The Course Finale – My Final Week With The Opera Performance Studio

Sun0208201503 After a very busy week of four operas being performed back to back, and rehearsals in between I’m very thankful it’s Sunday! A day of rest was truly deserved by all my colleagues and the staff. So here is a little low-down on what I’ve been up to: Suor-Angelica I have performed twice in Puccini’s ‘Suor Angelica’ and twice in Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’ in the local Auditorium, which is a fabulous stage, equipped with rich, thick, red curtains and row upon row of red seats. It certainly gave the place a majestic and theatrical atmosphere. Normally this space is used as a cinema for the local community and even though we weren’t the usual blockbuster the support and turnout was wonderful. For every opening night the 250 seat (guesstimate : ) ) theatre received almost a full house, which was super for the small town. Sun0208201502 Both operas went brilliantly and the cast were marvellous! I can’t wait to perform with everyone again in this final week. On top of that we began staging in the space ‘Hansel and Gretel’ I have a cast role and I also have a performance as Gretel next Saturday. Tomorrow we’re practising with orchestra.

Me, Alison Christopher and Laura Doyon
Me With Laura Doyon

I’m in the middle of cooking a spaghetti bolognaise for 12 friends at the minute so I’ll have to dash. But love and best wishes to you all xxxxx I’ll catch up soon.

Update :

All Gone – Thumbs Up For The Meal

39 thoughts on “The Course Finale – My Final Week With The Opera Performance Studio

  1. What a grande time you have been having AND I must say, had I not just consumed my own dinner, I’d be considering the spaghetti bolognaise!

    1. I love that it cooks away best when just left in the oven after browning everything. If there are leftovers I’m going to add some chilli powder and beans and turn it into chilli con carne later in the week ☺️. Hope you’re well .
      Best wishes

      1. I am well thank you for asking 🙂 and may your culinary endeavors bring you continued joy! Please consider penning a book of your cooking wizardry. Fill it it with tempting photos and recipes that we may use to please diners everywhere. Just a thought…

    1. Yes John me too it’s a bit of a regular meal for me and a great one to cook for lots of people.
      I’ve really had to put my brain into gear to learn all the German in just a few weeks in between the other music and Italian it’s a fabulous opportunity, keep your fingers crossed for me for Saturday at 4pm.
      Best wishes

  2. Such hectic and evenful week you are having. It’s really amazing that you still make some time to blog. I hardly get time these days to blog. Reading your blog is always a pleasant experience. Keep up the great work you are doing. 🙂 😀

    1. Thanks Gaurab happy friendship day. Thanks for keeping in touch, it’s a good discipline and is like a diary for me, it doesn’t take long to do a post, wish I had more time to answer everyone but I will catch up after next week ☺️.
      Best wishes

  3. Heather what a busy time you have had and I am sure you loved every minute of it. Continued enjoyment with your school and all the things you get to do to learn your craft.

  4. Cooking a spaghetti bolognaise for 12 friends
    thirteen counting me, dancing around the kitchen,
    tasting the sauce, stirring the spaghetti.
    Soon the friends will come, filling the chair
    with their laughter and good cheer.
    In the meantime I dance to the music
    I dance to the songs we sang.

    Good cheer, my friend. Remember it’s not work if it’s your joy and your passion.

  5. A busy joy-filled time of your life! As we too are amidst over here with one chick’s wedding and another in the family coming up! Wish I could hear you and eat your delicious food. Live the moment fully.

  6. Wow, Charlotte! What energy you have! No wonder you needed a lie-in on Sunday morning! Good luck with Gretel on Saturday (though I’m sure you won’t need it!) Best wishes, Clare x

  7. Lovely photos Charlotte Dear! Hope all went to your expectations and that your friends enjoyed the meal you offered them!You are really blessed ,my lovely friend! Hugs to you 🙂 <3 xxx

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