It Was Miss Scarlett With The Rope In The Kitchen

On Friday morning I went to visit my friend from school, Daniella Robinson who now runs her make up business from her home. I wanted to make sure that my make up for the Chief Constable’s Charity Ball would stand up to a full day, from the tech runs to the Charity Ball itself.



From there it was a dash over to the hair salon for an up-do 🙂



Then with hair and make-up complete it was time to drive in to Manchester for my sound check and rehearsal at the Hilton Hotel, which was Manchester’s first true Sky Scrapper.

View Of Manchester From The Hilton Hotel


The management of the technical aspects of the event were being handled by WRG with TechPro handling the audio/visual. It was fantastic to work with both companies who made me feel so welcome and helped me so much with the staging for my performance.



Following a quick snack and plenty of water it was time to get changed 🙂


Then down to the venue to wait for my cue.  I was due on at 20:30 pm, I waited with Russell Lomas who was accompanying me on piano and as we entered the room I felt so excited.  The audience was lovely and I ran through my 30 minute program and enjoyed every minute of it.

The Greater Manchester Police Band Whose Volunteers Make Such A Difference To The Local People By Taking Part In Many High Profile and Community Events

Then after we finished it was back up to the room to change into my “Miss Scarlett” dress for the remainder of the fund raising evening.  The Greater Manchester Police Band had a great set and we danced along, although I wished I’d got my jive dress on.


The event was a tremendous success for the charities involved, Retrak and the Greater Manchester High Sheriff’s Trust. A special thank you needs to go to Tracie Carmody who had organised the whole event on behalf of Sir Peter Fahy, the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police.  There was a Cluedo game, raffle tickets, and a silent auction.  The work that Sir Peter and Tracie do in raising money for these charities is amazing and I feel so lucky to be a small part of this event.

Tracie Carmody and Me
At The End Of The Evening With Sir Peter Fahy, Chief Constable.



97 thoughts on “It Was Miss Scarlett With The Rope In The Kitchen

    1. Thank you Peter, I love that my school friend Danielle has qualified as a make-up artist, I never wore makeup at school so I’m still a bit of an amateur but every time I see her I learn a bit more.

      Best wishes

    1. The red dress I’ve had for a couple of years and the black one was the first time I wore it for a concert, I didn’t want to eat in it in case I split something down it! 🙂

      Best wishes

  1. Wouaw, very nice share Charlotte, a great event . Congratulation to Sir Peter, Miss Tracy Carmody and her team !
    And congratulations to you. You’re are really fabulous. You can be proud of you !
    A great singer, with a very nice soul, you’re a Lady ! All the very best for U.

    1. Thank you for your lovely donations to the charity, Tracie said how wonderful they were and all lots were bid on during the evening. We heard all about the fabulous charities the evening was supporting so very worthwhile. Merci

      Best wishes

    1. Thanks Mary, it was very well organised, great fun ideas and I think they raised something like £40,000 in the one evening so that’s brilliant.

      Best wishes

  2. Both dresses are lovely but I like how the first one is led into with the statement that you needed plenty of water. Is that because you look like a mermaid in the silvery dress?

  3. Dear Scarlett, JD (jake) Parker here. I am ‘spreading the word’ now that I have started to amass a lot of follower’s, G+ circles and such. ex. On FB Mark Mcquire, a sports hero here, is one of my friends. We chat on occasion. One day he did a post about L.Price and her wonderfully voice, career and such. It was then I was able to get your information to him, which will lead to a bunch of people. Hey, you are a busy young lady, do not worry about writing back etc. I do this sort of thing for all deserving younger talents.(you make me wish I was not 60 lol) peace,jake

    1. Hi Jake, I wish I had more time to answer everyone on G+, Facebook etc. but I do read all my lovely messages of support and encouragement and thank you for yours.

      Best wishes

    1. There are so many people that make these events such a brilliant evening and it was super being asked to be a part of it, especially as Tracie first listened to me on Facebook through a friend sharing.

      Best wishes

  4. That sparkly dress is just amazing – how did you manage to perform in it? And yeah, I’m not into that sort of thing normally but it is great altogether. What a wonderful event!

  5. Charlotte I was privileged to attend the ball and hear you sing,and yet again I was so moved by your performance. You truly are a star. Xxxx

    1. You’re welcome John, singing in live performances is fabulous experience and ultimately what I love to do so this was super, happy to share.

      Best wishes

  6. Methinks they had a ‘clue’ that you would be a crowd pleaser! I see many more gorgeous gowns and beautiful hair-dos in your future; they suit you dear Charlotte!

    1. I took my travel yoga mat to Italy with me so that I could enjoy the yummy pasta meals and fit in my gowns at the end of the five weeks lol. I was happy to discover there is a swimming pool nearby too. I wish someone could just do my hair every week he he.

      Best wishes

  7. Stunning dresses. You are a beauty before and after makeup! I bet you were amazing at the fundraiser! Have a wonderful week ahead Charlotte! 🙂

  8. WOW! Those dresses are gorgeous – as are you! And even though red is my favourite colour, I am actually leaning towards the silver as the outstanding stunner on the night. And such beautiful posture 🙂

    1. I agree on the make-up I rarely wear it, I should make more effort I guess but then it wouldn’t look special when I go to the trouble he he 🙂 I love having the excuse to wear long dresses they are so elegant.

      Best wishes

  9. You got to wearing two fabulous dresses in one evening and still wanted a third! Granddaughter breezed in, looked, said, ‘I like the silver one more,’ and breezed out again. I hadn’t asked.
    Seems like a very good show all round!

    1. A girl can never have too many dresses Col 🙂 My brother is a bit of a jive, rock and roll specialist so it would have been great to bust a few moves with him.

      Best wishes

  10. I’ll right, I suppose you’ve heard it enough by now, but still–you looked fabulous! I actually liked the red dress best. Sounds like a fun evening, and I’m sure you have many more in store–let me know when you’re in something around Buckinghamshire/London, and I’ll come see it!

    Best regards,


  11. FABULOUS blog, Charlotte, sounds like a good night, love the photos (beautiful) your hair & makeup were lovely.. The dresses were fantastic too, I love the sparkly one..😘

  12. You look gorgeous… Very nice pics dear Charlotte, The third one is definitely my favorite one!… Sending love and all my best wishes. Aquileana 😀

  13. You look wonderful dear Charlotte!
    I prefer this hairstyle, perfect makeup and dresses!
    You look like a princess! Bravo!!!

    1. Thanks Clare, I sang Danny Boy as a special request and it was lovely to see Sir Peter Fahy’s table all joining in the singing absolutely super.

      Best wishes

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