiese voller Margeritten;
Tief ein weißes Haus in grünen Büschen;
Götterbilder leuchten aus dem Laube.
Und ich geh’ mit Einer, die mich lieb hat,
Ruhigen Gemütes in die Kühle
Dieses weißen Hauses, in den Frieden,
Der voll Schönheit wartet, daß wir kommen.

Otto Bierbaum

I found this beautiful translation of the poem into English by Constance Bache (1846 – 1903) which I hope will give you an idea of the emotion to be found in the original text.


Not in slumber did the dream arise,
But in day’s broad light I saw it all:
Just a meadow full of budding daisies,
And a sunny house half hid in foliage;
Forms divine are lurking in the thicket.
And I walk with her whose love I cherish;
Tranquillity we enjoy the coolness
Of this sheltered cottage, full of beauty,
Full of peace that waiteth on our coming.
And I go with her whom I cherish
To the peace and the beauty

Constance Bache

Constance Bache was herself a pianist and composer who studied at the Munich Conservatoire in Germany but following an injury to her right hand she returned to England and along with her teaching she translated many German and Russian songs into English.

Other Examples Of Songs Translated Into English By Constance Bache


These beautiful songs and their sentiments are a great way to lift your spirits especially as Valentine’s Day approaches. These poems paint emotive images of love between kindred spirits.


51 thoughts on “Freundliche Vision – Richard Strauss – Track 8

      1. Thanks for the translation of that beautiful poem. I sure wouldn’t have known what it said if you hadn’t. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. What a charming Valentine gift! Thank you so much,sorry that I cannot reciprocate in kind… I can offer only my heartfelt appreciation.

  2. A beautiful rendition and I love the Bierbaum poem. If you ever perform close to Winchester my wife and I will come and listen to you with great joy.

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, CH! And thank you for sharing not only this lovely song of Richard Strauss (in your Valentine Day coloured dress), but all the songs you’ve delighted us with.

      1. Wish you well on your essays…always the bleakest times for my college days as well (and wish you better luck than I had!). Cheers!

  4. I think this is one of the best performances you have posted here, Charlotte. You sound terrific in Strauss. And that is a beautiful picture of you! I really enjoy hearing about your studies and how your career is developing.

  5. You have a pretty voice. If that makes any sense. A “guy” wrote this? Wow. It’s sweet…mushy …but sweet. Do you see what a woman can do to a man? He’s on Cloud 173. Yes, way up there and he doesn’t want to come down!

    1. Thank you Eric, it’s nice for a man to show his feelings. I’m curious about cloud 173 do they have strawberry milkshake there, I love strawberry milkshake.
      Best wishes

    1. Please, please learn to love his music, his songs are like butter in my throat, I’ve got to pace myself but I can’t wait to learn more of his wonderful songs for soprano voice.
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you 😊. I’ve just finished my post for tonight Dan I think you’ll like the song it’s quite jolly. My parents both smiled and started raising their shoulders in time with it 😄.
      All the best

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