The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music – Trentino Music Festival

July 12, 2015 — 58 Comments

Jessica Hurst and Me On Our First Day In Italy

Jessica Hurst and Me On Our First Day In Italy

Wow! What an incredible and busy week I have had in Italy whilst participating in the Music Academy International.


On The Balcony Of Our Apartment For Six.

I have attended and performed in many master classes, at one I received a great wealth of knowledge and advice from the amazing opera singer Deborah Voigt.  I learnt some great vocal technique tips from Jean-Michelle Charbonnet and I discovered the poise available in the legato line from Mitchell Piper and exercises in how to achieve this.

The Language Centre

The Language Centre

Before arriving here in Italy I had been selected by the tutors to perform in two operas “The Magic Flute” by Mozart, and “Suor Angelica” by Puccini.  So I was thrilled to be approached whilst studying here and asked to also learn the role of Gretel from “Hänsel and Gretel” by Engelbert Humperdinck and so I thought that if I work my little butt off I might get a chance of performing at least the first act :).  So you can guess what I’ll be doing in my free time!


Yesterday I was translating the score word for word over my first English Breakfast tea here in Italy, hehe!  It was certainly a treat to indulge myself in a home comfort whilst studying this beautiful music!


Blue Skies And Beautiful Views Very Inspirational

I will try to take lots of pictures of the rehearsal process as we begin staging, to be a part of the process of putting together an opera over a few weeks is an exciting challenge and one that I know will be so much fun as I have the pleasure to be working with amazing Staff who have incredible imaginations and enthusiastic students who have come here from all over the world to be part of this amazing opportunity.

Being here in Italy reminds me that it is good to be around people who motivate us to be better and help to bring out the best potential in all of us. I would also like to thank ‘The Hope Scott Trust’ for a grant to help with the flight, transfer and travel insurance I’m very grateful for the award which has helped me to participate in this fabulous opportunity.


Out And About, Such A Beautiful Day

58 responses to The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music – Trentino Music Festival


    Such a lucky girl. So young and already you’ve made a treasure trove of memories! You always make me smile.


      So so true I’m very grateful to everyone that downloaded my album to help to contribute to me doing this training opportunity and to the Hope Scott Trust for funding towards my air ticket and to my parents of course who just work and work and work to provide opportunities they couldn’t have dreamt of. I will make sure I don’t waste a penny.

      Best wishes


    Hehe. I am so un-cultured I thought to myself “I didn’t realize the singer Engelbert Humperdinck also wrote opera”. I’ve looked up the composer and now have been enlightened.


      When I told my Dad he did the same thing he thought it was the pop singer from the 70s as the name was so unusual 🙂 But the music is beautiful and I am enjoying getting to know the score.

      Best wishes


    What an awesome experience – good to see it isn’t just all “work” and you’re enjoying the sights too. Fantastic.


    I love that you are getting to have these experiences AND sharing them with us in these little tidbits! i am completely jealous! I don’t sing (really…don’t ever ask me to sing a note!) but I play the flute and absolutely adore The Magic Flute (OF COURSE! My flute is named Freddy…:D ) and Hansel and Gretel. My 2 year started singing about dancing when I told her you were practicing for Gretel (FYI Curious George has both a book and the cartoon episode made from the book that includes Hansel and should check it out! George dancing and performing the opera with hand puppets for a sick friend).


    While you’re there…my Stone Dragon Saga books are up for free download on kindle today only and I’ve never had a download in Italy. Know anyone there who might download one or more? I would love for them to read the books as well…but that isn’t a requirement as long as I can say “Hey Da look, someone in Italy downloaded mine…” 😉


      Do you have a link and I’ll put it on my Facebook while I’m here, I don’t have a Kindle is it available to download on iPad? Good luck with it. I will check it out, I love the score for Hansel and Gretel.

      Best wishes


        I have the link but the free give away has ended! Kindle has a free reader app that you can download onto any tablet/smart phone or laptop/desktop computer. is my author page. If you want to check them out anyway. You should be able to go to kindle through amazon (or just click on the kindle books on my page) and find the free reader app with no problems.

        Thank you anyway. I appreciate it.


    Excellent, you are really the best ! Thanks for sharing ! Have wonderfull time ! Good learn, good meet ! Best wishes !


    I am so proud of you & what you’re accomplishing while staying ground in all of this awesomeness. Keep up the good work; we’re still rooting for you.


      Thanks a lot Eric, I know how hard everyone works to make this happen for me, at my age my Nana had three children and a part-time job and at 21 my Mum had spent four years in work and was busy with my Dad growing a business. Without their help and the encouragement of my friends here on my blog and my social media pages it would not be possible to pursue my dream and I am so thankful to everyone 🙂

      Best wishes


    Looks wonderful. Thanks for the photos


    That was great experience to be able to travel to meet with others who are interested in the same goal. You must have lot of good time there. Those pictures are gorgeous.


      I’m sharing with five other girls, three from America and one from South America and Jess who is from my Conservatoire, it’s been super meeting everyone.

      Best wishes


    I’m so excited for you. It sounds like a lot of work to sing three different roles at the same time. Take care of your chords.


    Life is lovely when you are learning new things in a beautiful country. Enjoy every second.


    This place looks like it is taken right out of a fairy tale, and of course you are there as the Princess Charlotte looking so perfect ~ what a great opportunity and experience you are having. Wish you the best.


    charllotte you look great and it sounds as tho you are having a great time but learning very hard good luck in all what you are doing xxx


    I admire your work ethos Charlotte, you always put 100% in to everything you do and the results speak for themselves, well done. It all sounds very exciting and, you get to see and enjoy a beautiful country. See you when you get back xxx


    Gorgeous! If my eyes weren’t already green, they’d turn that way with envy–what a place to get to study and perform! Best of luck with Gretel, and keep us posted! What roles will you be performing in the other operas?

    All the very best,



      Hi Cate, I’m a Knabe in The Magic Flute and the Novice in Suor Angelica and learning chorus. I think it was January when I auditioned for a place it came around really quickly.

      Best wishes


    The views are splendid and it sounds like you don’t have a moment to spare. Can’t wait to hear all about putting an opera together. Thanks for taking us along!


    What beautiful country!! All the opportunities open to you too, Charlotte… 😉 Am so glad for you, how lovely.Enjoy the time there as you meet and make new friends too! The musicals are wonderful, congratulations 🙂 All the very best, Iris


      Hi Iris, the town is beautiful and the weather is glorious as here we are up in the mountains. I am enjoying the experience and looking forward to next four weeks of intensive study. I feel so lucky to be part of the the project.

      Best wishes


    A perfect example of hard work paying off. Lucky girl!enjoy!


    Looks like so much fun Charlotte! Looking forward to more pics!


    Deborah Voigt, Mozart, Puccini and Humperdinck – my, my, you are flying. Is the Gretel a cover or will you get to perform as well? Very best of luck.


      I know I’m pinching myself! I’m hoping to get one nights performance in Gretel I’ve Act 1 off score now and Act 2 blocked so keep your fingers crossed for me, although to have this in my repertoire with the teaching I’ve had will be fab anyway ☺️.
      Best wishes


    I hope you continue to enjoy your time in Italy – what a fantastic place to have a music festival. Looking forward to hearing how you get on. The photos are lovely! Best wishes, Clare xx


    Charlotte, I love that you have fun no matter how hard you’re working. Your sunny nature clearly wins over every person you work with!


    That area of Italy is so beautiful. When we travelled there it was by far our favourite!


    Charlotte, I’m exhausted! Don’t you ever stop? Please pause these wonderful posts and give yourself a chance to catch your breath . . .


    I’ve been to Italy three times. Wonderful country. Great post and photos. Fantastic title too 🙂


    I’ve been away and so glad to be back to visit your travel log. What a wonderful experience you’ve been having, playing major roles in these operas. Excited for you!

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