Soprano Packing!

I was amazed when I spoke to George and he said that he was only taking hand-carry to the Grieg workshop.  I’d already booked a hold bag and was worried about fitting everything in my case that I want to take 😄.

I looked up some travel guides and one of the first tips is to check the weather forecast.

So sunny with lots of rain showers 7 degrees C to 9 degrees C. So an umbrella, rain mac, scarf.

I’m not sure there will be WiFi but I’ll take my IPad and charger (I must try to scan all of my scores for my exam repertoire onto my iPad) but I will still take my Haugtussa book, travel plug, mobile phone. But I’ll keep all this in my backpack.

Clothes (5 days)
I like to travel in leggings, t-shirt, pullover and wear trainers to travel in.

Then I thought I’d take two pairs of smart trousers, a couple of t-shirts, a couple of blouses one long sleeve, one short sleeve, a skirt, a cardigan, a jumper and maybe a day dress or two.

PJs it’s quite cold at night, underwear, socks, tights.

There’s a final performance so I’ll have to pack a long dress, one that doesn’t crease too much.  I think I’ll take evening shoes.The list is getter longer 🙂

Packing-May-2015I always put my clothes in my cases flat and with as few folds as possible but I have been told that they may be better rolled as that helps to stop creases.  Do any of you more seasoned travelers have any tips for me ?  I am only going for 5 days this trip but in the summer I have to pack for FIVE WEEKS !! in the same size case so no room for an iron 🙁

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  1. Some hotels have irons and ironing boards in Canada. Check ahead the places you’re going. Anything knit can be rolled. And you can always tuck socks inside shoes. I second travelling in comfortable clothing and walking shoes. Also take as few pair of shoes as possible that go with more than one outfit.

  2. The flat rolled rather than dependent tissues … For iron, you probably find borrowing there, with other singers or organizers, and when you come, you coat hanger demand for all hanged. Hanger and iron is international, all women love to be stylish everywhere 🙂 Good luck, nice trip ! All the best for you and George.

      1. He travels by air tonnes more than me so he must know the rules about his suit. I’ve never really thought about this before.
        Best wishes

      2. Yes, it must be detail on the website, the number and the size. It is different for each company . I saw it when coming Scotland.
        All the best for you

  3. Sorry I can’t offer any tips. I travel light. If it won’t fit in one bag, it doesn’t go. But you shouldn’t be too concerned. After all your most important possessions are with you at all times. Your talent and your charm. Good Luck.

  4. You can buy vacuum bags that allow you to squash quite a bit more in. You roll them up tight and the air comes out so they take up less room.

    And hang things up in the stream from a hot shower to get the creases out.

    I once met a girl in Italy who had been travelling for 2 years with only one carry-bag. Of course, she didn’t have any evening dresses!

  5. I also could not help here. I am in the category of travel light as much as I can manage. I am also allergic to formal dresses thus it is not much of concern of folding or not folding 🙂

    1. I used to have a little plastic iron you filled with water and put a bit of salt in the top to make loads of steam, it was great but it gave up on me recently!
      Best wishes

  6. I don’t use Apple technology, but having scanned your scores you could maybe store them in the iCloud then they can’t get lost?

  7. Hi Charlotte, I’m not the best packer, always managing to take more than I actually need, but am improving, by packing thing that can mix and match, so the more uses I can get out of an article the more likely I am to take it. I spend a lot of time folding really well, then the creases are limited. The best way to do a long trip, is to take a little and find a laundromat and wash clothes often. Best wishes and blessing and enjoy these two breaks. Charles.

    1. I did really well Charles, I discovered the hold case is quite big so I only filled half by using all the packing tips, there was even room for George’s suit and shirts because I discovered he’s only allowed one small case not a case and a back pack!
      Best wishes

  8. I’m s little late to the advice here, but I’ll chime in anyway. I always roll my shirts, and it does avoid creases. Of course, I wouldn’t know about dresses, since I leave them at home. (Only kidding . . . ) Tucking socks into shoes is also a good idea, and anything else that avoids empty space inside the bag. But I have to say, your list doesn’t look unreasonable—especially for a soprano. 😉 Over here one is always allowed one carry-on bag (with size restrictions) and one “personal item” that can fit under the seat, such as a purse or backpack, but I’m not sure that is the same everywhere. For a longer trip, the more items that are drip-dry or non-wrinkle fabrics the better—but you probably thought of that. Have a wonderful time at the workshop!

    1. Thanks Peter, I used all the packing tips and did quite well, I’m hoping they don’t crease too much. We’re allowed a small carry case in the cabin baggage but not a backpack too just a handbag or briefcase. But the hold case dimensions and weight are generous so this trip was fine.
      Best wishes

  9. Is that a lamb that I see? (CUTE) Sorry no great packing tips to add. Yes,rolling clothes will help to keep the wrinkles away. Sounds like a great trip!

    1. I laid flat those clothes that fit and then rolled all the dresses, long dress I’ll see which comes out best, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting and all fit in half the case 😊.
      Best wishes

  10. I’m chiming in now! I always roll everything, even things that crease easily. Your list of things sounds reasonable to me. I hope you can get them all in your bag! Is George going to travel in his suit? Have a lovely time!

    1. Luckily I took on all the tips and found I could use my bigger case, I even had room for George’s suit which is good because he thought he could take a hold bag and backpack and he can’t.
      Best wishes

  11. Men have it so much easier than women!

    And those temps look as though you’re going to much colder climes than we have here in the Twin Cities. Try to enjoy it! Personally, I love cool, rainy weather.

    Best of luck on the trip–of course. You are the most awesome of all awesomes.

    1. Thanks Dan 😊 I’m used to the cold living in the North and it’s a little cooler still in Glasgow more wind chill. Thanks for the luck.
      All my best

  12. I am late too on the travel advice but everyone else had things covered with their great advice. Thus, I can only offer my best wishes for a great trip and to soak it all in!


    1. Thanks Steve I’m very excited now I’m all packed, in fact I’m going to bed shortly I’ve a 3am alarm! Thanks for the best wishes,
      All my best

  13. I’ve been busily noting all the packing tips for my packing well done everyone👍👌 Charlotte have a fantastic time and most importantly, enjoy! I’ll see you when you return at some point😃 if not, see you at the ball! 😘

    1. I could use my bigger case rather than the small one I thought I had to use so it was fine, a bit more difficult for the longer stay, so all these tips will come in very useful.
      Best wishes

  14. Having experience with my two daughters, I can sympathize with your packing issue! It can be a nightmare!
    Good luck with the packing and have loads of fun at the workshop!

  15. have an IDE, I think my ground is made of some star, whom one wing zeithat should always have two suitcases waiting to travel, of course, depending on usage so with less stress you have, unfortunately, I can not help, but I wish Good luck to you and really a great stay,

      1. Thanks for your response, as an indication of my desires are real, because I dan kan to be always on the go. (Work) to the

  16. A retired airline hostess taught me the rolled clothes trick. Also for one week, take two pairs of black pants and several tops. Mix and match. No one looks at your bottom half and if its black they can’t tell one pair from another. Scarves and jewelry make outfits look different. I also hand wash underwear at night and leave it to dry during the day, so two pairs can work for a week.

    Carry miniature bottles of stuff. In fact miniaturize everything you can. I traveled for years and always carried one bag.

  17. Hmm, I’d lose the cuddly sheep for a start… I spent 7 months in Nepal with a 65litre rucksack – the key is taking less stuff. 🙂

    Good luck!

    1. Haha, I just can’t even imagine living out of a backpack for 7 months, sounds like a great adventure though! I agree, this trips packing was fine, just half a case in the end.
      Best wishes

  18. I roll all of my clothing and put them into separate packing cubes. I got some inexpensive ones from the Rick Steves website. They work really well to keep clothing separated and easy to find, especially if you don’t have a dresser to put things in. I generally check a carry-on sized bag, but I pack it as if I will need to carry it on, so my liquids fit into the pint sized plastic bag and go in the outer pocket of my bag. I then take a pretty large duffel bag. This arrangement keeps me flexible so that if I have to hurry on to the plane, I can carry everything with me. If something(a coat) is bulky, I wear it on to the plane. This can be an issue when traveling from South Texas (hot, hot, hot) to a colder location, but it works for me.

    1. I like the packing cube idea, I’m definitely going to look them up for my next trip. Thanks for your tips I’ve downsized liquids 😊.
      Best wishes

  19. Take whatever you need -and make sure you have warm stuff! Your allowed! Men never bring much and are always wearing clothes that look rumpled with stains!

    1. Exactly! I thought I had to use my small case but it’s quite a generous size hold case so it was fine. So excited now, I need to sleep early but I’m not a bit tired!
      Best wishes

  20. What I always do when I am packing for a long trip, is to remind myself of how many outfits I actually wear in the same time period at home. Five weeks is a long time, but still, I would wear the same 3-4 outfits pretty much the entire time at home. On a trip, of course, there isn’t as much opportunity to wash them, so you might want to bring double the home wear, plus extras like evening dress, etc. But I know that I frequently get the idea that I need one outfit for every day or every two days that I’m going to be away, and I have to remind myself that I don’t really usually change my outfits that much! After all, less than two hundred years ago, most girls only had between three and five outfits to wear per season anyway, unless they were excruciatingly rich. But those hoopskirted affairs would have filled up a normal suitcase with just one, anyway!

    Have a great trip,


  21. I do roll my clothes; I don’t know if it keeps from wrinkling them any more or less but you can definitely fit more and it’s easier to pack!

  22. Can you get a travel iron just for the necessary ironing? It’s light and useful. Yes, travel light if possible! Have a wonderful time, and enjoy the experience… soprano!! 🙂

  23. I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask for packing advice; despite my many years of traveling experience, I always manage to forget something when I pack. 😛 Making a list often helps, but only if I remember to put everything on said list.
    For your longer trip, if you’re going to have access to a washing machine, you really only need to pack for 10 days or so.

  24. Packing: all the shoes and small things in the base, pyjamas and anything that doesn’t matter layered on top to make smooth, then trousers and laid lengthwise (one end in, the other hanging over one end), then folded shirts/jumpers, fold trousers back over these, more shirts and another fold (if longish trousers) – a trouser/shirt concertina sandwich, so nothing has a sharp fold in it. Interleave this with dresses laid front to back between the layers of trousers and shirts… I realise this sounds like Victoria Wood’s camping sketch. Good luck!

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