Greater Manchester Chief Constable’s Charity Ball

I am thrilled to share with you that at the start of the summer break on the 3rd of July I have been invited to sing at the Greater Manchester Chief Constable’s Charity Ball to be held at the Hilton hotel in Manchester. This year the theme for the evening is based on the board game “Cluedo” and those of you familiar with the game will guess that I just had to be Miss Scarlett.

The event supports two fabulous charities. The first is Retrak, a charity that that works to help street children in Africa. It provides assistance to enhance their education, improve their life chances and where possible help them to find their families. I was amazed to read that in Uganda for instance over 50% of the country’s population is under the age 14 with over 6,000 children living homeless on the streets of the country’s capital city Kampala.

The second charity is the Greater Manchester High Sheriff’s Police Trust which is a charity that supports the local community and helps to fund projects whose aims are to improve the lives of those people living in disadvantaged communities within Greater Manchester. In supporting these worthwhile projects it focuses on ways to make a difference to the lives of those people affected by crime and the causes of crime.

I believe that the ball has been sold out so fingers crossed it will be a successful evening for the event organiser Tracie Carmody who puts so much of her time and energy into making this evening one to remember for those that attend. Last year they raised over £ 40,000.00 and I do hope that this year they can better that

Part of the fundraising for the evening will be a charity auction and I know that they are hoping that those who may not be able to attend but still wish to contribute can help out by donating prizes for the raffle or items suitable to be auctioned off.  If you want to help out in this way you can contact Tracie at


55 thoughts on “Greater Manchester Chief Constable’s Charity Ball

  1. Congratulations, Charlotte! This sounds like a great honor. And aren’t you a natural for Miss Scarlett!

    1. Thank you Peter, a Cluedo type opera would be great fun to put together, I could even do the karate moves myself, Miss Charlotte in the ballroom, with the nunchakus 😄.
      Best wishes

    1. I love summer balls, it should be great fun after all my end of year 3 work at the conservatoire, I’ve been practising and learning words all weekend, wish I had one of those photographic memories you read about ☺️.
      Best wishes

      1. I’ll have to see if I can record a song at the rehearsal, I’m sure there’ll be no recording of the evening but I think there may be photographs. I appreciate that you’d like to hear me 😊.
        All the best

  2. Oh WOW Charlotte lovely to see you as Miss Scarlett 😀 Sir Peter and I are both so pleased you agreed to sing at this fundraiser, particularly with your hectic schedule. You will look stunning, will sing like an angel and I believe everyone will love you. Thank you for sharing and letting everyone know about the charities. If anyone can help with a donation I can promise it will be gratefully received. Only 6 weeks Friday yayy xx

  3. What an honour and such a great theme! You will be smashing as Miss Scarlett– I will look forward to the pictures. Break a leg, you very talented girl! 😀

  4. Hi Charlotte, sounds like great fun. Working for charity is always wonderful, I work for a similar charity here in Cape Town, called Help the Rural Child, for which our shops (I run a bookshop for them) hope to make just over 2 million rand this financial year. We support the Goedgedagt trust, which runs a project call P.O.P. (Path out of poverty). The problem you have noted in Uganda is general to Africa, there are other problems, too, such as rampant aids, though this is now getting better, and a huge amount of one parent, or no parent families, quite often the women are the only parent, and have to work and look after the children. Often the Grand parents look after a few families children during the day. Men are often migrant workers, working in other countries, and often have a family in the other country as well. In South Africa, many eldest children, are looking after their siblings on their own, as both parents have died young, thus we too have many street children. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      1. Enjoy your evening, and the last days of term. Holidays start fairly soon, do you still have write exams, or have these performances you’ve partaken in count as exams? Enjoy best wishes, Charles. 🙂

    1. So happy to be invited to participate 😊.
      Best wishes

      Ps thanks for the packing tips managed to get a great pair of navy trousers from Mango in the sale for £14 😃

    1. I’ve got the most gorgeous dress that I bought in Paris in a dressmaking district last year, fabulous value, well worth finding on the metro, they altered it in an hour too!
      Best wishes

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